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A Gadgads-tastic Guide for Gadgadsgame!

by rabbit_jade


Once a year during the Month of Running, the natives of Mystery Island and tourists from all over Neopia come together to celebrate the annual festival of Gadgadsbogen.

"What does Gadgadsbogen have to do with Gadgadsgame?" I hear you ask.

Well, Gadgadsbogen celebrates the strange happenings of Mystery Island, when every year a number of new fruits mysteriously emerge from the soil on the Island to replace the Island's older fruits. Gadgadsgame is in fact a tribute to this festival with its entire content revolving around the fruits. I bet you always thought that the fruit was a random subject choice for the game and are now amazed at how you never realised the link before! *hehe*

Now we've talked about the background to the game, I guess we'd best get down to the game guide!

Firstly you may have heard of a certain avatar linked with this game (the actual reason for me writing this guide) but I just want you all to be warned this guide will NEVER mention the exact score needed! Rest assured, though; if you follow my tips and advice and put in a little practice, I promise you will get the avatar with ease as well as become a Gadgads-master! This game is after all a puzzle, and all puzzles are easy to master with practice.

Gadgadsgame is not your average Neopian game; it has no obvious levels, no plot to it and no real reason at all. It is merely a puzzle game sent to try your skill at problem solving! There is no easy way to explain the real content of this game, but I guess this sums it up: on your screen, various types of fruit fall from the top; you need to try and clear these fruit from the screen by "blowing" them up using fruit bombs. If you fill the screen it's GAME OVER.

The Basics

On the main Gadgadsgame screen it is all pretty obvious, but just for clarification, there are NO LIVES to Gadgadsgame, so once you lose, it's over for that game! The number under the word "Level" shows you the level you are on; this is important for working out what coloured fruits you can expect at that time. The word "score" obviously shows you what score you currently have and underneath the word "Next" shows you what collection of fruit you can expect to fall next.

As soon as you click on the "Start Game" button, the game begins; there is no pause button or entry screen with this game, so be prepared to start straight away and be aware you will not be able to stop until you quit or it's game over!

Fruit instantly starts dropping from the top of the screen, the fruit comes in chains of 3 small fruits going vertically. You can rotate the fruit to go either horizontally or vertically by using either the SPACE BAR or UP ARROW. You can move this fruit across the screen to go where you like by using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW buttons on your keyboard. This game is a little tricky to understand from reading so once you have read this, start the game to fully understand the guide!

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to keep the screen as clear of fruits as possible; you get rid of the various fruits by two different methods:

1) The first is by a special "fruit bomb"; this looks like a green coil type shape with a sort of sparkle at the top. It is a lime green colour and you will instantly realise it's not a fruit. Anyway, this special is vital to your success in the game as it will clear the screen of whatever colour fruit it lands on. For example, if it lands on a purple fruit, all the purple fruits will disappear!!!

2) The second way of clearing fruits is by "flashing fruit"; these look like the fruits themselves but have a square around them with a flashing, rotating pattern on it. When these land on a fruit of the same colour, the fruits will disappear! For example, if you have a yellow fruit bomb and you put it on a group of yellow fruits, they will all magically disappear! NOTE: if you put a yellow bomb on a purple fruit, it will do NOTHING!

There are five different (main) fruits in Gadgadsgame, each a different colour.

  • Purple fruits (Plumberry fruit)
  • Blue fruits (Blobbule fruit)
  • Orange fruits (Stramberry fruit)
  • Yellow fruits (Lemwart fruit)
  • Blue + Orange fuzzy fruits (Gruish Melon fruit)

    The fruit's actual names are not very important; just be aware of the different types of fruits.

    The first three fruits (purple, blue and orange) are the basic fruits; these are the fruits you will be dealing with from level 1 right up until the end of the game. The fuzzy orange and blue (Gruish Melon) fruits start appearing from level 4 of the game and finally the yellow fruits start appearing from level 7!

