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The Lesser-Known Petpets: Wadjet

by simsman24000


LOST DESERT – Well, it’s the third time you’ve seen an article like this (in the Lesser-Known Petpets series, that is), and I think it’s about time to explain what I think a lesser-known Petpet is.

Angelpuss, Faellie, Babaa, Doglefox, Warf, Spardel, Kadoatie – I think that about sums up a list of all the well-known, popular Petpets. I’m sure that if the Petpet population was symbolically a high school, the aforementioned specieseseses... es would be the popular clique, while the geeks who hang out in the janitor’s closet are the crowd which are, symbolically, the lesser-known Petpets.

We’ve already plunged into Felly World. We’ve dove into the depths of the Deaver. And this week, we’ll be doing an exposé in the Lost Desert (or rather, I’ll be doing it and you’ll be reading it), all about the Wadjet!

The masculine, manly, Cleopatra-esque Wadjet is a sandy-looking creature that hails from the Lost Desert. At least, I think it does, because I haven’t heard anything about the Wadjet much since it was first released... so I must have forgotten! Did you know that the Wadjets don’t even come in dung?? Talk about neglect! (Pfft....)

The first thing that came to my attention when thinking about Wadjets was their resemblance to jewelry. Shoddily-made jewelry. The kind you’d find in a factory run by blind, armless Baby Buzzes. Having said that, Wadjets are exquisitely pixelated, if not real. Anywho, heed my warning: what you are about to read is stupid.


Look at it. It’s so... pointy. Now, you may have noticed that there are 6 little yellow spike thingamabobbers sticking out of the Wadjet’s back. And you also may have noticed that Wadjets don’t have backs. However, I believe that this number 6 is a symbol.

Yes, my friends, I took a visit to the Island Mystic, and I found out the horrible truth. Number 6 will be devoured by a Wadjet in the near future. I also found out that last Monday, I was supposed to fight off a pack of radioactive Acaras. I’m still waiting, buddy.

To continue with number symbolism, I have also noticed that the Wadjet’s supposed ‘rarity’ is 46. Now, this might mean one of very few things. Either there are 46 Wadjets to every 9,110 Weewoos adopted, or there are 46 reasons why the Wadjet should not be given to a Neopet. Thus making it rare.

Oh, and another thing? The cost of a Wadjet is approximately 1,078 NP. And they say not to put a price on our loved ones....

Now, you may all remember fighting off those horrid little Wadjets in NeoQuest I. Or maybe it was NeoQuest II. I’m not sure because they were two completely different games that had absolutely nothing to do with each other and were incredibly creative, awesome, and handsome. On a completely unrelated note, Mr. Insane, I’m sorry for calling you stupid. Anywho, those little Wadjet creatures are about all you hear of Wadjets these days. Unless, of course, a spitwad comes flying at you at jetspeed. In which case, there’s your Wadjet.


Oh, shut up and admit it. I’m hilarious.

It seems only necessary, now, that I ask for some completely normal people who will have no influence over Neopian economy for their opinions on Wadjets, Wadjetage, Wadjetry, and Wadjetocity. Now for the copy and pasting.

thepurtyprettyuni: you took me off your buddylist!? OMG WE R S00 0V3R!

*ahem* Wrong clipboard. Here is the resulting conversation when I asked two certain people what Wadjets were.

Me: What're your opinions on Wadjets?

Rissa: ..uh..

Me: Just a one-liner, saying anything.

Rissa: They.. uh.. have... uh.. a cool.. name!

Alex: Wadjets are awesome.

Rissa: (pssst! someone tell me what a Wadjet is!)

Alex: They're Slytheriffic.

Alex: *Slitheriffic

Alex: Sorry, I have HP on the brain.

Alex: :P

Me: Neither of them are words, you moron.

Rissa: Is it that, uh... what is it?

Alex: Wadjet= Petpet

Rissa: That lost desert Petpet snake thing?

Alex: Yes.

Rissa: I was right!

Rissa: Cool beans!

Now, you may be thinking, “Oh my gosh! They don’t know what Wadjets are!” Don’t fret, though – neither of these two are anything special. :-P Nevertheless, if two common Neopets users don’t know what a Wadjet is... WHO DOES? That’s the sole reason for this article. Or if you’re into the blues and gospel style of music... soul. :)

What exactly can a Wadjet be used for, though? I mean, an Abominable Snowball is good for relief during summer months. A Vacumatic 9000 is perfect for cleaning up all that excess Yurble hair. And a Fir makes wonderful cabin furniture! But Wadjets? What’s the use of the Wadjet, if not to look all pretty and Sahkmetish? Well, in all reality, a Wadjet is your friend, and no matter what you do, it’ll look... Wadjety. You’re gonna like the way your Wadjet looks. I guarantee it.

So... convinced yet? It’s TIME! Head on over to Peopatra’s Petpets (or some other clever, witty, alliteration obsessively titled shop) and pick up one of these slithery little fellows (or... if female... erm... fellaws?). They’re really cheap, and oh so... cuteish. They come in a large variety of boring colors and are very versatile. That is to say, they’re able to wake up the Turmaculus and get eaten! Can you say ‘avatar-getter’? (If you can’t, don’t stress – not everybody can pronounce syllables, so don’t feel left out.)

Well, once again I have to bring this article to a close. Not only because I’ve passed the necessary word limit and I’m a minimalist writer, but because my mind just exhibited flatulent gas. That’s right, everyone. Brain fart. Remember, as with any of my article, drop me a line and suggest yet another Lesser-Known Petpet that you’d like to see exposéd. It’s a shame that exposéd isn’t even a word, though. Shame, shame, shame. :)

Author’s Note: Thanks to cherriesncream54 and lady_of_the_forest_ for their input! Oh, and just so you know, if I had known ahead of time that those were their usernames, trust me, I would have never asked. Oh, and I swear... if you Neomail me telling me my Spanish is wrong, I’ll throw Hubert’s hot dogs at you. And if I run out, then I’ll throw Hubert. Oh yeah, baby. It’s on.

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