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ZZZAAAAPPP! The Petpet Lab Ray is here!

by piperandcaleb


The Lab Ray. It can be one of the best and one of the worst things for unsuspecting Neopets. And yes, I know what you are thinking right now. You’re thinking, “Oh great another article about the Lab Ray” but this is not, I repeat NOT, about the Lab Ray so before you click a different article you may want to wait and see what this is really about! This article is dedicated to the elusive ‘Petpet Lab Ray’. Yes it’s true, for those of you who don’t read the news; they have found a Petpet Lab Ray and it's zapping poor helpless petpets! Yes, it is true; would I lie to you? Petpet owners have been zapping their petpets left and right and coming out with crazy results like strawberry, chocolate, jelly and even golden petpets! It is also rumored that if you zap your poor little petpet you cannot detach your petpet without it reverting back to its original color. No one knows why exactly but some say it’s so the petpet owners can’t zap the petpets and sell them for neopoints, which would make them too rich! So for some Petpet Lab Ray owners or soon-to-be owners here are some things that you may want to consider before zapping your petpet:

1) Some petpets that have been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray have been found to act funny afterwards…A meepit that was zapped into gold was found chasing after a chocolate kookith a few days ago saying something like, “Meep! Chocolate! Meep!” Of course that’s what they do anyways. No one knows what happened after that because they ran into the Haunted Woods and haven’t been found yet.

2) The petpets such as slorgs, who naturally leave slimy trails, and babaas that have been zapped jelly have good things and bad things to come with them. One of the good things is that your babaa will not have as hard of a time jumping over fences because it will just bounce over it with ease! But a bad thing about jelly petpets, such as slorgs, is that all slorgs leave behind slimy slorg trails and now it will not only be slimy but it will be sticky too! Yuck!

3) We highly caution that you keep away from strawberry patches or the Pick Your Own field because if your petpet gets zapped strawberry, someone might accidentally walk off with them thinking they’re just some type of weird shaped berry! Hey it could happen! Stop shaking your head at me.

4) The mad scientist that came up with the Petpet Lab Ray had first tested it out on his kookith, no one knows what happened to the scientist after that…some people say that he got zapped and turned into a kookith himself but the scientist’s kookith is still there, he’s not very friendly though. He has been known to chase owners and their petpets with the Petpet Lab Ray saying “It’ll only hurt a little!” or saying he wanted to see what they looked like as cheese people or cheese petpets. Luckily no one has been zapped into cheese yet that we are aware of.

5) We highly suggest that you bring a shield or some full body armor for yourself. This is just in case your petpet gets scared and pushes you in front of the petpet lab ray instead of itself, just to make sure it isn’t going to get zapped or that it won’t hurt. But we aren’t saying that having full body armor will help you if you get zapped, then you may be turned into a slorg with body armor! I’m sure you would make a very nice strawberry slorg or maybe a chocolate meepit though…

6) If you have a wish to get a PPL (Petpet Protection League) award I highly recommend not zapping your petpet because the PPL does not support the zapping of petpets and then they will disqualify you and we wouldn’t want that now would be? Zapping your petpet will sometimes even turn it into coal. That is why PPL does not support the Petpet Lab Ray.

7) Another good use for the Petpet Lab Ray is that if you zap your petpet into a glowing color you will have a nice petpet night-light…oh and they’ll never get lost in the dark either!

8) Some petpets that have petpetpets attached may become irrational and start trying to zap their petpetpets into different colors too. That didn’t turn out very well and one petpetpet even disappeared when it was zapped!

9) Some daring petpets find the Petpet Lab Ray absolutely fascinating. One petpet even came up with the idea to try and zap blobs of jelly so they would turn into strawberry or gold jelly. Not that having a gold jelly would be bad but it may cause some weird side effects if you or your pet eats it…

10) Some sneaky petpets seem to think they can do anything with this Petpet Lab Ray and sometimes sneak it into the petpet battledome and zap their opponents. Another good reason to keep the petpet lab ray is that it is small enough to keep in your back pack so if anyone tries to steal from you then all you have to do is pull out the petpet lab ray and turn them into a slorg! Or maybe something less slimy like a snowbunny…

Ok so now that you know a couple things about what happen or may happen when using the petpet lab ray here are a couple fun things to do with it when no one else is looking.

1) When you are too busy to zap both your petpet and your Neopet with both the Petpet Lab Ray and the Lab Ray why not join both of them together so you can blast them both at once? You could call it the Petpet-Neopet-Lab-lab-Ray-ray or something…I suggest that you don’t use my idea for the name though.

2) When someone on the Neoboards is complaining just zap them with your petpet lab ray and there you go! Now you have a nice colored petpet and one less annoying person to deal with!

3) Tired of door-to-door salesmen? Just rig the Petpet Lab Ray up to your door or doorbell so when they knock or ring the doorbell they will get zapped into a petpet!

4) Always wanted a certain petpet avatar but the petpet is too expensive to buy? Just zap your petpet until it turns into the right species! You now have a cool petpet you have always wanted but you get an avatar too! If that’s how that works…

5) One last thing you could do with this Petpet Lab Ray would be to give it to Dr. Sloth so he can zap everyone into petpets and take over Neopia! MUAHAHA!! Oops did I say that?

Ok well I have to sign off before TNT reads this and throws me out of Neopia for giving you all these ideas!

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