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Neverending Boss Battle – THE GUIDE OF DOOM

by moo92166


On June 21, 2005, a certain game was released that involves destroying Dr. Sloth. –hears the boos from the Sloth lovers in the audience– Fortunately, his ship cannot be destroyed. –hears Sloth lovers cheer in the audience- COULD YOU QUIT THE APPLAUDING ALREADY? Sorry about that. You play as a brave Neopian, fighting to save his planet from an un-destroyable ship. You will never be able to stop him, but Neopia will, as soon as they get ready for him. You play in a small little ship, with only a single gun and power-ups, fighting a guy with 5 guns. First, I’ll say the power-ups, and then the guns that Sloth uses. Before we start, I just want to say that my strategy is to try to hit from behind.


Power-Up 1- Shield

Looks like a blue circle around a red dot. Probably the best power-up in the game. This one actually lets you fly over Sloth’s ship without you blowing up. I like to stay still and shoot Sloth like there’s no tomorrow, and run like a little girl when the shield is out. My advice: whenever you see this power-up, CHARGE TO IT LIKE A MAD MAN! (Ok, I’ll stop the caps…BUT ONLY UNLESS I NEED TO! Like right now.)

Power-Up 2- Faster Bullet Rate

Looks like a lightning bolt inside a red square. I wouldn’t really recommend this, because I couldn’t really find any difference between regular shooting at Sloth’s ship, and shooting at Sloth’s ship with this power-up. My advice: whenever you see this power-up, I think you should ignore it, unless you want to try it. I personally don’t think it works, but hey, go right ahead.

Power-Up 3- Rebounding Bullets

Looks like a red missile with a green tail. If you are running out of choices, and Sloth is firing things like the blue bullets (see guns section) at you, using this will kick the glowing mucus out of Sloth! The bullets will NEVER stop until they hit Sloth or the power-up stops working. My advice: whenever you get this power-up, hold down the space button, and the whole screen will be filled with your bullets!!!

Power-Up 4- Speed Boost

Looks like a little satellite or something, I can’t tell. If Sloth is bringing out his full weaponry, or you just want to hit and run, hit and run, etc., then you should use this power-up. My advice: whenever you get this power-up, shoot him quickly a couple of times, and then unleash the power of ze power-up!

Power-Up 5- Warp

Looks like a hologram of green goo. I would say this is A LOT like the shield, only the shield is better. The reason? When you get shot, you reappear at a random spot, and so, you will have to re-position yourself, AND you will not know when the power up runs out, so you should pay attention to the power-up part of the screen. My advice: whenever you see this power-up, get it, but not like a mad man.

Power-Up 6- Split Fire

I don’t know WHAT that looks like. I would also say that this is like rebounding bullets, only you have to aim. It's good, and it gets you I think rebounding bullets wins this round. My advice: whenever you use this power-up, get it if you need to.


Sloth has gotta lot of tricks up his sleeve to destroy you. But what do I have to say? MAN, that is one big sleeve! Here they are, and some tips to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Gun 1: Blue bullets

All through out the game, he will commonly use these to try to knock you off-balance. Don’t worry, they just get fired randomly and they’re easy to dodge.

Gun 2: Orange bullets

If you happen to be in front of Sloth, he will fire these things at you. There just like the blue bullets, only they are faster. I really think that they have WORSE aim!

Gun 3: Missile

Now…THESE things you have to worry about. They do the same damage as a bullet, and they have the same size, but here’s the catch. They chase you for 3 seconds or more. May not seem like enough, but you have to run away, cause they're really fast, and so they really knock you off-balance.

Gun 4: Yellow Laser

This is the weapon of ALL weapons! Whatever you do, DO NOT STAY STILL! If you do, your ship will blow up in a matter of 1 second, no matter what health you have! You can tell when Sloth is going to bring this out, when there’s a whirring sound, and a yellow glow coming from the center of the ship.

Gun 5: Red Laser

Kind of like the yellow laser and the orange bullets combined. If you’re in front of Sloth (please, please, PLEASE don’t go in front of Sloth!), you will probably see a red line in front of the ship, and if you don’t move your ship out of the way, BOOOOOOM! That’s right, if you even TOUCH it, you explode. (With the exception of the warp and shield, though.)


Yep, I got tips too. Whoopee.

Try not to stay in front of Sloth; try shooting him from behind!

The good power-ups: (in my opinion) Shield, Warp, and Rebounding Bullets

The power-up of DOOM: (also in my opinion): Faster Bullet Rate

Everything else is ok.

Stay away from: Yellow Laser, Red Laser, Missiles, and Blue Bullets.

Red Bullets you barely have to worry about.

Well, that’s it. Hope you get something good from here!

Note: the author is not responsible for blown up ships, lousy scores, Sloth taking over Neopia, or “OnG Ur GuIde StiNkS!11!1one!1shift1!” itus. However, I am responsible for good scores, trophies, becoming a hero, and “OnG I WuV Ur GuIde!111!1one1” itus. (Actually, that last one would be a little annoying.) SEE YA!

Reader: Finally, all the caps are over!!!

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