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A Realtor and Designer's Guide to the New Neohomes

by courage7856


I'm sure many of you have noticed Neopia's newest feature: updated neohomes! However, you may have questions. So I will try to help you in your quest to find the perfect home.

Location, Location:

The new neohomes can be built free in any country of Neopia. That's almost twenty locations! But which one is best for you and your pets? Obviously, a mutant Grarrl won't be comfortable in Faerieland, so I'll try to explain the benefits of every area.

Altador: Various columns, stained glass windows, and a lakefront view give Altador an unbeatable charm. Being close to the archives, more intelligent pets might appreciate this land, but athletes will love being close to the Altador Coliseum. Really, Altador is a great general area to build in.

Brightvale: To some, being so close to Wise King Hagan could be nerve racking to some Neopets, especially Royal ones that love Meridell. Yet again, a good area for intelligent pets, and crafty ones may find an apprentice-ship at the Brightvale Glaziers making windows.

Darigan Citadel: The first world in which we need to proceed with caution. Although Darigan painted pets may love the darkness and evilness living in a lair in the middle of a lava pit, Faerie pets will find it scary. Also, it is wise to never leave petpets unsupervised, as they may wander into the inferno. This location is best recommended to Darigan and Mutant pets. Only boys and tomboyish girls would find Darigan suitable.

Faerieland: A nice, happy, neighborly area, full of rainbows and bright colors. Most boys, Mutants, Darigans, and Halloween painted pets would find it frightening; though your faerie painted girls might beg for a house there.

Haunted Woods: Similar conditions as the Darigan area, minus the lava. One problem: the air here is quite hazy, making health falter for asthmatic pets. Most Faerie and Royal Girl pets, and pretty much all girls in general might object; but Mutants, Darigans, Halloween painted pets and most boys and tomboyish girls will thrive.

Kiko Lake: A popular vacation spot that most Neopets will enjoy. A private dock, walking distances to stores, and property with a beach add to the positives of the area. Problems? Well, the house isn't that sturdy and might not hold through hurricane season.

Krawk Island: Most Pirate pets will enjoy being able to walk to the Smuggler's Cove, and may have fun exploring in the cave on the hill. However, stormy weather and frequent raids are not to be desired.

Kreludor: This is a major problem area. Most neopets can't breathe on the moon. But for Orange Grundos, it could be fun to work at the mine and jump around in the air that has 30% Neopia's gravity. Purple Grundos could feel threatened. Not recommended for non-Grundos.

Lost Desert: Desert pets would enjoy going on daily digs to find treasures. Maraquan pets would find a major inconvenience being so far from water. But hey! The Scarab-shaped home is almost a landmark in itself!

Lutari Island: Not recommended for non-aquatic pets. The house is on a cliff surrounded by water, attached to the mainland by the lake and one tiny rope bridge that could give way at any time. Very problematic in hurricane season as well.

Maraqua: Being underwater holds the same problems as Kreludor; your non-aquatic or Maraquan pets will need scuba licenses. Sessions are being held tomorrow at Kiko Lake for those interested in underwater property. For those who can breathe underwater, the view of the reef is beautiful! Horrible place for Fire painted pets.

Meridell: No one will be able to deny that these homes are well protected. These homes are ideal for those who are in the NPP (Neopian Protection Programs for victims of Dr. Sloth and other evil villains). Brightvale and Darigan pets might have a hard time settling in, but Royal pets will feel right at home. Be sure to watch your petpets around the Turmaculus (we are not responsible for any petpets eaten while taking risks around this area).

Mystery Island: This is one of the perfect lands that can balance most pets. Your Maraquan pets asking for a Maraquan home can swim on the beach, while the Battledome masters can train with the Techo Master. Budding chefs can visit the cooking pot and the chef in the Island Kitchen.

Neopia Central: If you have a mix of pets such as, a Maraquan pet, an Orange Grundo, a Darigan BD master, and a Faerie pet with high intelligence, it could be hard to choose a land to satisfy all of their needs. So I recommend Neopia Central for any hard to manage group or undecided mind.

Roo Island: Pets with mushroom allergies shouldn't live here. All pets could walk to the carousel for entertainment, and there is an excellent souvenir shop to buy things to send to your friends with normal Neohomes.

Shenkuu: A very serene setting with amazing history. Full of lush landscaping and picturesque sunsets, this home is one most neopets will adore. All neopets can find peace (and possibly an end to sibling rivalry) here.

