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What kind of pet is Donny at the toy repair shop? He looks like a Bori, but a really old one. lol. Just want to clarify for me and anyone else that is wondering - oxocube78
Donny is indeed a Bori, albeit a rather ancient one.

I love playing the stock market cause it's fun and reaps lots of profits (if you play it right). I consider myself a stock market whiz and I was wondering if you could release some stock market avatars or shopkeepers? - Lgoody16
Of course, we do tend to leave the Stock Market to run by itself, but we will add some more stockmarket related things soon.

Does the mystery prize on the Wheel of Excitement ever goes higher than 100NP? If no, could you make something random for it? It's always 67NP, so boring... - atlantis_will_rise
It should vary and give a wide range of prize amounts, some being amazing and some being, well not so amazing. I will get this checked out as always giving the same amount is very dull I agree.

Is it true that there are only 3 Orbulons in all of Neopia? - Zeusdude94
Quite possibly, they are very rare.

Can you do some more Evil Smilies plez? - Pokemonpets30
Oh of course, we haven't added new smilies for a while :)

Why does the angry tax beast's bag say "10%"? - shanine_cleo3930
Because he is trying to fool you into thinking he is the nicer less greedy normal Tax Beast?

On the advent calendar, I got a snow ball bean bag and put it in my neohome, but all I see I a yellow square where it's supposed to be!! Help please? - hyun8
Try taking the bean bag out of your Neohome and then adding it back in. That should fix the problem.

Boris and Krawks are the only species without coloured morphing potions (apart from blue/red/yellow/green) Do you think we'll ever see some? - Lizarium
For Bori, yes you will see other morphing potions. For Krawks, No. Krawks are created in an extra special way and to release a potion that changes any Neopet into a Krawk would devalue owning a Krawk.

Is Blugthak from the war related to Gashrok from the plot? - jackson_lee
Hmm... I never really thought about that, but I guess there can't be that many two-headed ogres in Neopia so they could be distant relatives.

Hi there! Please, please, please can you bring out some more royal pets. Royal pets are soooooooo cute! More royal pets please! - emmmyyy
Yes! Yes! Yes! In fact *shhhh I didn't say this* there is a ROYAL BRUCE coming out on Bruce Day and a number of other pets planned in the future.

Will you please take Draik Eggs off the food list for them? Nobody feeds them the eggs, and the ones that sit there for weeks just lessen chances of feeding. There are cuttently FIVE asking for Draik Eggs. - Laile_denali
The Kadoaties in the Kadoaterie do ask for totally random things. Kadoaties that ask for Blue Draik Eggs are incredibly rare, they just tend to stay there longer as their demands are so outrageous.

Could you sometimes choose more expensive petpets for the Petpet Protection League? *hint hint* Faerie Hasee! *hint hint* - glowing_dreamz
I will suggest it, but we can't do all rare and expensive Petpets as that isn't very fair to Neopians who aren't super rich.

when are you going to release the next clue for the dinner??? And the reward because it always says ooops! error:coming soon. it's not been soon! it's been like forever! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! - zackery4306
I am smacking Adam over the head as I type! So sorry, we have been very side-tracked this week with everything that is going on, but I will make sure he gets those clues up very soon!

Last year everyone got the same thing at the same time in the advent calender but this year everyone is getting different things if they go at different times during the day...Is this on purpose or is it a glitch? - raiders_girl209
Last year we varied the prizes people got on different days depending on the time of day you went to the Advent Calendar, for example some people got Petpets and some got foods. Last night however was a glitch, you should have all got the Kass Toys, sorry if this didn't happen. I will make sure all prizes are the same for all time zones for the rest of the calendar.

Can we have another quiguki doll as a part of the advent calendar this year? They are so hard to get ahold of and last years was so cute! :-) - tisprocrastinating
Hehe... yes, in fact you should see a very special Quiguki related prize (or two) very soon :)

Snow Wars is fun except for the go pack to contestant one. Sometimes I acctently click and and have to start all over again! So I was wondring could you give a secound notice when you click the icon that say are you sure you wanna do this thanx!! - gettopuupy
Ooh I could see how that could be annoying. I will find out why that is there and see if we can change it.

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