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Hi TNT. I was going through the Neopets backgrounds so I can find something for my desktop when I came across this image: // You guys just forgot to delete it, right?! I mean please tell me that it's a joke. That image is just wrong! Ummm... so are you planning on doing something about it? Love all the other graphics by the way. ^-^ ~kingubaba
Sorry, all the images and items created during the day the artists went on vacation are here to stay! We wouldn't want the effort of everyone who brought you the news that day to go to waste!

Were there any prizes for the Tale of Woe plot? If there were, I didn't get any... =( or is there a place to get the prizes? ~river_dragon
You need to use the plot points you earned to purchase the prizes you would like. Just go here to check out all the cool prizes!

It's almost... hypnotic O.O

I challenged Abigail to Meerca Chase. I only needed 101 points to beat her score. I am not very good at that game. My high score before that was 146, so I naturally challenged her. I played the game for practice a few times. About the twelfth time playing it, I finally got over 100. I sent my score in for the first time. I went back to the challenge page and officially challenged Abigail. AAA was then blocked out. I played the game a few more times without sending it. When I finally got to over 100 points, I sent the score in. My high score was 246. I went back to the page and nothing. No prize from her. No mentioning that I had defeated Abigail yet again. I have one try left at that game. It seems as though a bunch of people have been complaining about that problem on the Neoboards. It needs to be resolved because I plan on receiving one of those big prizes at the end of the month. Can we please get this resolved? ~nwostinger
It has been resolved! Sorry about that. The siblings are now giving away prizes as they should and listing scores at the bottom of the page, even the ones you had previously made but they didn't visually credit you for. Huzzah!

Will the following items ever be useful again, or are they destined to get dusty in our SDB's forever? Mysterious Scroll, Mace of Righteous Flame, Astronomy Club Membership Badge, Shiny Astrolabe, and The Astronomy Club. ~*~ illustria ~*~
They are destined to be items you can show off in your gallery for participating in the Altador and Lost Desert plots… or yes, sit in your SDB gathering dust. It is up to you! *points* We have no plans to make use of the items. Think of them as being more like souvenirs that you buy while on vacation, only to get home, realise you have nowhere to put them, and toss them in a box in the back of your closet. Of course, you can never get rid of these items because they remind you of that fantastic trip, but at the same time… eh, *tosses them back in the closet* ~*~ TNT ~*~

I'm shiny though!
That's all that really matters... right?

TNT, on Thursday when you first awarded plot prizes I had achieved a Honorary Mayor of Neovia trophy. Now, this morning, I came to look at my trophy and it had become a Master Chemist trophy. This is extremely unfair, giving me a better trophy and then just taking it away. ~spitfireside
Unfortunately we discovered a pile of extra points (from some of the Battledome fights) under a rug in Sophie's shack. We're not sure if she had absentmindedly lost them or was trying to hoard them for herself, but regardless, once we added in those points, it changed the distribution of scores. The trophies were assigned based on percentile -- the highest trophy is given only to the top 1% of players, for example -- and so when the distribution changed, it recalibrated the ranks and caused some people's rank to change. We're sorry that some people went down a trophy rank, but otherwise we'd have ended up with tens of thousands more Honorary Mayors of Neovia. That's more mayors than citizens!

How long is the Prize Shop for the Tale of Woe open? Please answer this, oh mighty TNT! I'm desperate. There are too many things and too little time... ~kynateria
Much like the Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards (from the Lost Desert Plot), it should be open indefinitely, so take your time!

Dear TNT, I know March 3rd is always cancelled due to lack of interest. Will this ever change? What if millions of Neopians signed a petition saying they were in fact interested in having March 3rd complete with special festivities? Or maybe we have all misunderstood, and the interest refers to our National Neopian Bank accounts... hmm... is there any way we can avoid the catastrophe of the disappearing day? ~tessd1891
Nope, the interest isn't referring to the kind that comes from banks! We really mean that no one is interested in March 3rd. Oh, and good job of trying to fool us, but we know the truth. You don't need to be nice and pretend you have interest in that day. *sniffle*

Hi TNT, you guys rock! I love the new plot prizes, sidebar, avatar, and trophy. You guys did an awesome job on them. Anyway, I was talking to someone on the Neoboards and they said that plot prizes sell out. Is this true? I would like to know first off because this is my first full plot and I have no idea of what items to buy and I would like some time to think it over. Thanks! ~glynnni
No, they do not sell out. The TOW plot prizes will always be available to everyone when they decide to purchase them with their plot points.

I'd SO be sold out already if that was the case.

Heya TNT. Uhm, I've recently come into a couple people who have told me, "I can't see your stats, that's reportable." From what I think I know I believe that, as long as they are there, it's fine. Even if they ARE very hidden. So, here's my main question: is having well-hidden stats reportable? ~username removed
We checked your UL, and indeed the Neopians Neomailing you were correct. Stats must be clearly visible and not "hidden" in any way.

There are people on the message boards who say that your account will be frozen if more then one person uses the same IP address for their main account. Is this true? ~sweetanniehi
We can't even begin to explain how ridiculous that rumour is. We know families, schools, and even libraries have plenty of people who play Neopets on the same computer and there are plenty of those without IP addresses exclusive to their household. There are even IP addresses that are shared with thousands of people! This rumour is completely false.

Hey TNT! A moment ago I received a random event that said, "Your shop has suddenly increased in size! Wonder how that happened." This is a great random event (it's the second time I've gotten this one), however, my concern is this: is it possible for our shop size to decrease?!? There are numerous "bad" random events running about and was wondering if one of them could decrease our shop size as it could increase. Thanks. ~ident_crisis
Luckily for everyone there is no such Random Event at this time that decreases your shop size. Phew! Some of those larger shop upgrades can be reeeeeeaally expensive!

Okay, my question is about this: "Uberiffic - Defeat AAA or Abigail on the launch day of all 31 games." When they say AAA or Abigail, does that mean you can do it interchangeably (like 25 AAA, 6 Abigail) or do you have to do a single one for all 31 wins? Thanks in advance if you answer. (P.S. Zafaras rock ^_^) ~ssj_yamcha1847501425
For the prizes that state AAA OR Abigail it means they are interchangeable. So remember, even if you challenge Abigail just once, you won't be eligible for the Ultimate or Megasuperb prizes.

As if you have a chance to beat me! HA!

Hi TNT, I know the maximum number of accounts we can have is 5. But is that for EACH email, or EACH IP? See, my main was frozen, along with 19 pwnsomely named sides IMO. Every 5 accounts were registered to one email address I have. Those sides are ONLY for chatting purposes. Sometimes I get rare item Random Events on them, so I send the items to my main. Do you think this is cheating? There was an Editorial saying we can send items gotten from REs on sides to our main. Also, if you've already created 5 accounts on an email address and freeze one of them, is it possible to use that email address to register again? I certainly DON'T think that's cheating. ~username removed
You are allowed 5 accounts per PERSON, regardless of whether the accounts are used "only for chatting." If you are at or under the 5 account limit then, yes, you can send Random Event items to your main. Once you cross the threshold of 6 or more accounts, though, it is considered multiple account abuse and all your accounts will be frozen. And yes, if you have 5 accounts, deactivate one, and then make another, that is fine.


Helpful tip of the week: You really don't need to begin every question to the Editorial lavishing us with praise or "you rock" to get into the editorial. Really. It's disturbingly odd how these things catch on x_X

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