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Hi, TNT. When I checked the Advent Calendar on Thursday I found THREE items; however, I only received TWO items. It turns out that I was missing the Ylana Skyfire Key Quest token. I didn't receive that item, and as a result I was wondering if that was a glitch or if there is a reason for why that was the case? If it was a glitch, when will you fix it? Please remove my username, thanks. ~[username removed]
The Key Quest token doesn't appear in your inventory. If you'd like to see your shiny new token, head on over to your Collector's Case, which houses your Key Quest tokens.

PS: For those who visit the Advent Calendar today, if you don't receive your 50 NC, try visiting the NC Mall area of the site to get it credited.

Your last two Editorial answers on the subject have been quite vague, so... I know you can't put customs UFA. I know you can't trade MPs or Neopoints or anything not a Neopet for a Neopet. However, are regular customs allowed? For example, let's say I post "2mil custom UFT." People then bid. Someone bids... I dunno, a (converted) Darigan Yurble, and say that they want a Royalgirl Uni in exchange. So, I then create a Uni, paint it Royal, and exchange it for their Darigan Yurble. This is a custom. Is it allowed or not? Yes or no? =/ ~catalie100
This is okay, as long as there aren’t any "tips," Neopoints, or items traded alongside this.

Hey TNT! I bet you didn't notice that I just spelled your name backwards! Anyway, I recently downloaded the Neopets toolbar and it's great! My favorite feature is the alert button. However, the only alerts I have received are from Tarla. Are there any others? ~squeakthing232323
Nope, Tarla is the one and only queen of the Neopets toolbar and its alert system.

Hey, TNT. I am planning to buy a Neocash Card and I was wondering about something: if my account gets frozen for some reason, and let's say that I had 1,000 Neocash on that account -- would it all be erased, and would I have wasted 10 dollars? Please make my question anonymous. 8D ~[username removed]
It wouldn't be erased. It would still be credited to your account, and if you were unfrozen it'd still be there. However if you are permanently frozen, well... :-/. As we state in the NC area of the site, we can't reimburse you, and as always you are responsible for your account and its security. If you have money invested into your account, please give the Terms and Conditions a good solid read and be sure to stay away from malicious sites. We can't give an account immunity just because the owner has spent real money, as that would be wrong for a lot of reasons.

I was in the middle of class when this hit me. What happens when someone puts their Kadoatie in the Kadoatery and they have a Petpetpet? Will it fall off? Also, why is it that all the Kads I see at the Kadoatery are either white, blue, pink, rainbow, or island? Please answer! Thanks. =3 P.S.: Kadoaties PWN you! }=D ~laurenalrick
O.O Pssst... people don't actually put their Kadoaties in the Kadoatery. It's just an automated system. They aren't actually anyone's Petpet from a techincal standpoint. It's just in the world of Neopia that they are.

You mean I'm never going home? *wails*

Dear TNT, let's say that I managed to reach a trophy score, and at the time when that score was sent, it qualified for a bronze trophy. However, by the time that score was reviewed (which was a while later), others had beaten it, and therefore I no longer qualified for the bronze. Would I still get the trophy? ~solvents
The point when the score is reviewed by us and accepted is when it is entered into the score table. After that it needs to remain in the trophy area until the time of day (really early morning NST) that the trophies are awarded for you to receive a trophy. So, with regard to your question, the answer would be no. Remember though, that if your score was not reviewed and went through immediately, it'd still have to wait and survive the high score table for that magical instant when trophies are awarded once per day.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering what would happen if over 2 million people answered the Lenny Conundrum correctly? Thanks heaps if you have answered this question. :D *hands chocolate Santas and candy canes* ~mad4chocolate
*munches on candy cane* Oohhh, there's an interesting question. Hmm... well, the system rounds up, so we'd assume that everyone would get at least 1 NP. However, our programmers say that there may be a minimum prize programmed into the system.

Dear TNT, I've asked this on the boards and gotten many mixed replies, so I thought I'd get it straight from the horse's mouth. Not that... I'm calling you horses. After all, it would be pretty hard to do the excellent work you guys do without any thumbs... or fingers, for that matter. Anywayyy... I play Neopets on my desktop about 60 percent of the time, but unfortunately it's not handling Key Quest very well, as it's an older computer. So, I spend about 40 percent of my Neopets time on my laptop playing Key Quest. My question is, will this get me in any trouble? Is it breaking any rules to use one computer for normal play and a faster one for a certain thing? I just really, after 8 years of membership, don't want to lose my account for something like this, so I wanted to get the okay from you... better safe than sorry. :P Oh, and I never play it on sides or transfer the items over there or anything foolish like that either, lol; my side is used only to house a few of my dream Neopets since I ran out of space here. Lol. ~shadow____panther
Yes, we imagine our tech department would be rather irritated if we were constantly destroying keyboards with our hooves. D: Anywaaaay... yeah, that's just fine. You're not trying to abuse a bug or system or anything, you're just trying to play the game like we intended. It's all good. Don't worry about it!

