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The Best of the Best: Neopia's Top 10 Petpet Colors!

by k99366


Oh, hey there! Have you ever noticed how it seems the only things people want to paint are their pets? Did they completely forget – PETPETS CAN BE PAINTED TOO! Not only are petpet paint brushes very affordable, but also can add to your neopet even more. For example, to add to the effect of your Darigan Hissi, why not add a Darigan uniocto? Their colors blend perfectly together, and it's almost like another accessory for your pet. Of course, painting petpets can change them a lot too, so I've made this guide. Here's a list of the top 10 petpet colors!

10 - Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 75,000 NP

Tyrannian Petpets don't exactly have the beauty and grace of say, faerie petpets, but they're pretty extravagant. With their hair-covered body and fangs, they aren't exactly the type of petpet you'd like to cuddle up to, or the type of petpet you can show off in the park. However they have many special traits – I mean how many other petpets are so hairy they could hide in a Kyrii's mane? The price is a little hefty at 75,000 NP, but it pays for itself.

Special Mention – Tyrannian Gallion

The Tyrannian gallion is the perfect definition of Tyrannian. With enough hair to give it that prehistoric look, but not enough to take away its sheer cuteness! Its fangs are small enough to look cute, but not menacing, and all it's colors match perfectly together.

9 – Christmas Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 60,000 NP

Everybody loves the holidays, and with a Christmas petpet, you can celebrate the holidays all year long. An adorable mix of red and green is topped off with holiday decorations on these festive buddies! If you really like the holidays, you can totally repaint your petpet for a minuscule 60,000 NP!!! Even better, most of the petpets are shaped like common holiday items. Take the Christmas kookith, for example – it resembles a present!

Special Mention - Christmas Khonsu

The khonsu is always a jolly petpet, but when it's painted Christmas, it becomes the pure definition of holiday spirit! It still looks like the original khonsu, but it incorporates its look in a great new way. Instead of the classic Christmas colors, however, it's a shocking red and yellow. Even better, it's shaped like a tree ornament! It even has a cute little hook on its head so you can hang it on the tree! (Not like anybody would do that...)

8 – Island Petpet Paint Brush

Approx Price – 320,000 NP

The island petpet paint brush is one of the most expensive petpet paint brushes in Neopia. In fact, it's more expensive than most neopet paint brushes. However, it's worth every hard earned neopoint. Each petpet is colored an adorable yellow and white in the classic island style. With a touch of natural green and a flower that tops everything off, these petpets are ready for a vacation!

Special Mention – Island Turtum

Though the island turtum doesn't have any natural grass necklaces, or flashy flowers, it's still one of the most impressive island petpets. Why? Its shell, of course! It looks exactly like a coconut!

7 – Mutant Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 250,000 NP

If somebody asked you the question, 'Do you want your petpet to be mutant?' You'd probably say no. Of course, these petpets appear... unappealing... at first glance, but if you take time to look at the details, you'll notice the delicate beauty. With their cute little wet tongues (some call it 'drool'), large, grinning mouths (certainly not sharp teeth), jelly covered bodies (*cough* snot *cough*), and unique appearance (certainly not just plain ugliness), these are petpets even the littlest babies would like to, ermmm... maybe these wouldn't be best for babies. On the bright side, though, they make great guard petpets!

Special Mention – Mutant Hasee

The mutant hasee offers that 'unique' mutant look, without going overboard on grotesque features. In fact, it's rather cute walking on its hands.

6 – Pirate Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 175,000

Arrrr... these petpets are always ready for adventure on the high seas... or maybe just in your neohome. Either way these cute petpets are rather mischievous and need lots of exercise. These petpets look fierce – in a cute way, of course! They have tattered red and white vests over their gray bodies, just like their neopet counterparts. They also have a wide range of adorable accessories: eye patches, peg legs, earrings, hooked hands, and assorted pirate gold.

Special Mention – Pirate Meowclops

What's cuter than a meowclops? Not much. But when you paint your meowclops with a pirate paint brush, it becomes the most adorable petpet ever to sail the seven seas! It's especially cute with its (only) eye in an eye patch!

