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An Important Social Gathering

by plllz


I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to attend the biggest event in this year’s Neopian calendar. Bigger than Sloth Appreciation Day and Gadgadsbogen combined. This is even bigger than the day the Chocolate Factory sprang a leak. Although, technically, that wasn’t actually planned. No, if there is going to be one event that defines Neopia in Year 7 it will be this – The Launch party for Issue 200 of the Neopian Times.

I arrive at the event hall an hour early. Mainly to soak up the atmosphere before beginning my article, but also because it means I get the best pick of the food available. A beautiful Times shaped sponge cake is the centrepiece of the buffet table. In gold icing are written the words ‘Neopian Times’ and the number ‘200’. The table is decorated with all kind of delights. Delights which include White Chocolate Covered Toffees, Deluxe Jacket Potatoes, Fresh Sushi Cones and of course Pumpkin Scoopings for our less refined guests. A feast fit for royalty, some of whom might be attending.

The hall is covered with decorations. Every inch of the ceiling is hidden behind white and gold balloons. Streamers cover the walls. However they are nothing in comparison to the most beautiful decoration that stands tall in the middle of the space. It’s a real eye catcher, the first thing that you will lay your eyes on as you enter the room. It is the most wonderful glass sculpture of a White Weewoo. The symbol of the Neopian Times. A symbol of determination, intelligence, potency, skill and poetry. Okay, that’s probably a bit over the top, but it’s well cool.

At the other end of the hall is a stage being set up for the array of bands that are playing tonight. Tonight’s guests are going to be entertained by the likes of Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Jazzmosis and Sticks N Stones. That’s right; the Concert Hall is coming to the Neopian Times tonight to celebrate the big 200. I spoke to Gruff from Sticks N Stones earlier to see what he thought about the big event.

“I’m really excited about tonight. Of course we’ve played in front of bigger crowds before but this one is just exciting because of the milestone that the NT has reached.”

Jazzmosis also told me, “We are very happy to have been asked to play tonight and look forward to entertaining the guests.”

With only 45 minutes left to go there is still quite a bit of work to be done on the stage before it’s ready. However, when it is ready, it’s bound to be quite an impressive show.

With not long to go the last few preparations are being made. The organisers are getting tense, but that’s always to be expected with an event this important. The room is hectic, everyone frantically running around checking that all arrangements have been made and everything is in perfect condition. And at the shout of “10 minutes to go” it’s my cue to greet the guests and interview them.

By the time I’d set up and got my microphone ready the guests were starting to arrive. A quick chat to some of them before the party started was all I needed. First to arrive are the editor Droplet and some of the wonderful Times writers and cartoonists. They of course are the ones that make the Times so special each week. Haha I’m such a suck up. Following them is Adam. The less said about him the better. Slowly the number of guests begins to build up. All the big names have come from across Neopia, from Tyrannia to Terror Mountain, from Kreludor to Krawk Island. They’ve all come for a wonderful night and be the first to experience the 200th issue of the Neopian Times.

The first guest I am lucky enough to talk to is Branston the Eyrie. I asked him why he had come along today.

“I don’t want to deprive people of having the chance to meet me. Someone should really do some kind of interview with me for the Times. Or maybe I should even write an article about how to look as good as me. Neopians deserve to know these kind of things.”

Modest like always. After that I snuck in a quick word with the charming and magical Kauvara.

“The Neopian Times is so entertaining. It gives me something to do whilst I’m waiting for my potions to brew. Before I used to watch paint dry but this is much more interesting. I just had to come and show my support for the Times and celebrate its big milestone of 200 issues. Congratulations.”

I also managed to get a quick chat with Cap'n Threelegs but I didn’t catch much over all the Ayes and the mateys. There are so many special guests arriving for tonight’s big celebration. From the likes of Princess Fernypoo to the not quite so respectable Bug Eye McGee. Dorak has taken an afternoon off from rowing and even everyone’s beloved heroine Hannah has turned up. We even have the pleasure of the Soup Faerie joining in on the celebrations. It’s gob smacking to see so many Neopians here. But for some reason very few of them want to speak to me. I can’t think why.

It’s not long before the party has started. The glass Weewoo is a big hit, the cake even more so. The bands are sounding great and really entertaining everybody. All the guests seem to be having a great time. Including me. Getting here early means I don’t have to join the long queues for food.

After Sticks N Stones have played their last song ‘Welcome to the Tyrannian Jungle’ the crowd is hushed and a voice speaks.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” pronounces the editor. “Thank you all for joining us today on this very special occasion. And here is the moment you’ve all being waiting for…………

    ………The 200th edition of The Neopian Times.”

    And here it is for you. Hope you enjoy it and all the effort that has been put into it. Here’s to another 200 issues.

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