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Thank you so much for the Chef Bonju clue last week! You said that the items were "very affordable," but naturally the prices for the items exploded once the solution was finally found. I was just wondering: about how much did the items cost (all together) before those dedicated Neopians discovered the secret? ~soccer_star9911
Yes, they were extremely affordable before you guys figured it out. We know that you all love to inflate things, but we never imagined something with that low a rarity inflating that incredibly high! Earlier that day we think the grand total for all the items was less than 2,000 NP. x_X

Hey, TNT! *gives Meepit juice* You guys rock and I thank you for this awesome site. I've been wondering, though, if we could have a new item called "Clear Your Inbox Card" (or something to that extent) because it's frustrating when you can't contact someone when their Inbox is full. Thanks, guys! ~prawnt
Way ahead of ya! We actually have something like this already scheduled. Be sure to check Wednesday's news. It might not be terribly obvious until you see the item's name, however... hehehe.

Hey, TNT! How's it going? I was flipping through the Storytelling Competition the other day and thought of a question. I got so curious that I decided to ask you guys via the Editorial. So here's my question: just how have you managed to think of over 400 original story starters for the Storytelling Competition for each week?!? I mean, you guys seem to have, like, a river of good ideas implanted in your brains! So I was wondering... how do you do it?? ~alimuroos
Inspiration can come from all sorts of places -- exploring Neopia, a scene from a book or a movie, even the lyrics in a song. All you need is a tiny seed to get a great story going. The problem, of course, is finding that seed. You'd be surprised how much of the writing process is just staring off into space, mentally sifting through all types of thoughts until that little spark of a story shows itself. Of course, the story really takes off when the player entries start rolling in!

Hey guys! I think the economy of Neopets is really interesting. I was wondering if you all had an economics major / game theorist / etc. on staff who makes sure everything works out, or if you just let it do its thing. If you do have someone running it behind the scenes, how long did the site exist before that became necessary? Thanks for indulging my curiosity! ~anklewrist
Actually, we just have staff that have played the site for a very long time and have a good understanding of the Neopian economy. There's always a few surprises, of course, but we're not always flailing around in the dark, either. :)

Can one simply walk into the Darigan Citadel? ~sasorithepuppetguy
One does not simply walk into the Darigan Citadel! One must first knock on the front door. Honestly, were you raised in a barn?

Why does my account have to be 4 years old to visit the Elite Boutique? ~faellielover80
Because we thought it would be nice to reward players who have been with us for a long time with some items we think they'd appreciate. :)

Thanks for sticking with us!

*cookies* So, err... was Bonju's Cooking Pot the biggest red herring in the history of Neopets, or does it actually do something? Thanks for answering! ~pharoah850
Ha! Like we're gonna tell. You already got your hint for this decade.

So many people spend such a great amount of Neopoints on the Lever of Doom. I was just wondering: on average (or, in all) how many Neopoints get spent on the Lever of Doom daily? It would be super cool of you if you answered. :) *gives you cupcakes I mooched from someone's cupcake shop* ~princess_shoyru101
Hmm... this is the type of information Mr. Insane would have. Let's see what he says!

Mr. Insane: The Lever of Doom has been experiencing cash flow problems ever since the Neopian credit market crashed in Year 9. As a result, it has been acquired in a leveraged buyout by a consortium of private investors, who wish to remain anonymous so that their nefarious misappropriation of Lever of Doom funds will remain undetected just long enough for them to retire to Krawk Island. Consequently, even if we knew exactly how many Neopoints were spent on the Lever of Doom, a veritable army of highly-paid attack lawyer drones would leap upon us and tear us to pieces like deranged Werelupes if we told. So, to answer your question: four.

oO Ahem... yes, well. Uhh... there you have it?

Hi, TNT! I heard that you guys are located in Glendale. I have also heard that there is currently a mandatory evacuation zone in that area. How close are they to you? Are you guys okay? ~mckinleybooksfan
The nearby wildfires are making life rather harsh on us. It's hard to go outside without gagging on the air. Don't worry about headquarters; it's safely well inside the city. Some of our homes are quite close to the evacuation areas, however (some as close as a mile), a few of us have been forced to evacuate their homes, but the evacuations for those have been lifted! :)

Hey, TNT! Some of the other Neopians on the Neohome board and I have a problem with Autumn Birch Trees. Specifically, they do not show up in your V2 Neohome's garden, and once you put it in the garden you can't remove it. It appears as a mere shadow. We have dubbed this phenomenon the "invisible Autumn Birch Tree." Anyway, my baby Kougra has already run into the invisible tree four times in the past week. To save her from another concussion, could you please pass the word on to have this fixed? Thanks so much! :) ~angiestra
Eek! We certainly don't want to stress out the faerie at the Healing Springs with bizarre invisible-tree related injuries. We've inquired about this issue and hopefully it will get fixed shortly. Until then, might we suggest a helmet of some kind?

This looks sturdy enough!

If someone submits their gallery into the Gallery Spotlight and wins, if they remove the items later, does the gallery in the spotlight change also, or will all the items still be there? ~shoeless_mo
It will not change. The Gallery Spotlight basically takes a code snapshot of the items you have when we spotlight the gallery. Any changes in items after that will not be reflected after that point.

Greetings, o exalted ones! Allow me to present you with a cookie as part of conventional NT Editorial rites. 8D Now, my inquiry is this: I'm sure you are aware of numerous Neopian artists whom, for non-Neopets images, often include their own copyright. Well, I was just wondering if we should apply our Neopets username as the copyright label or our official copyright label (which is obviously off-site) to deter thieves. (I asked the HC but they were of the opinion that an off-site copyright is fine, as in the case of certain layout providers. Quite a few examples here, indeed.) I would honestly prefer to use my official copyright since it really is more convenient. However, I don't really want to be frozen. Your divine logic would be appreciated. ^^ ~[username removed]
You may sign your Neopets-themed artwork or put your own symbol on it to show that it is your work, but an actual copyright symbol should not be applied. Please remember that applying the copyright symbol to any art makes us unable to spotlight that art piece in any area of the site.

I've been scanning the brush category of the Rainbow Pool and I noticed that there aren't Chocolate Paint Brushes. Why? ~wubba_wubba_say_wha
Chocolate is a special, rare Neopet colour that can only be acquired through a lucky shot with the Secret Lab Ray or by receiving a quest from the Rainbow Fountain Faerie.

Hi, TNT! So I was wondering: now that the Chef Bonju avatar is seasonal, is there any chance that the solution to the avatar next year will be different from this year's solution? ~zomgitsemma
Wow, now that's one evil idea. You should apply to work for us, hahaha!

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