    There are three different types of "Special" fruits:

  • Fruit Bomb: The first "special", as described above, is the special "fruit bomb"; this looks like a green coil type shape with a sort of sparkle at the top. It will destroy all the colours of the fruit it lands on. For example, when a fruit bomb lands of a Purple fruit, it will destroy ALL of the purple fruits on screen.
  • Colour Changing Potion: The second "special" is a colour-changing potion. It looks like an island bottle (a sort of blue potion with leaves and a cork in the top). This "special" will change the colour of the fruit it lands on. This one’s a little difficult to explain but when a colour-changing potion lands on a yellow fruit it will change the all the yellow fruits on screen to another colour.
  • Flashing Fruit: The last type of "special" fruits is described earlier; these fruits look like your average fruit but have a flashing square pattern behind them. They will destroy any fruit of the same colour that it lands on. For example, when a "purple flashing fruit" lands on a normal purple fruit all the purple fruits it touches will be destroyed.

    Maintaining the best screen possible

    Right, so now you know all of the fruits and what each does you need to know the best advice for actually playing the game! Well the most important thing to remember EVER when playing Gadgadsgame is look after your screen; after all if this fills up you lose!

    In the first level the fruits usually fall with 3 of the same fruits. In your game you can fit 9 fruits width ways, so what I want you to do is try and group your fruits in groups of threes. This is a little tricky as the game goes on, but as long as you keep the same colour fruits roughly connected the whole way through, you can wipe them out with one flashing bomb!

    If you group the fruit you will also find that they are a lot easier to manage and you can make bigger fruits... (see below)

    Finally the last tip for this section is stay to the sides! When you get about halfway up the screen of your game, start putting the fruit to the left and right of the screen (still grouping if possible). You will find that if you put the fruits in the middle, your game will be over a lot more quickly! Keeping to the sides enables you a chance to bounce back with a fruit bomb or flashing fruits.

    Fruit Sizes & Points

    As I briefly mentioned above, you can increase the size of your fruits. Again, this is difficult to explain but if you put a collection of fruit together so that you have 3 orange fruit on the bottom and place 3 orange ones on top, the first 4 fruit will combine to make a smaller fruit. If you then put another 3 orange fruits on top of the 6 fruits, all 9 orange fruits will combine to make a huge fruit!! Sorry if this explanation isn't very clear, but when you play the game it will make perfect sense!

    Different size fruits earn you different points; the bigger the fruit, the more points!!

  • (size 1) 1x1 = 1 Point
  • (size 2) 2x2 = 8 points
  • (size 3) 3x3 = 27 points
  • (size 4) 4x4 = 64 points
  • (size 5) 5x5 = 125 points
  • (size 6) 6x6 = 216 points
  • (size 7) 7x7 = 343 points
  • (size 8) 8x8 = 512 points
  • (size 9) 9x9 = 729 points

    Just to clarify once more, 9x9 means you have 9 rows of 9 fruits piled on top of each other; these MUST be the same colour! (oh and a little hint, for that avatar you will be needing somewhere around two size eight fruits *wink*)

    Top Tips

    Tip #1: The specials in Gadgadsgame may help but there are strategies you should use in order to make them really worthwhile.

    If you have a "colour changing potion", ALWAYS place it on the colour that appears most on your screen; all these fruit will then turn to one of the other colours present, making bigger fruits and making the game easier to manage!

    If you have a "bomb fruit" ALWAYS place it on the colour that appears most (again) as this will clear your screen as much as possible.

    Tip #2: BEWARE OF FALLING FRUIT!! At the beginning of every few levels of Gadgadsgame the game will pause for a moment and lots of random fruit will fall from the top of the screen. You cannot do anything whilst these fruits are falling but watch, so try to keep your game low down the screen or these falling fruit could end your game!

    Tip #3: The speed of the game does change as the game goes on! During level one, the fruits are falling at a nice slow pace, but around level five (usually), you will notice it getting faster. You cannot really do anything to stop this; just be prepared and concentrate on your game more than ever!

    Tip #4: DON'T pile up the fruits!! Take your time and group the colours together (as mentioned above!) This game is not one of the games where the faster you go the better you do, so no, holding the down button is NOT a good idea unless you are already a Gadgads-master and know exactly what you are doing! (Even I don't do it.)

    Tip #5: As mentioned before, stick to the sides when you are over halfway up the screen. By sticking to the sides you have less chance of losing the game and more chance of finding a special!


    Now I know after you have read all that, you will want to boycott Gadgadsgame but honestly it really is a simple game with practice. Also, although my tips look like gibberish right now, once you've started playing the game, they'll make perfect sense and you can also be a Gadgads-Master!

    If you follow all of these points accurately and correctly you should have no troubles at all, but if you have any queries/questions feel free to neomail me!

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