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Little Woolly Wonder

by whistleofwhispers


Have you heard the expression “the woolly wonders”? I am convinced you have. And you might have wondered what it was referring to. The answer is simple – the babaa. But maybe you already knew this and what you really were wondering was what a babaa really is. If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

The petpet

The babaa is a cute little petpet found in the main petpet shop, in Neopia Central. In your fellow Neopians’ shops they sell for a little more than 25k. But don’t be fooled by that – you might find more expensive petpets and flashy petpets out there, but you won’t find any as cute and with as much personality as a babaa.

The perfect neopet

When looking for the perfect neopet for your babaa, you should consider the babaa's general personality. The average babaa is timid, silent and easily scared. Noisy, short-tempered or extremely active neopets are not well suited owners for a babaa. Neither the babaa nor the neopet would be happy with that arrangement.

Keeping your babaa

When keeping a babaa in your neohome there are a few measures you must take. Seeing babaas generally are very easily scared, you should provide them a place where they can hide and feel safe. If your babaa tends to hide under your neopet’s bed, make sure to keep it clean there. Not only wouldn’t you want your babaa to get allergies, but you might also confuse it with a dust mouse, which would be most unfortunate.

If you have a neogarden you should let your babaa out there. Babaas love fresh air and green grass. You should however notice that it shouldn’t be left unattended. Babaas loves flowers and they don’t just look at them. If you need to keep your babaa in the garden and cannot watch it constantly, you should provide a paddock for it. Do note that such a paddock would need to be high. Babaas love to jump – especially over fences.

The luckiest petpet

There are many reasons for this statement to be true. One of the most obvious you find by looking at the colours this dear petpet can be painted. With 31 different colours, including all four of the petpet lab-only colours, babaas are the petpet that come in the greatest variety of colours. If this fact cannot convince you, I recommend you look at the colours yet again. You will find that the babaa family has no black sheep, as the babaa cannot be painted black.

The colours

As mentioned in the part above the babaa hold the record of the most colours. And thus it is easier listing the colours the babaas cannot be painted.

Since babaas are as cute as they are, it is only natural that no one would wish them bad luck. Babaas cannot be painted black.

When you build something from clay, you always have to take extra good care of it. You cannot bring it inside and if you leave it outside it might either be washed away by rain or dry up and crack when exposed to the sun. Clay babaas do not exist.

When you look at clouds a summer day you can often imagine them to be everything. But babaas are an individual and unique petpet. In spite of their cloud-like appearance babaas cannot be painted by the cloud petpet paint brush.

Babaas are very nice. Dung is not very nice. The dung petpet paint brush and the babaa will not be a good mix.

Babaas love to wander the fields, and even more if the grass is fresh and green. Can you imagine having a green babaa? The babaa cannot be painted green. It is hard enough to prevent the invisible ones from disappearing.

Can you imagine mistaking an orange babaa for an orange? Well, me neither... But the orange babaa isn’t released.

One of the most obvious qualities of the babaa is its soft, curly pelt. No robotic babaas can be found out there either.

When sketching a babaa you cannot possible stop at that. Babaas are simply too cute to be left a sketch. Babaas can’t be painted sketch.

The qualities of the babaa

Why should you choose the babaa as a petpet for your beloved neopet? Well, if their big eyes, their cute little nose, or their fluffy pelt don’t convince you, there are still a lot of reasons left.

Although a lot of attention has been put upon the fact that this petpet is ever so adorable, it isn’t a girls-only petpet. Although babaas as a rule of thumb are weary of their surroundings, this weariness varies from individual to individual. Likewise, some colours of the babaas are tougher than others. The Tyrannian babaa can, with its thick pelt, withstand more than most of the babaas. But please note that a Tyrannian babaa might butt, if bothered too much.

Of course sensitive male neopets can go with some of the more gentle kinds too. Babaas are ideal for neopets who like to have a pleasant time. Wool is great for keeping you warm, and sitting with a babaa on your lab is cosy in more than one way.

Famous babaas

There might not be any really famous babaas out there, known by name, but they still play a big role in the everyday Neopian life. They’re featured in many games, like Petpetsitter, Extreme Herder, Itchy Invasion and, the most famous, Maths Nightmare. The Maths Nightmare avatar is even featuring the babaa.

The babaa is also pictured in many items. From the Babaa Usuki Set to the Silver Babaa Coin and from the Babaa Wardrobe to the Babaa Toaster. Likewise several books, like The Luckiest Babaa, can provide you with both fictional and real stories about babaas.

The benefits of the babaa

A babaa can do more than just looking cute. Apart from being a great companion for your neopet; a soft pillow or a warming cover, they have other uses too. The babaas soft wool is used to make all kind of nice warm clothing – or you can make it yourself, with, for example, the Woolen Gloves Knitting Set.

Woollen facts

- The babaa was first seen in Neopia on Petpet Appreciation Day, the 8th day of Relaxing, Y3.

- The Babaa has a rarity of 73, putting it in the “rare” category (71-84)

- Babaas can be painted 31 different colours, including the four lab-only.

- There are four fun images featuring babaas – all in more than one colour.

- One babaa-themed avatar is released (the Maths Nightmare one).

- The mutant babaa in Maths Nightmare and the “real” mutant babaa don’t look alike.

- The tenth (week 10) PPL award was given to the faerie babaa.

- Babaas are the cutest petpet in all Neopia!

Thanks to 100bottles and their owner for providing a fantastic petpage with petpet facts.

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