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Neoplay: Two Faeries and a Wannabe Evil Overlord - Part Seven

by kioasakka


Also by fsufan266

"Gloria, we really need to talk about this.. erm, color of yours.."

     Ara entered her acting mode, put on a fake pout and said innocently in a different voice than her usual one, "But... but I like being a faerie." She sniffed. "I don't wanna change!" She smiled in her head but kept the pout on her face.

     "Yes, well, it doesn't follow suit with my group, Gloria," he insisted.

     "I'm still so totally loyal to you, sir," she said, still in the girly voice. "But I really, really LIKE this color!" She hoped he wouldn't zap her pink. She really did love this color, and it had taken Lucy what felt like a hundred years to earn enough for the paint brush.

     It was not almost impossible to not laugh now. Cera had to take deep breaths to keep herself from cracking up. Ara, however, kept her cool. She usually didn't laugh unless someone was in pain, and she didn't find this situation funny, just dreadfully strange.

     "What's that laughing?" the Meepit asked. "I say, Kale, what is that laughing?"

     Cera's laughing stopped immediately. Oh no, she thought, returning to her panicked state.

     The Mynci shrugged. Ara quickly said, "Oh, it's just my stomach."

     "Ah, really? You must be starving. Kale, go bring the lady some food, hmm?"

     Ara couldn't help but ask, "Erm, please, can you bring back some tetraberries?"

     Cera smacked her forehead with her palm. Why in the world would Ara ask for tetraberries at a time like this?!

     The Xweetok realized that she had almost asked for the tetraberries in her normal voice. That was close, she thought.

     "Tetraberries, you say?" the mustached Meepit said. "Really, you've never mentioned those before."

     "Um, yeah, tee hee, sorry." Ara faked a giggle. "So, Mr. Big Meepit Man—"

     "Oh, don't call me that, Gloria, that makes me feel old. You know I prefer to be called Leroy! It is my name, after all."

     "Right, right, Leroy, I forget—what exactly are we doing here under Mystery Island?"

     Maybe this would work after all. The Meepit seemed to be as stupid as Ara was acting, and he might just spill out his secret plan to them or maybe Ara could persuade him not to take over the world.

     Leroy coughed. "Erm, yes, well, you SHOULD remember, I mean, I told you several days ago..."

     "But I forgot!" Ara forced tears in her eyes, pretending she was about to cry.

     Cera kept watching through a crack between two things, waiting for Leroy to reveal his plans to Ara. Let's just hope that he doesn't catch on to her first, she added wordlessly.

     "Well, fine! Just don't cry!"

     Ara stopped.

     Leroy went on, "Okay, so we're zapping normal pets into pink mutant zombies with no brains and we're going to let them loose on Neopia. You're going to be next, Gloria—or should I say, Arathyne—as soon as we get rid of the wings and brains on your little blue friend from behind the pile."

     Ara froze and Cera gasped. This was not the plan.

     "Kale, Butch, seize the Xweetok and the Bori!"

     Kale grabbed Ara and one of the Grarrls from earlier pulled Cera from her hiding spot.

     "You thought you were dealing with an idiot, didn't you?" Leroy sneered. "Never underestimate the mustache!"

     Of course, the MUSTACHE is his source of power, Ara thought sarcastically.

     Cera scrambled to her feet and started backing up but the Grarrl kept advancing onto her. She jumped up and started to fly again, her wings pretty tired already from rushing down the hall with Ara after her escape. The ceiling was pretty tall, which was a good thing, but there were no windows to fly out of.

     "You can't buzz around up there forever!" the Grarrl called up to her. He was right; she had no escape up here, and even if she did, she wasn't going to leave Ara to face whatever fate lay ahead alone.

     Ara struggled against the Mynci's surprisingly strong grip. His hands were like iron steel clasped to her wrists, which he wrenched behind her back. Don't use any fighting mechanisms, she warned herself, quickly trying to formulate a plan. At least not now, when Leroy is watching. Just let them take us away... She didn't stop the struggle, but didn't put even a quarter of her effort into it. While Kale readied handcuffs, she relaxed her wrists, using a technique she'd learned in training school. The handcuffs were locked on tight, but when she tensed her wrists when he was no longer looking, she felt it slide down her hand. Quickly she relaxed them again.

