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Original Origami

by semicutie3


There’s so much paper in Neopia, and not enough ways to use it. Sure, we have the Neopian Times, books, and so much more, but what else can we make with this paper? That’s easy - origami! The ancient art of folding paper into intricate shapes has been entertaining Neopets for ages, and it’s time for origami to make a comeback in pets’ lives. Now with this article, you can find a piece of origami for yourself or your pet, too. Origami doesn’t cost very much, so your bank will be thanking you as well as your pets. Getting amazing origami is easy and affordable!

1. Quintilc

What’s better than getting your pet an origami petpet? The Quintilc can be your friend's playmate and also their paper if they suddenly get the urge to draw. The Quintilc’s red and yellow look great together, too.

2. Ditsy, Liobits, and Weeble

These are all origami petpets, too! They’re easy to take care of, and the best thing is that you can get one of these petpets in your very own Newbie Pack. Your pet’s friends will be jealous when they see your pet parading around with one of these petpets in tow, and it won’t cost you anything. Is anything better than a cool petpet that’s completely free?

3. Book of Origami Paper

If your pet has their little heart set on making their own special origami and not just buying origami that was made by a master origami artist somewhere in Neopia, this is the item you should get them. The Book of Origami Paper contains three hundred plus pieces of brightly colored paper made especially for origami, with perforated sides so each piece can easily be torn out whenever your pet feels the need to use it. How convenient!

4. Green Origami Chair

Have you got your pet hooked on origami already? If so, you should get this great origami chair. It goes with any decor and will fit perfectly in your pet’s room. I guarantee it will be the perfect addition to any room in your Neohome.

5. Origami Pets 101

Now that you have the Book of Origami Paper, you have to learn how to make origami from the paper provided in the book! This book shows you in easy to understand steps how to make all the pets from origami. Your pet will be very pleased when learning to make origami, and this book won’t take a chunk out of your bank account.

6. Sunny Yellow Origami Couch

You have to have something to go with your Green Origami Chair, don’t you? This Sunny Yellow Origami Couch will brighten up your day and provides a great place for your pets to sit. It is an essential piece of furniture for a pet who loves origami. On a cloudy day, you can always have a piece of sunshine to make you feel happy.

7. Blue Origami Lamp

For the affordable price of around 700 Neopoints, your pet can own the amazing Blue Origami Lamp. Only those who own it know if it works or not, but if you buy it you can find out. Even if it doesn’t work, hey! It’s nothing to scoff at. It will make a great desk setting and all your Neopet’s friends will want one of their own.

8. Blue Origami Hissi Toy

Wow, a toy made from origami! The Blue Origami Hissi Toy will put a smile on your Neopet’s face, whether they’re grey, mutant, rainbow, or any species or color in between. It’s hard not to be delighted when presented with this amazing work of art.

9. Origami Uniocto

No, this isn’t a petpet. The Origami Uniocto can be worn by your pet and is the perfect accessory. It won’t scare your pet, as it has bright and happy colors. Your pet will be intrigued by the purple, pink, and light blue paper. They may spend hours just looking at it and trying to figure out how they can make it! It will keep your pet entertained, and you happy. Why not get one?

10. Artist Studio Background

I know this isn’t origami, but why does it have to be? If your pet is an origami artist, they obviously need an art studio in which to create their masterpieces. So they can create their beautiful origami in the right place, they must have the Artist Studio Background. It will cost you a pretty penny, but hey? Aren’t dailies for making Neopoints? Do a few of those, and you’ll have your pet happy and making origami in no time at all.

With all of these amazing origami items for your pet, you have to go and get at least one. Origami is easily accessible - ask the Shop Wizard to find you an item or purchase one from an auction. Bid on a trade. Getting all of these 10 items can turn your pet from dull and boring to an origami wizard! They’ll be begging you for more. So I suggest you get right on it, and buy your pets a makeable but not breakable piece of brilliant art. Why not? Plus, if your pet doesn’t like this origami, there’s so many more options! Maybe you should give them the Red Origami Table, which is perfect for your dining room. They can play with a Red Origami Gelert, which will make them feel great. The toy will fit right in among their other toys. Maybe try a Yellow Origami Wocky Toy! There’s so many options for origami, and every pet should have a piece. If your pet is a bookworm, try the Korbat Origami Book, the Origami Pop-Up Book, or Easy Origami Flowers. No pet should be denied the great art of origami.

Any questions or comments about this article? I’d love to hear them! This is my first article, so any feedback you may have is appreciated. Contact my username, semicutie3, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I hope you enjoyed my very first article!

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