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Hey TNT, I was just wondering... are we allowed to post photos of dolls, collectible figures, and the like on Neopets? :P Please answer; I'd like to know if I can let my Neofriends see the pretty dolls I collect! x3 ~ppgcoolcat
Yes that's fine, as long as there is nothing in the picture that can identify you or your location.

Soooooo... my friend and I were discussing this the other day: why don't you guys have numbers on all the map pieces? It's infuriating, having to sort through all the map pieces looking for the one you want, especially for the Secret Laboratory Map. It would make all our lives a lot easier. :) ~chariwolf
Ah, but if everything that was worth while was easy on Neopets it might get boring very quickly. :)

Hey, TNT. I live in Singapore and we use UK English here. When we submit stuff like captions and articles, is there any sort of bias between UK and US English? ~jin024
The only English we have a bias against in the Caption Contest (and other writing contests) is the kind used by people who tipe lyke dis and Capitalize Every Word For Some Unknown Reason. Other than that, both US and UK English are fine by us!

Oh, and people who don't capitalise their "I"'s. We really hate that! ]:<

Hello, oh brilliant ones! :-) I have a tiny, little itsy bitsy request. When we look at our account lookups (or each others'), you are able to see our trophies, Neopets, our current avatar, shop, gallery, and Neohome! However, our poor stamp album is just represented by a blank, boring-looking stamp shape. Would you wonderful hard workers at Neopets consider allowing us to choose our favorite stamp to sit in a place of pride on that blank spot (just like avatars!)? Pretty pretty please? Keep up the great work, guys! ~divine_beauty
While we agree that that would be awfully nice, the current size of that area would make it a bit tricky, as stamps are 80x80 pixels in size and the the icons aren't. Therefore, we'd have to squish the stamps down in size and they probably wouldn't look very nice. Also, if we simply pasted them there at their full size then that might throw off a lot of user lookups that are designed around everything being its current dimensions. :(

I've got an important question! D: If you keep an unconverted baby Neopet as your active, even though it's already a baby, if Boochi zaps him/her will your Neopet be turned into its converted counterpart? ~dyov
Boochi won't zap any Neopets that are already baby, so no worries! :)

Would you ever consider making labbed Petpets removable (but NON-tradeable) so that we could put them in galleries? They could even have the little lightning symbol by them so that gallery viewers would know they were zapped. Please? ~adh171
We're still gonna say no on this, as there are a lot of reasons why we don't feel we should and not enough reasons to support it.

Errrm, I was wondering: if you are zapping a Petpet with the Petpet Lab Ray and you happen to zap it back into the exact same color and species that it was to begin with, will it still say "zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray"? ~goldspy101
Yes, a Petpet will remain identified as "zapped" regardless of what it is turned into until it is removed (and therefore reverted).

Greetings, TNT! We customisers were wondering why the Ficus Tree item is not wearable anymore. It used to be, but then it got turned into a Neohome 2.0 item and now it can't be used in customisation. Is this a glitch, or did someone intentionally change it? ~hoeiva
The Ficus Tree was always supposed to be a Neohomes item, not a customisation item. We are sorry for the confusion.

Hey TNT! Are Tyrannia and Mystery Island the only places in Neopia with volcanoes? Looking at the geological features of Neopia and combining the theory of plate tectonics, there should also be volcanoes near the west end of the Haunted Woods. ~seanaf
Thankfully it seems they are dormant. FOR NOW.


Hi TNT! I have two questions. First, I want to ask why some people have "Stealth!" as the status on their lookups? I also want to ask, if someone has cheated in a game, why do you immediately freeze him/her without giving him/her a warning? ~mypetsandi
The stealth status is available to Premium members who prefer privacy and don't wish to let others know when they are online. As far as freezing cheaters without warning, well, they gave up their right to play the game when they decided that they didn't need to play by the rules. The occasional slip up on the boards and other minor things we can forgive, but players who maliciously cheat and scam are not welcome here.

Hey, TNT. Did you know that Scamander Swarm doesn't work properly? Love ya. ;) ~mousiedragon
Whoa! Dear... yeah, it sure doesn't, does it? D: Thanks for the heads up. <3

For the PPL spotlight, if we painted an old enough Petpet (for example, let's say a Meepit) a DAY before the Petpet was announced, would we get the prize or no?~bookreader96
Yes. If your Petpet is old enough to qualify and has been attached very recently, you will still receive a prize as long as it was attached prior to our script running that awards accounts. Please keep in mind that the script is often run long before the news is updated. If you are not awarded, then you did not qualify at the time the script was run and there is nothing we can do for you.

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