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5 Cool Things To Do With Your Christmas Paint Brush

by imneokidd494


Day Six of the Advent Calendar brought joy to every Neopian who took the journey to Happy Valley. Six? Perhaps you missed this particular day on the annual month of giving festivity; after all, six is not usually considered a particularly special number. But on Day Six of the Advent Calendar, everyone in Neopia was certainly happy to have the chance to receive their very own Christmas paint brush!

After you stop hyperventilating over this fabulous gift, you may ask yourself, what should I do with it now? Although most older players have already experienced the joy of owning a paint brush, some younger players might be only encountering this rare treasure for the first time. Here’s some ways you can use your Christmas Paint Brush on Christmas day.

#5: Paint your Pet. This one might seem painfully obvious, but it’s always a big consideration. The Christmas Paint Brush offers the rare opportunity to change your pet’s appearance completely, and although it may not be Neopia’s most sought after color, it’s still a paint brush, after all. If you’re stuck on what you would like to get your neopet for the holidays, and a little short of neopoints, then this is a perfect option. Your neopet will be absolutely thrilled to have a new look that’s all the rage for Christmas time, though I’m not so sure how they’ll be feeling around August. If you’d like to paint your pet Christmas, but you’re not entirely sure about it, why don’t you hope on over to the Rainbow Pool, and see what Christmas colors Neopets has to offer for your pet. You may fall in love with one at first sight!

#4: Give it as a Gift. I’m sure that this year you would love to give that one special neofriend of yours a completely awesome totally extreme gift that will beat the one you know you’re getting from them. If you don’t have the cash for the particular gift, then you should consider giving them your Christmas Paint Brush. In my opinion, it is indeed a completely awesome totally extreme gift. Imagine your friend's surprise when they see you have splurged enough to get them a gift as great as a paintbrush! And on top of that they will now feel the need to run out and get you an even more expensive gift to compromise yours. Now you both win! Well, of course they would have had to have missed the all important sixth day of the Advent Calendar, and be completely unaware of the paint brushes that were given out to be totally awestruck. But, I guarantee you, even if they are aware of this, they will surely greatly appreciate your generosity, and you won’t have to bother waiting in those horrid last minute shopping lines at the mall. D:

#3: Donate it. This is the perfect way to spread the holiday cheer! There will always be someone out there a little less fortunate than you, and I bet that if you decide to donate your Christmas Paint brush, that you can really make someone happy. After all, it was free, so it’s not like you’ll be losing anything if you do. Someone out there could really use this. If you decide donating your Christmas Paint Brush is the way to go, then there are several says you can go about doing it. Perhaps you could stroll around a bit, and happen to come across a newer player, or someone who is trying to work towards a big goal. There are plenty of people around who could use a donation and giving one of them your paint brush will surely be a great help to them. Once you find someone who you would appreciate your gift, ask them nicely if they would like it, and I’m sure they’ll accept it gratefully. If you’d rather not choose your recipient, then the Money Tree is always an option. After you donate your brush, whoever should receive it is not up to you, but I know you’ll feel really good about doing it!

#2: Paint a Pound Pet. This one is truly my favorite option. As the Holidays come nearer and nearer, so many pets will be stuck in the pound, instead of with the families they deserve. A great way to get these guys good homes is to give them the gift of a new paint job! Rather than painting your own pet, painting a pound pet ensures that they will be given a great new home to love and care for them. After all, a painted pet does seem to be far more wanted than just a basic colored one. So, on your next walk by the pound, pop your head in, and pick out a neopet who looks like they could use some holiday cheer. Take them to the Rainbow Pool, and use your paint brush to give them a whole new look! In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to use your paint brush, because you know that you’ll be offering a lonely pet a chance at a new life. Before you send the newly decorated pet back to the pound, why don’t you invite it in for some eggnog? Perhaps you might decide that this pet could have already found a home, with you.

And... the number one thing to do with your Christmas Paint Brush is... *drumroll*

#1: Save It. Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what you’d like to do with this sudden gift that has been granted to you. If you’re not entirely sure about my other four options, then this is definitely the way to go. Saving your paint brush allows you to do whatever you wish later. Perhaps later in the year a new Christmas themed pet will come out, one that you must have. Maybe this brush could be a great birthday gift, and a little more unexpected for that special neofriend. Perhaps you’d like to donate it to another player when you’re content with the fact that you actually have owned a paintbrush for a few months. After a while, these brushes may inflate in value, and you could even sell one for a profit. The possibilities are endless. So for now perhaps it’s best to tuck away the special little gift safe in your Safety Deposit Box where that Pant Devil won’t reach it.

You’ve finished, I see! There are many more ways you can use your gift, and you should find one that suits you well. Most importantly, always remember the power of the seemingly insignificant six! I hope that you’ll have a great holiday this year, and that Paint Brush of yours goes to something that makes you happy, whatever that may be! Thank you for reading my article, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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