HELLO TNT!!! I made some Christmas cookies for you... fresh from the oven. Anyway, I'm working on a Tyrannian-themed Petpage for my Peophin. I think it would be great if it could win Site Spotlight around Tyrannian Victory Day... which is in May, as you know. When would be a good time to submit it, and could I include a special note that I want to submit it especially for Tyrannian Victory Day? Otherwise, should I just keep sending it over and over and over... and over? Err, also, do we get a shiny NT trophy if we appear in the Editorial? :D ~yeahh_neomaddie
When you're done with your masterful creation, just send it over to us with a good description that uses nice words like "Tyrannian" in it. If we're looking for a theme, we'll find it among the masses. It doesn't matter when you send it in. If it looks like a good page to us, we'll hold on to it. Feel free to specify in the notes, though, if you really want it for a certain day.

Also, as you have doubtlessly discovered by now, no. No trophies are awarded for getting into the Editorial. Sorry! ;D

If you painted a Blue Faellie yellow, would it be a Yellow Faellie, or just a normal Faellie? o.o ~himi54
You'd have a normal Faellie, which is naturally yellow.

*nose twitch*

Does having a certain amount of warnings or suspensions prevent you from getting picked for stuff like spotlights, Editorial questions, and even getting in the Neopian Times itself? (Please remove my username. ;D) ~[username removed]
It depends, really. If your submission just blows us away we're willing to forgive some past indiscretions. If we're trying to decide between two good entries, though, we are very likely to choose the one that has a better record. If you have a list of warnings long enough to make Santa bring you coal... well, we might avoid you. After all, we don't want to spotlight someone who's likely to be frozen in a week for continued poor behaviour. :-/

If you feed a Neopet lots and lots of glowing jellies they could turn glowing, but what if you feed a Neopet pirate, robo, or fire jelly? Will they turn that colour? ~dmh1997
Nope, just glowing jelly has (a very, very, VERY slim chance) of changing your Neopet to glowing coloured.

I understand that there was a glitch the day that the Freaky Factory prizes were given out. I did not go to get mine until later in the day, and got both items fine. I put them in my SDB and thought nothing of it. But then, I came on today and had a second set in my inventory!!! Should I send a bug report about this, or are you just giving them to everyone? For right now I've also placed the second set into my SDB for safe keeping. Do I need to worry about anything? ~jessicabcat
Nope, don't worry about it. If you got a second set of items because we sent them to you, that's our doing and not yours, so don't worry about it. ^_^

Hey, TNT! Wondermag2 here! Recently, I fought the Inflatable Balthazar in the Battledome (yeah, I'm still a beginner). Even though my Kyrii won, his Hit Points got knocked down to his full setting (he started out with 38/9, but ended up with 9/9)! But I won the battle, though! How is this possible? ~wondermag2
Hi Wondermag2! TNT here! Alas, if you go into battle with a Neopet whose Hit Points have been buffed up by visits to the Healing Springs, they will drop down to the max that they should be, even if you win.

Hai TNT! Umm... I'm sure that by now, you guys have heard all the complaints about how lame you guys are, and how you have no souls, and blah blah blah. I was wondering: does it ever hurt your feelings to hear things like that, or do you not even notice? ~westychik2291
Yeah, it does actually. :( We try our best to shrug it off, but it still gets to us sometimes. BUT, we still love ya guys, and despite the complaints we get we still work day in and day out to make a place where you can have fun. We'd like to also thank everyone who has stuck by us and supported us over the years and through our many changes. We really do appreciate it. Oohhh *group hug*!

My daughter and I both play. We have separate accounts and separate e-mails, but we share an IP address. I'm confused by the different info that I'm getting on this. I'm hearing that we can be frozen because we share a computer and have the same IP. On the other hand, I hear we are okay because we have separate e-mails and it's obvious that we are two different people. Help! Both of us are very attached to our pixels and don't want anything to happen to them. Please, could you clarify this once and for all? Thanks so much. ~sidrii
Sounds like everything's fine to us. We know families play, and there are often quite a few accounts on IP addresses. We do our best to make sure only the guilty party is frozen for shenanigans, but sometimes very closely associated accounts can get into trouble. However, this is usually only the case when there is some massive cheating going on, like scamming, or severe multiple account abuse. As long as you and your daughter are playing by the rules then there really shouldn't be anything to worry about. :)

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