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Bounce Your Way to Glory!

by sakhz


Shadow, Kittykit and Xwee would like to thank the makers of Hasee Bounce and meet_s.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s mind-blowing.

It’s addicting.

It’s Hasee Bounce!

Welcome, one and all, to the practical, no-nonsense guide of one of the most fun games in Neopia. I am sakhzshadowlupe, more commonly known as Shadow. With me are kittykit and Xweelinia. We’ve undertaken this writing project to tell you how to play Hasee Bounce... simply, practically and in a way that makes you take the most amount of neopoints.

So let us begin. Go to the picture of the two hasees, commonly found in the games room. Once the game loads, we advise you to look at the instructions and familiarize yourself with the basics of the game. The bare bones are: the orange and purple hasees take the orange and purple letters respectively, and they both take every kind of doughnutfruit. The letters give you time, and if you can spell H-A-S-E-E you can get a super-time bonus. So, armed with this information, let’s begin.

Click on “Start Game”. This will show you a picture of two hasees, a huge swing, a large red bar on top which tells you the time, and a yellow box showing you how many points you have.

Kittykit’s practical hint: It is advisable (if your PC does not allow you to see the whole screen) to position your game such that you see the tops of the head of the lower hasee, and the full time. You don’t NEED to see the points or swing.

Xwee says: Alternatively, you can set your game so that it’s smaller.


Now, the game will begin. You need to keep an eye on three things, the game area, the middle part where blue text will show you if any special doughnutfruit comes and the time. A large number of doughnutfruits will start flitting across the screen. Use your spacebar to jump or click on the mouse. You can also use the mouse to move around in the air.

Kittykit’s hint: This is when the game is at its slowest. Take everything you can.


Now, alternatively, you may see either a letter or a special doughnutfruit (that ranges from blue to rainbow) flit across the screen. Let’s deal with the letters first. While the orange hasee takes only the orange letters and the purple one purple letters, both give you some time. Every time you pick up a letter, you get 2 seconds. Moreover, if you make H-A-S-E-E, you get 20 extra seconds. Make it all with the same color? 40 extra points!

Kittykit’s hint: While most people think you should wait and only try to take doughnutfruits of the same type, we don’t agree. Take whatever comes. After all, if you take the same time to make 1 same color combo or 2 different color combos, it’s altogether better to take the second option, since you get 20 more seconds as a result of picking up the letters.

Xwee says: So concentrate on picking up the letters. However, do NOT choose the letters over a special doughnutfruit. It’s fine if you pick a letter instead of a blue ( 3 pts) or green doughnutfruit (4 pts) but not ok if you pick it over a gold doughnutfruit (10 pts).


The special doughnutfruits are quite amazing. So far, I have seen the following types. There may, however, be more: Yellow (1 pt); Blue (3 pts); Green (4 pts); Silver (5 pts); Gold (10 pts); Checkered (12 pts); Sponge (15 pts); Flaming (18 pts); Icy (20 pts); Rainbow (40 pts); Fish (50 pts).

Kittykit’s hint: Always remember the power of multiplication! If you first pick up a yellow doughnutfruit, and then a fish one, you can get double the number of points! (50 x 2 = 100) so always make sure you take the doughnutfruit from the other side from which it appears so as to see if there is an opportunity to double the points. For eg, if you see an icy doughnutfruit come from the side of the orange hasee, let the purple one pick it up! However, please don’t try this for really good doughnutfruits (Icy and up) unless you are very confident. Also remember that if the one hasee, going down, picks up a doughnutfruit, and the other going up (in the same jump) picks up another, the second is multiplied!

Xwee says: The rule of thumb if you can’t remember which doughnutfruit is which? Go for the most exotic one! Also, remember that if you go for an icy and blue doughnutfruit, and you get the icy first and blue second, then you get only 26 points. If you get blue first and icy second you get 43 points! So try to remember that when you’re going for the power of multiplication.


The last thing you need to remember is the horrible dung and other gross stuff floating around in your game screen. NEVER pick that up. However, there may be cases when you absolutely need to, so as to get another doughnutfruit on your way up, or alternatively on your way down. In that case, weigh the consequences. Hasee Bounce, at least for us, depends on having both your hasees active. Having one unable to pick up doughnutfruits is like not having an arm (*cough* paw *cough*).

Kittykit’s hint: Gold and higher doughnutfruits, go for it. Anything lower is really not worth it. You’ll cover up.

Xwee says: Also remember you’ll need to take the doughnutfruit BEFORE the dung. Or it’s no use. Also try moving your mouse while in the air to avoid it. It may or may not work, but it’s nice to try.


And finally, some of our owner, sakhz’s helpful tips for anyone playing the game, whether for the first time or the hundredth time.

  • Do not take the last letter of the time bonus if you already have an almost full time. (I know you’re thinking “That will NEVER happen to me. But it does.)
  • Type “doughnutfruit” once per game (preferably when the timer is almost empty) and the clock will reset, effectively allowing you to play two games in one!
  • Don’t think you can get by with just taking the good ones, oh no. The yellow ones are the ones that add up in the end.
  • Hasee Bounce has an NP ratio of 2.42. That means to get 1000 NP, you need 414 points. That’s hard, but not too hard, and soon you should be racking up at least 1500 NP per day, and if you get really good, even 3000!
  • Have fun. Hasee Bounce rocks, and you can never do anything but enjoy it. So what if you missed the fish doughnutfruit? Get the blue one, and enjoy the fun of the game.

Happy Hasee Bouncing! Once last thing. I remember it was a Neopian Times article, long ago, that made me start playing this game. So if you like this game because of this article (or even just anyway) please spread the word about the game, so more Neopians can enjoy it.

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