5 – Lost Desert Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price - 175,000 NP

If you want to give your petpet that truly exotic look, without the cost of an island petpet paint brush, the desert petpet paint brush is a great choice! Unfortunately, only fourteen desert colored petpets are currently available, but TNT will no doubt add more in the near future. Of course, if I do say so myself, they really outdid themselves with the desert petpets they did make! All the neopets are dressed like pharaohs, and adorned with priceless treasures. Of course, the desert rock is very special, and that's what I'd like to talk a bit more about.

Special Mention – Desert Rock

The desert rock isn't your average desert petpet, which is what makes it so special and unique. Have you ever heard of Coltzan's Shrine? Well, take a look at it, then at the desert rock. The rock is an exact replica of Coltzan's famous shrine!

4 – Faerie Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 550,000 NP!!!

The faerie petpet paintbrush is unarguably one of the most, if not the absolute most, expensive petpet paint brushes in Neopia today. Painting your petpet with one of these is a true sign of affection. It's not just because of rarity that these paint brushes are so hard to find, however; it's because the adorable look your petpet gets after using one! Nearly all faerie petpets are in free-flying pose, which gives them a feel of grace and beauty. This is truly one of the most extravagant of all petpet colors with those bright, delicate wings.

Special Mention – Faerie Moltenore

Just... too... pretty... for... words.... Pretty wings, graceful body, elegant light emitting from its delicate flaming self, those precious little eyes. Only one word can describe this gem of a petpet: Superawesomeprettyflyingcoolflamingcutepetpetpwettypwetty. (Yes, that's one word.)

3 – Halloween Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 125,000 NP

And just when you thought all the 'good' petpet paint brushes were expensive, there's the Halloween petpet paint brush. Surprisingly cheap, this amazing paint brush can give your petpet that haunted look all year round. When your petpet is painted with it, they have a year-round Halloween costume! Don't worry though, these costumes are more cute than scary, and don't change your petpet's personality at all. Too bad I can't say that about the next paintbrush in the lineup...

Special Mention – Halloween Rock

Yes, believe or not, a petpet that's not even living has taken the special mention for TWO petpet paintbrushes. Why? Because the Halloween rock is a break from the usual Halloween petpet. It's shaped exactly like a gravestone! Spooooky....

2 – Darigan Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 110,000 NP

If Halloween petpets just aren't scary enough for you, you should take a look at the Darigan petpets... but not too close – they bite! Darigan petpets are precise in every way; they have horns, claws, spikes, razor sharp teeth, and other things that definitely make this one of the most intimidating petpet colors. But unlike Halloween petpets, when you paint your petpet with a Darigan petpet paint brush, the personality changes – normally for the worst. Darigan petpets are known for their fierce growling and biting towards strangers, but they're always loyal to their owners. Well, almost always... there have too many tales of neopets finding world domination schemes hidden under their beds by their petpets. Just make sure you have a very responsible and physically strong pet before even attempting to give them one of these rare petpets.

Special Mention – Darigan Quetzal

This already scary petpet takes a turn for the worst when painted Darigan. They have a fancy plume and beautiful, but beware! These colors are simply advertising the Darigan quetzal's deadly venom. Keep it away from young neopets...

*drumroll* Now, what you've all been waiting for, the best of the best, petpet paint brush #1!!!!

1 – Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush

Approx. Price – 120,000 NP

These petpets are truly amazing. Unlike other colors, where each petpet has a certain color combination, each Maraquan petpet is completely different! TNT has taken every type of animal in the ocean and based a petpet off of it. There's an octopus-like spyder, a snarhook resembling a jellyfish, and even a hasee puffer-fish!

Special Mention – Maraquan Turtum

There are plenty of fish-like Maraquan petpets, and no matter how colorful they are, they get boring after a while. If you want a more exotic look, though, the Maraquan turtum is perfect! It still has the Meridell shield on its shell, but otherwise it's completely different. Its feet are claws, its shell has become spirally, and it has the cutest little antenna! Yup, you guessed it; it's based off a hermit crab!

Buying Pre-Painted Petpets

If somebody doesn't want a painted petpet they attached to their pet, they have to sell it painted. (You can't undo painting it!) For this reason, people usually are willing to get fewer neopoints just to get rid of it. This is a cheaper way to get a painted petpet for your pet, but painting it yourself is always so much more fun! :P

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