Terror Mountain: Despite the name, Terror Mountain is a beautiful place. While Island pets may shiver and dig for their winter coats before building Snowager snow sculptures or picking up Chia Pops at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, Snow and Christmas pets will have the times of their lives.

Tyrannia: This low-tech area may not immediately prove fun for most pets, especially Robot ones, but Tyrannia is all about the venues. A Tyrannian home will be within walking distance to Mini Golf, the Concert Hall, and an excellent food source for pets whose favorites happen to include Bacon and Broccoli or Peas and Carrots.

Virtupets: Your final option is to build a home on the Space Station. Though the lack of air may be a problem, you can always add a Virtupets Airlock (further explained in "Additions"). The Space Station is full of fun; your neopets can walk to the Rec Deck. Airsick neopets should not attempt the journey.

Good luck making a decision!

Walls and Floors:

The new Neohomes allow you to choose wallpaper and floor tiles (you can see it, too, unlike in the Classic Neohomes). The best part in my opinion is that you can cover as much of the room as you want. Now your pets can each have their own choice of wall and floor. Their are two major types of walls and floors: ones found at the Neohome Superstore and ones found at the NC Mall.

Neohome Superstore: These wall and floor tiles are solid color (with the exception of Simple Wood Floor). The wallpapers are named for areas; Purple Darigan Citadel, Pink Faerieland, Blue Meridell, etc. However, that does not mean that those are for those area Neohomes only. If your favorite land is the Lost Desert, but you like the Terror Mountain Blue wallpaper, go for it!

NC Mall: For those of us with Neocash, the NC Mall wallpapers and floor tiles may be something to look at. Again, many of the wallpapers and floor tiles are named after areas, but you can use Marble Wings Faerieland Floor Tiles to help that little Faerie Uni adjust to Darigan Citadel. There are also a lot of neutral, yet still decorative, wallpapers in the mall, such as Blue Stripe Wallpaper.


When you get your new Neohome, you will receive a starter pack in your Storage Shed with a complete set of furniture in either blue, red, purple, yellow, or green. A complete set contains a bed, chair, sofa, table, side table, rug, and lamp (along with Concrete Floor, Simple Wood Floor, and Plain Off White Walls). The same items in all colors can be purchased at the always-stocked Superstore for a set price. Items that can already be put into the new Neohomes will have an orange cell around them in your inventory. Items that will be ready soon will have a small image of a house in the bottom right corner, but with a grey cell, you can only use them in your Classic Neohome. The NC Mall also has a variety of furnishings. You can get the same types of items as you can at the Superstore, along with desks, wall hangings, and armchairs. Right now, most of the items are specified towards a certain area of Neopia (like the Maraquan Seaweed Rug), but there are some neutral items, and more to come. The right balance of items is up to you.


Your Neohome will have a large surrounding area that is fit to have some kind of outdoor scene. Some of the Classic outdoor flowers have already been converted, while others are being worked on right now. The NC Mall has a variety of fences, which can be used to block off certain areas (stay away from the edge of the island!!!). You can also buy lanterns, fountains, benches, and potted plants.


One of the coolest parts of the new Neohomes is what you can add to your house. Right now there are nineteen additions, you guessed it, each one correlating to a certain land of Neopia. Here are some examples:

Altador Covered Courtyard: This building gives you the warmth and serenity of the outdoors, with protection from the elements. A very sturdy place for Baby painted pets.

Brightvale Tower: A great place to get a view of the surrounding pastures.

Darigan Citadel Lava Pit: Proceed with caution. This is one of those places where you might want a fence. Be sure not to mention if you ever choose to sell your Neohome.

Terror Mountain Igloo: A traditional addition that will require just the right amount of heating; enough to keep it warm, but not melting.

Lost Desert Windmill: While there may not be enough water to use hydro power in the energy-efficient Neohome you've always dreamed of, you can use wind power instead!

Virtupets Space Station Airlock: A smart choice for pets that can't breathe on the Space Station while passing between there and Neopia.

Meridell Anteroom: The easiest way to keep mud and other foreign substances out of your Neohome.

Kreludor Telescope: If your pet is getting homesick on the moon, they can use this telescope to view their friends back home.

Finishing Touches: For the perfect touch to complete your Neohome, use the feature of putting your neopet in or outside your house, putting them right at home.

So, I guess all I have to say is, "Welcome home, Neopets."

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