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A few days ago, my mom took me to McDonalds so I could get one of the Neopets plushies. I wanted to see what the plushies looked like, but they weren't released yet. Could you create a page to show the McDonalds plushies so we can see which ones we want without going all the way to McDonalds? Thanks! - Ilovellamas_27
You can see all the different plushies and Petpet clips that are available here.

I was looking at the new Mystery Island Map, (looks great!) and I noticed that it has a Lost City of Gerapitku. Well, I was wondering what it was? - Mckaykay_2004
The Lost City of Geraptiku was once a thriving civilisation, home to many rare Petpets and full of rich treasures. One day something very spooky happened to the city, nobody knows why, but everybody just vanished and the city was left as an eerie ghost town. Many adventurers have tried to discover the secret of the lost city, but very few make it back alive. Rumour has it, this *may* be a new mini-world very soon...

By the end of Neoquest 2, I had about 60000 Gold Pieces. I was wondering if you could make Gold Pieces more useful than just buying items in the game and make it so that people can exchange their Gold Pieces for Neopoints. That way, earning so many GP would actually be useful. - Funfun156
I am not sure if this is possible, but I will ask Mr. Insane (who knows everything about Neoquest I and II). If it is possible, we will make it so.

When are you releasing the Neopets magazine? I've bought the last three ones and I'm dying to get the new one! - Loopy321
The new issue, (Lost Desert themed) should be on sale around the 11th July. Look out for a Lost Desert Cybunny on the cover.

Will there be any Gelerts in the Lost Desert plot? Because I have noticed Gelerts are not really active on Neopets! - Jedi4502
Gelerts will not be the main stars in the next plot, but there is a very cool Gelert who stars in the PS2 game and will feature in the Darkest Faerie plot we will be running on the site.

Ok my sister loves to get Neogreetings from me. So I was going to send her one for no reason what so ever just to say Hi. But there aren't any brother nor sister greetings so could you create one that says something about siblings? - Roxy____foxy
Well spotted! I will get our artists started on some right away :)

I checked on a website and saw a few people claimed that there is a Baby Kau plushie! Can you clear me up on this? - Hhh000177
Yes there is. I guess we missed the launch date, but it went on sale in Limited Too around the 12th of March this year.

Have picked the new neopet from the April Fool's neopets yet ? I WANT TO KNOW WHITCH ONE IT IS ! - Curse_in_you
We have, but we have to wait for the powers that be to say it is ok for us to announce it and make it live.. Sorry, as soon as we can let you know, we will.

In issue#195 I saw and agreed with this in the Editorial: "In issue #151 I wrote in and asked about an avatar for the original NeoQuest. It has been almost a year now with no sign of the avatar. Was this forgotten? Both NeoQuests are my favorite games and I eagerly await an avatar for the original. Thank you. - wurmlord" I would also love Neoquest 1 and would love to see an avatar or two for the original. You promised to release one on June 24, but you didn't. Being an avid fan of Neoquest 1, I'm wondering if you're still planning on releasing a Neoquest 1 avatar. - lewa52771
Yes, nasty Mr. Insane forgot to make it live. Make sure you hit him extra hard in Whack-a-staff! It should go up very soon.

When you pound pets do their trophies/text go with them? - aszast
The text that the old owner entered about their Neopet is removed, but the trophies that the Neopet has earned stay with them.

Hello. Would it be possible to have the option to rearrange items in your shop just like with your gallery? I'd really want all my lipsticks and toothbrushes in one row all together! that makes it easier for people to browse in my grooming store aswell. (If possible.. lol make it so that when it sells out and you restock it you dont have to rearrange it again?) Thanks! - o0miss0o
Yes, this is something we do want to implement, but it involves changing a lot of things, so will probably take a while to fully test and release.

In World of Warcraft, what level are you guys? - shinalin
Adam's main is a 60 Night Elf Hunter, he also has a 52 Human Paladin and a 60 Human Rogue. My main is a 60 Human Mage and I also have a 60 Night Elf Rogue.

Pleaaase could you put Neopet toys in the UK Happy Meals at McDonalds? D: We're totally dying out here. Well, I am atleast. It's rather unfair that people just in the US and Australia should get them, don't you think? - the_coolster98
We would love to, but this is really up to McDondalds. WIth any luck, they will choose to expand our Happy Meal promotion into other countries. I hope so as my family would love to be able to get a Neopets Happy Meal :)

Why is the Marafin listed as a Maraquan Supporter prize twice? Because of that, Maraquan Supporters only have 9 different prizes to choose from while everybody else has 10. - finnigan_blue
Oops. This was a mistake and should be fixed now.

This is just an idea, but if some questions are not published in the editorial, could the answers be neomailed to the player? I'm sure you don't want people constantly submitting questions if they are not answered once, so you could maybe just do this as a trial run for now. If the response is positive, you can continue with this idea. Thanks Neopets Team!!! - fattylulu
I am sorry, but I really wouldnt have time to do anything on the site if I replied to everyone who responded. Even if your question does not appear in the editorial, it does not mean I have not read it and acted upon it. The editorial is a good place to send any requests for new colours, neohome items, avatars etc. and if you see anything that is not as it should be, just send it my way and I will fix it if I can.

What are you gonna do for the 200th issue of the Neopian times? anything special? - jub_jub_bounce
Firstly, the issue is going to be much larger than normal. We also will be awarding a never seen before collectable card that has been created specially for our 200th anniversary to everyone who gets published on top of the normal prizes. There may even be a new avatar...

I saw on that the PSP game is called...*triumphant Music* is call Petpet adventure, true or false? - ddotdootdott
The name that Adam and I use for it is Neopets Petpet Adventures, on the packaging though, I think it says something incredibly lengthy like Neopets Petpet Adventures - Wand of Wishing. Both are correct, it just depends if you want to call it by the whole official name or not :)

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