     "Leave us alone!" she yelled, still in her "Gloria" voice. "Why are you doing such a thing, you big meanie?"

     "Oh, cut the act, Arathyne, I know you're just pretending to be stupid," Leroy snapped. "I've heard about you. One of the best at the training school, am I right? But not enough to be a true champ and graduate."

     Ara growled. How did he know all this? And how dare he say she wasn't good enough to graduate?

     "I have on file every record of every known resident on this island," the Meepit explained. "Arathyne Talahyn. Born December 17. Age fifteen, almost sixteen. Owner, Lucy Kioasakka. Siblings, three sisters, Ronyshia Fellebahr the royal Shoyru, Vinetaa Coursten the pirate Shoyru, and Tahtrei Ruvainet the ghost Xweetok. Birth color, green. Painted color, faerie. Intelligent and quick-witted, fairly strong and fast, possesses no magical abilities." At that Ara smiled internally.

     Cera was surprised the Meepit knew so much about Ara. She stayed near the ceiling, crossing her arms. "Ha, ha, you don't know anything about me!" she called down to Leroy below. She didn't think she had left any records about herself lying around anywhere. It didn't matter if he knew about her or not, though; she definitely had no powers or fighting skills. She was such a girly girl.

     "I know enough!" Leroy screeched, sneering. "Name, Cerarose. Age, sixteen. Owner, Sarah Fsufan266. Was zapped from a blue to faerie Bori by the Lab Ray. Has no magical abilities and is a terrible fighter. Siblings include Azurayet and Dreamato, Luieno and Curasi."

     "You're being stupid!" Ara yelled in her normal voice, growing tired of the pretend one. "Do you really think you can take over Neopia with an army of pink pets that have no brains? Aren't you afraid they'll turn on you? I know that if I were an evil overlord wannabe, I would make sure they would obey me one hundred percent." She put a large emphasis on the word 'wannabe', knowing it would get at him.

     "WANNABE?!?!?!?!" the Meepit screeched. "I am no WANNABE evil overlord, like Sloth, I AM an evil overlord! And the two of you are my prisoners, soon to be my next zombie slaves!"

     Ara smirked. "You can't enslave what you can't catch," she told him.

     "Ah, yes, but I've already caught you. Butch, shoot down the Bori, then both of you take them away. I want them on separate sides of the headquarters!"

     Butch the Grarrl pulled out what looked like some sort of a crossbow. Cera stiffened and fell a few meters when she saw it, missing the arrow as she did. She caught herself and looked at Ara, who mouthed, "Drop down and go along with it—I have a plan."

     She dodged another arrow, then dropped to the ground, her feet hitting it lightly. Butch put the crossbow away and cuffed Cera. "You're not getting away this time," he said through clenched teeth.

     The Mynci and the Grarrl took the captives away. They went opposite directions out of the room. When they passed each other, Ara whispered quickly, "Don't rebel, just do as they say. I've got a plan." Kale took her through the door and she watched Butch take Cera through another.

     "You'll never stop me!" Ara heard Leroy shout as they left. "Neopia will be mine!"

     Not on my watch, she thought angrily. I will get us out of here and I will make sure none of those pets are let out of here unless their brains are restored. She could only hope, as Kale took her down the dark hallways, that everything would work out as she planned. She did not want to become the brainless slave of a mustached Meepit who'd called her Gloria. She hated that name.

     Kale took Ara down the hallway to a room with many different-colored Xweetoks all locked up in cells. They hissed and spat at Kale and screamed at Ara to hurry and escape while she could. She paid them no never mind and allowed Kale to stick her in a cell with four other Xweetoks. He smirked at her. "Hope you have fun in there," he sneered. "Once the machine is ready, you'll be taken to watch your little Bori friend get zapped. And then, you will go, too."

     Opposite to what he expected, Ara smiled sweetly. "Oh, don't worry," she told him cheerfully. "I'll have lots of fun."

     Suspiciously, he closed the cell and locked it and walked away. Ara hoped Cera had more luck than she did. She wondered what she was doing, in her own prison.

To be continued...

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