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How To Be A Chilled Out Neopian

by wynya


Are you constantly stressing about earning NP for that Paint Brush? Or is saving for the lab ray giving you a migraine? Or have you been given an impossible quest at the worst possible time? If this sounds like your Neopets experience, why not chill for a moment, sit back, relax, and read this article of helpful tips which will help you become a chilled, comfortable, and happy Neopets player.


When you’re playing games, do you ever find yourself building a routine? Every day, you log on, go straight to Turmac Roll and work your way through all your favourite games until you’re at Kiko Match II? Do you find that you play each game three times over until you’re sick of it? And by the end, you’re rolling in the NP, but it felt like a chore? Well, it really doesn’t have to be that way, you know!

Why not vary your choice of games? Try something new - you never know, you might be a superstar at a game you never knew existed on the site! Or, instead of playing each game three times over to gain the maximum number of NP, take a break, play a different game and return to the other game later- if you’re in this trap, the Wheel of Monotony will start to seem fun! Taking a break helps your mind relax and recover; soon you might even find you can play the games better than usual and that’s more fun! You’ll eventually discover which games that you’re great at; in the long run this will improve the amount of NP that you earn overall! Remember- they say that variety is the spice of life. It’s so true! Make every effort not to get bogged down in game routines and the compulsion to PLAY PLAY PLAY UNTIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT- that takes the pleasure out of the game. Just earn points for fun. Don’t hassle yourself to get it done.


Chill! Instead of going through your boring bookmarked list of dailies, why not explore the site instead? This way, you come across the features at your leisure and it’s a great way to see more things that will inspire you to come back later and try them out. This lets you experience a wider range of what’s available on Neopets because you’ll notice new shops and features, or rediscover features that you’d forgotten about! Plus, the dailies won’t disappear suddenly; there’s always time! (Except with the Snowager- you have to time that right!)


Plots! These are always fun, engaging and the prizes are brilliant too! However, do you find that you’re constantly rushing to complete the next stage as fast as possible, out of pure excitement or fear of being left behind? If so you’re probably just giving yourself unnecessary stress. Relax and go as you please. You can always find help on the Neoboards if you get stuck. Neo is online 24/7, so the plot deadlines are very reasonable! You’ll find it’s more fun if you don’t get too swept up in the chaos.


I have to admit, when trying to complete one of Jhudora’s or Illusen’s quests, sometimes I get an adrenaline rush, because you’re panicking just in case the item is too expensive, or if your computer will suddenly crash which will make you run out of time, or if you’ll suddenly get an ordinary faerie quest, or arghh! BREATHE! Oxygen’s the best thing for you! (But don’t hyperventilate; you’ll just get dizzy- no-one likes that and it doesn’t help you out much!) Also, if you’re lucky enough to receive a normal faerie quest as you’re out and about, don’t be chaotic- don’t rush to the Neoboards typing madly, “ONG QUEST HELP ME QUICK!!12” Someone will always be around to lend you a hand and you’ve got an unlimited amount of time to complete these quests. Here’s another handy hint: if you don’t really bother with faerie quests, but you’ve ALWAYS yearned for a visit from the fountain faerie, don’t mix her up with the water faerie! In a blur you might reject a FFQ because you were too giddy to realise it wasn’t the water faerie! That wouldn’t be a good move now, would it?

5) Got my Paint Brush! It’s all good... I’m bored now.

It seems like you’ve been playing all those games for as long as you could possibly remember, you’ve reached your goal and now you’re happy... but now there’s nothing left to do. Then suddenly you think of something! “I’ll save for such and such!” Errm, that’s not really new. If you just keep saving for stuff, eventually everything that you know on Neo will become stale and you’ll lose interest. That’s a shame, because there’s SO much other stuff that you could try!

Why not: try feeding some Kadoaties? Now that IS a mad rush! It gets you a snazzy trophy and if you get really good, it will get you an even snazzier avatar! Or, you could enter the Beauty Contest! It’s such a good way to improve your art skills, you might discover a talent you never knew you had- you might even win a trophy for your pet’s lookup! Try everything! Invest in some stock, enter Neovision, guess the Mystery Picture, read the Neopedia, pick your own berries in Meridell, the list is endless! Or, why not try writing a Neopian Times article- *ahem!*

So there you have it, it’s always better to remain cool and collected. I hope this has helped to remind you of everything that this site has to offer. Plus, Neopets is supposed to fun, an escape from school, work or tough times. It would be a shame to turn this game into just another source of stress in your life!

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