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Faeries: Before the Fame - Part Three

by a_greenparrot


Three weeks had passed since Jhudora and Illusen had become friends. Jhudora had forgiven Illusen by now; the Earth Faerie had given her a chance to fit in with others. Even Casandia made Jhudora feel somewhat welcome.

     Currently, they were hanging out after class. Illusen and Jhudora were soaring through the air, practicing their flying moves. Casandia hovered behind them, and Bella just watched from beneath a tree. Jhudora loved the open spaces and freedom of flying. She laughed joyously as she dived towards the cloudy ground then swooped back up to the sky. Eventually, they all stopped and rested with Bella. By now the Water Faerie had changed her streak to an ebony black.

     “That was so much fun,” squealed Illusen in delight.

     “Yeah, and just think next month we’ll start learning how to fly in storms,” exclaimed Jhudora, “I can’t wait to see what it’s like to go soaring through a hurricane.”

     Casandia had spotted Zoë lying down in the grass nearby. Ever since the Air Faerie had been forced to make peace with Jhudora she had turned her attacks fully to Zoë.

     “What’s wrong, Sleeper? Didn’t you get enough sleep in class?” taunted the Air Faerie.

     Zoë picked out her wand and aimed it menacingly at Casandia. She tend sighed and walked away.

     “Aren’t you a real Dark Faerie? Aren’t you going to put a hex on me?” Casandia continued to mock.

     Jhudora wondered if she should step in a defend Zoë. She knew how she felt, but if she did it could jeopardize her popularity.

     After much consideration and long after Zoë had disappeared, she pointed out, “You shouldn’t be so cruel to her when you know so little about her.”

     Casandia looked at Jhudora with fury, but before she could say anything, Illusen said, “She’s right.”

     Casandia countered with, “But I do know enough about her. I saw her raise her wand against me, only a Dark Faerie could be so cold-hearted.”

     “I’m a Dark Faerie.” Jhudora stated the obvious.

     Casandia said nothing more.


     Jennumara lay in bed after another pointless day. She was bored out of her mind and hated everyone around her. She couldn’t stand their enthusiasm to be good Faeries; she would leave at the first chance she got. The only problem was she would have nothing to do once she left. However, if school continued to be so banal, she might leave anyway.

     Another explosion filled the air. She had absolutely no idea what Zoë was doing, but it was driving her insane. Almost every night there was a disturbance coming from that Dark Faerie’s room. Jennumara decided that she was going to tell that girl to shut up and go to sleep. She opened her door and marched ominously through the corridors towards Zoë’s room.

     As she passed Jon’s room, she heard him monologue, “This school is a bunch of morons. My plan is almost complete, then they will all be sorry. No Faerie will be able to match my might once I’m through.”

     Jennumara stopped and considered what he was saying. It might be interesting to learn more about his plot.

     The Dark Faerie quietly opened the door and greeted coldly, “Hello, Jon, is it?”

     The hideous “faerie” turned around nervously and chuckled, “Ah, yes, or you can call me the Happiness Faerie, it is what I am.”

     Jennumara sighed. “Who do you think you’re fooling? The only reason you’re still here is because Fyora is sympathetic.”

     Jon looked like he was going to say something, but Jennumara continued, “So, why don’t you tell me about this plan of yours? It sounds very fascinating.”

     Jon suddenly became defensive as he said, “How do I know you won’t turn me over to Fyora?”

     “Look at me; I’m a Dark Faerie,” snorted Jennumara. “We’re all evil, and I want a chance to live up to my name. Can you honestly name one Dark Faerie who won’t do the same?”

     A grin spread across Jon’s face as he declared, “Maybe I could use a faerie. Here’s my plan...”


     Zoë cursed herself for failing yet again. He room had exploded into another disaster, and she would have to work on cleaning it up once more. She yawned as she thought of the sleep she would be missing. Before she began picking up the fallen books and clothes, she glanced at the door. She supposed that Celeste and Baelia wouldn’t be checking on her tonight. Sometimes they did, but more often they just pretended they didn’t hear anything. It was what Zoë wanted.

     She wished that she could just go to bed and sleep forever, but she needed to practice her magic. She couldn’t let others know that she was practicing destructive spells, so she worked in secret at night. Zoë blamed Fyora for not teaching proper self-defence. She saw how Dark Faeries were treated in real life and she needed a way to protect herself. Already other faeries in the school were malicious to her; how long until their attacks turned physical? Fyora did little to help her, and punished her more than anything else.

     The Dark Faerie sighed as she finished cleaning. She collapsed into her bed to collect a few hours of sleep before she would have to face another gruelling day of classes.


     Fyora drummed her fingers on her desk as she waited for class to start. Teaching new faeries was her favourite task as Faerie Queen, and this year it was proving to be quite difficult. Each student was unique and they all had their own problems. She sighed as she wondered how long it would be before the first one dropped out.

     Fyora smiled as she saw Jennumara and Jon walk in. They were both in a deep, hushed conversation. It was nice to think that the two had found a friend, but she couldn’t help feeling something sinister coming from the two. She immediately chastised herself for thinking such a thought. Her society would not make any progress if people always thought of Dark Faeries as evil plotters.

     The next group to enter was Illusen and her friends. Fyora was again comforted to see that Jhudora had joined in with them. Currently they were arguing over whether Bella should stick with her cerulean blue streaks or change again as usual. Jhudora had become so much more social since the few months she had started to hang out with her former tormenters. Still, Fyora wondered, as she glanced at Casandia, if these were the right people for Jhudora.

     Once the four were seated, Baelia and Celeste entered. Sadly, Baelia seemed to be making the least amount of personal progress. She cared deeply for Zoë, and watching the Dark Faerie fail really lowered her spirits. She was becoming less bubbly and more sombre.

     The clock struck 9:00am NST as Fyora announced, “Well, class, today we will start our last study, Faerie History.”

     The door burst open as Zoë dashed in rapidly.

     “I’m really sorry that I’m late,” apologized the Dark Faerie automatically.

     Fyora scolded her angrily, “Zoë, you have been late for my class almost every day! I demand an explanation.”

     Zoë snarled at her as she thought of how little she had done to help her. The Dark Faerie had resorted to teaching herself the most important lessons, and now she was being penalized for it.

     “I’ll tell you why,” she declared defiantly. “I’m teaching myself how to use destruction spells.”

     The whole room gasped at this.

     “Zoë, you know that those spells are forbidden,” reprimanded Fyora.

     “I don’t care,” shouted the Dark Faerie. “When I leave this school, there won’t be anyone to protect me; it’s not like you’re doing that great a job of it here. I need to protect myself; flying and blessings won’t cut it.”

     “Are you sure you’re not planning world domination, Sleeper?” ridiculed Casandia cockily.

     Before anyone had a chance to laugh, Zoë turned to her icily and threatened, “I’ve refrained from hurting you because the Faerie Queen was here, but as you as you leave, you will learn to fear my name. All of you will be in a the mercy of the one you called the Sleeper. I have thought ahead and I will stronger than any Dark Faerie. I will be the Darkest Faerie!”

     With that, she pointed her wand at the wall and focused her energy. Suddenly a violet ball of fire flew from her wand and into the wall. She then sprinted out through the hole and into the clouds of Faerieland.

     As everyone crowded around to get a better look through the hole, Jennumara saw Jon beckon her.

     She moved to his side and asked, “What is it?”

     “Tonight will be the best time,” declared the grotesque creature who claimed to be a faerie. “Everyone will be busy thinking of this latest outbreak and pay no attention to us.”

     Jennumara nodded with a cold grin as she said, “I look forward to it.”

To be continued...

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