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Top Ten Usukis In Neopia

by respect19


The Usuki doll. People have very different opinions on them. Some think they are totally cute and are obsessed with the dolls. Others shudder at the sight of them and scream, “Ahhhh! Too cute! Too cute!” Then there are the collectors who own every Usuki, right down to the Feepit set. If you wish that Usukis never existed, then you might want to stop reading right now. If you’re an Usuki collector or love Usukis, this article is for you.

I searched through all the Usukis to find the Top Ten Usuki Dolls In Neopia! *cue triumphant music* Some are on this list because they’re cheap, some because they’re rare, and some because they just look cool. Presenting...

The Top Ten Usuki Dolls In Neopia!

10. Queen Fyora Usuki Doll

Well, what do you know! An Usuki of Faerieland’s beloved queen. Cool! This Usuki is quite a collector’s item. It is so rare in fact, that I can’t get a price estimate on it, and no one has it in their shops. Bother. This doll is GREAT if you are a collector, but don’t count on getting it. And if you just want a doll for your pet to play with... there are cheaper Usukis out there.

9. Pretty Pink Usuki

My eyes! They burn! This doll is great if you or your pet loves pink, but if you don’t you are probably going to suffer from eye strain. To quote this Usuki’s description, “Just how more pink can one Usuki get?” Also, it costs a LOT. The Sidebar Search lists it at around 14,000 NP! Do you want to spend that kind of money on a doll when you could be saving for a paintbrush? Didn’t think so.

8. Jhudora Usuki Doll

Mu-ah-ha-ha! After playing with all the goody-two-shoes Usukis, don’t you think it’s time for some sweet evil? This sour doll is ready to make you do her bidding... I mean, play with you! There is no better way to show your dedication to Jhudora than playing with this doll. However, there are rumors that these dolls are really robots planted by Jhudora as spies. But that hasn’t been proven. Around 4800 NP is the average for one of these dolls, so it might be worthwhile to try and buy one.

Just so you know, one of Jhudora’s minions is NOT aiming a sword at me, and I really LOVE this doll. Seriously. Truly. No lie.

7. Usuki Defender

Now your Usuki can pretend to be a superhero like Judge Hog! Like the Fyora doll, this is really really really really (a few more reallys) rare. It took me forever just to find a picture of it! If you are an Usuki collector, this doll would look GREAT in your collection. But if you don’t want to have to spend who-knows-how-much on just one Usuki, skip it.

6. Shiver Me Timbers Usuki

Arrrr, look at this, an Usuki doll that looks like she’s from Krawk Island! Arrrr! This doll is dressed exactly like a pirate, from an earring to an eyepatch. The price is OK, but if you have a lack of Neopoints, I’d buy an apple or something instead and save the Usuki for later. But, arrrr, this is a deal that’s hard to resist! (Sorry, I’ll stop talking like a pirate now.)

5. Beautiful Bride Usuki

Here comes the bride, wearing a satin dress complete with a veil. Too cute! The Sidebar Search lists the doll as being worth around 444 NP. But if you check on the Shop Wizard, the price goes up... to over 1,000 NP (in most cases, the cheapest ones I see are in the 900 range)! If you want this Usuki, it is probably best to buy it in the store where the price will be under 900 NP.

4. Maraquan Usuki

Swimming like a fish and fishing like a pro, this doll is completely waterproof so it makes a good bathtub or swimming toy. However, let’s face it... it’s just not exciting. All it really is is an Usuki with a mermaid tail. I’m about to die from the excitement. The good news is it’s dirt cheap so it makes a good present if you have a surprise birthday to go to.

3. Hula Girl Usuki

This Usuki has got hair accessories and cool grass skirts! Wow! Remember, you don’t have to go broke buying an Usuki for your pet. Often, simple is better. In fact, 9 out of 10 Neopians would prefer this Usuki to a Queen Fyora Usuki! (Those aren’t real stats; I just made them up.) Like the Maraquan Usuki, these are very cheap. The only thing that this doll needs is more accessories.

2. Fun in the Sun Usuki

Ah, one of my personal favorites! This Usuki has a bikini and roller blades, and is ready for summer (quoted from the description). This Usuki doesn’t cost a whole lot, and it makes a fun, rewarding toy for a young Neopian. If your pet wants an Usuki, this one’s one of the best options!

And now *cue more triumphant music* the NUMBER ONE USUKI DOLL IN NEOPIA is...

1. Magical Hair Usuki

Awesome! When you cut her hair it grows right back. It’s got a ton of accessories. It’s the inspiration for the Usuki paintbrush. And it’s purple! (Wait, what?) It’s not expensive, either, and is one of the most popular Usukis. The only bad thing I can think of about this Usuki is that young Neopians might start thinking THEIR hair is magical and will grow back if they cut it. That would NOT be good.

Well, I have just shown you the Top Ten Usuki Dolls In Neopia. Now when you walk into Usukiland, you will know which Usukis to buy and which Usukis you could probably skip over. As you can tell, I just went over the dolls, not every single set. THAT would be a LOT of work. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play with my Feepit Usuki.

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