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Why are some pets limited? - ashley17jakob
To give a little variety, some species of Neopet are rarer than others. There are just fewer of them in the world, which makes owning one that much more special.

The new NT's birthday is coming up. Should we have a day for the NT? There are so many people that write and read the Neopian Times. - czenko28
I believe we had one not that long ago, but I may be mistaken. If we haven't already done it, then sure :)

I keep hearing people say that the Island Mystic is female...but I always thought it was a male. Can you please clear this up??? - squatina
The Island Mystic is a male Kyrii, maybe they are getting confused with the female Kougra that runs the Haikus.

I think it would be cool if you could make it so we could change the genders of pets. I accidently messed up the gender of my Kougra, Nike_winged_victory. I meant him to be female but I messed up and made him male. This would be a cool addition to neopets if you added it. - _athena_wisdom_
As well as the Lab Ray (which can do anything to your Neopet), you can transform your Neopet's gender using a special potion that is sold at Kauvara's magic shop.

If my pet wins in the species AND overall sections in the beauty contest do they get one trophy or two? - princess_something
You will only get one trophy, but you will get both Neopoint rewards.

Does the dictionary used by some games use UK or US spellings? - dragon_madwoman
It *should* be UK.

Hi Donna. I was just wondering, what is the next paintbrush going to be? I'm starting to hear rumours about a "camouflage paintbrush," but I don't know for sure. Thank you! - jkshima
Darn... we can't keep anything a secret :) Yes a camouflage paint brush will be released next week.

Why are there never any Shoyru heros in the plots, the last one there was that I remember was... *thinks*... NEVER! There are more Shoryus created than any other neopet and there hasn't ever been one in a plot, why not!? - noslek16
Oh, that's because we hate Shoyrus (only joking). Actually Princess Amira's most trusted advisor in the Lost Desert plot is a Shoyru.

I hear that you guys are going to release the other side of Neopia, but I was wondering if you have any plans for that hunk of ice down at Neopia's south pole? - Ladylyraofthestars
Maybe eventually. At the moment we have a lot of large projects going on that will take us through to the end of the year almost.

The other day I was looking at the List of Smilies, and I didn't see any of the newer pets, such as Yurble, Hissies, ect. Could you please make the new Pets into smilies? Thanks! - sweet_angel785175
Sure thing! These should be released towards the end of next week.

Could you please tell me when Altador is coming out I would really like to know. Thanx. - bookworm1992149
I believe it is around November, but it could be as early as the end of September.

Is it true that you are doing a petpet Lab Ray, are rumours are going around that you are... If you are, how much would it cost? Please put this in the editorial, as I want this question desperatly answered! - mean_girls_addict
Yes we are going to release a way to transform your Petpet, similar to the lab ray. Whether this will be the same as the current lab ray, or if you will need to do something special in order to use it is unknown. It may be free, but only very rarely. We are still working these things out.

How do you paint pets custard? - briroc
You have to take your chances with the Lab Ray I am afraid.

In the game Meepit versus Feepit can you make a meepit a playable character for those who like meepits. Just to make it fair. - dracore
I am not sure if we can do this because of the way it was coded, but I will ask around. If we can do it, we will.

How do you see old comics like the Hannah and the Ice Caves comic? I can see the ones about Maraqua and the latest Meridell one but can you read any old comics? - mirkwood922
Actually we were recently talking about a way to achive all the old storylines we have run on the site so you would easily be able to look at them all. I will follow up on this and see where it is at right now.

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