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ChristmasxMiracle’s Quest for a Kadoatie

by jenispecial


I stared into the window of the Neopian Petpet shop longingly, my nose pressed up against the glass. Every so often, a beautiful Usul would carry in a few cages full of Petpets, ranging from Snorkles to Noils and everything in between. There were many exotic Petpets, and most sold quickly. I saw one owner after the other walk in, and take the Petpet which they had bartered so hard for. However, there was only one Petpet for me - the Kadoatie.

     I had always longed for a Kadoatie, from the first moment I set eyes on one. My sister, Cashmere, was always the first to make fun of my dream to take care of a Kadoatie of my very own.

     "Oh Miracle, you're so silly! You know that Cybunnies and Kadoaties don't get along. Why don't you ask Jen to buy you a Snowbunny instead? It would make much more sense!" She flicked her tail, and went back to eating a Creamy Cloud Ice Cream that Jen had bought for her earlier that morning. If she wasn't careful, her stuffing would begin to poke through those delicately sewn seams!

     Jen understood my desire for a Kadoatie. However, she would simply pat me on the head and explain that I had to take care of my Snicklebeast, Sam, first. As I was the oldest, Jen said I had to be the most responsible, and take care of these "temporary" Petpets. Although I loved spending time with Sam, and my other Petpets, my visits were always short lived, as they had been with my Gruslen and Mazzew.

     Today, however, would be different; I was sure of it! My breath continued to fog the glass, as I waited to get a glance of one of the Kadoaties that were so rarely stocked. I held my breath as Mary, the owner of the shop, emerged from the back room, carrying four new cages. The first few held the regular Petpets - Babaas and such, who would easily find owners. The last cage she set out however, was different. A piercing shriek soon met my ears, and I knew, it was a Kadoatie! I tugged on my ears, attempting to restrain myself from running in and simply snatching it from the counter. I was used to hearing their cries by now and could easily recognize them, as Jen spent most of her time in the Kadoatery, feeding the lonely Kadoaties.

     I hopped as quickly as my legs would carry me through the shop square, narrowly missing the Rainbow Pool. I watched as a Wocky slowly dipped one foot in, and then another, turning into a magnificent Faerie. Although dazzled by the sight, I continued on into the Bakery, where Jen stood bartering for a plate of Spotted Gelert Day Pancakes. I held myself back, wanting to tug on her hand, but knew that she needed complete concentration in order to buy the item.

     "How does 800 neopoints sound?" Jen shouted over the voices of her fellow restockers. People jostled around her, and she struggled to keep her concentration.

     The Breadmaster smiled back slowly, and I knew she had been successful. They soon exchanged the pancakes for 800 neopoints, and Jen walked out of the shop into the morning light, carrying her newly acquired delicacy.

     "So Miracle, what has made you so excited this morning? I can see there is something you're dying to tell me!" Jen took my paw, and looked at me expectantly. As her first pet, Jen always told me that she could feel my emotions most acutely. We seemed to be connected in a way she wasn't with Cashmere and Ribbons.

     "Oh, oh! I just saw a Kadoatie being stocked in the Petpet shop, and I was wondering, well, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, if you could try to restock one today?" My nose twitched nervously, as I bounced from one foot to the other. I knew I was babbling, but I desperately wanted Jen to say yes.

     "I don't see why not, as I have already made a profit today. Since Cashmere has travelled to Maraqua with your brother Ribbons, we have the day to ourselves. I just need to withdraw a few more neopoints from the bank, so that I will have enough to barter with."

     We walked back from the bakery, my paw clutched tightly in her grasp, pulling her forward. After depositing the pancakes in our own shop, we continued on towards the bank. On the way, we had to sidestep many sick Neopets emerging from the hospital, diagnosis and medicine prescription in hand. Ever since the war began, more and more Neopets began to fall prey to the sickness that was spreading across Neopia.

     We pushed through the glass doors of the bank, and Jen cheerfully greeted Montgomery Moneybags. He led us toward our safe, and carefully turned the knobs, until it sprang open.

     "How much will you be withdrawing today, Jen? The interest rate has been plummeting lately, I wouldn't advise you to be making any hasty purchases!"

     Jen turned toward me, one eyebrow raised. "How much would you say, Miracle? Around 35,000?"

     Mr. Moneybags hastily interrupted. "One can never be sure, with the prices in the shops fluctuating the way they often do! Why, just the other day, I was checking the Price Changes board and I saw…"

     Jen turned toward him with a smile, in hopes of stopping the constant chatter. Moneybags often became quite lonely manning the bank by himself, and would often talk for hours on the state of the economy if you let him.

     "I think 35,000 should be enough, thank you." Jen reached out her hands, and took the sack filled with neopoints, which Mr. Moneybags extracted from the safe.

     "Thank you for visiting us this fine morning, Madam. It was great to see you again! Glad I could be of service!" Mr. Moneybags called after us, as we headed out of the bank. Tripping over his own briefcase, we could hear an "Oomph!" from behind, and we giggled to ourselves as the door closed after us.

     As we crossed Neopian Central to reach the Petpet Shop, I felt my heart begin to beat faster. Restocking was always nerve-wracking, but to restock Petpets was even more difficult, as there was so much competition. Jen transferred the neopoints back from one hand to the other, unable to keep still. Kissing me on the nose, she then left me outside the shop, to watch through the window. Placing both paws on the glass, I once again pressed my nose against it. Inside owners began to push each other, trying to get as close to the counter as possible.

     Mary emerged from the back room, carrying six cages in her arms. I drew a sharp breath and held it, as she began to arrange them on the counter. One Babaa, one Huggy, two Snorkles, one Spyder, and a Kadoatie! My chest pounded with pain, as I continued to stare through the window. Jen began bartering with Mary, and I could see doubt form in her eyes. She fumbled the neopoints, and her hands began to shake terribly. As she was about to offer an amount to Mary a tall man, with a Kau in tow, snatched the Kadoatie out of Mary's hands.

     My eyes began to fill with tears, and I slowly let out the breath I had been holding in. Haggling for the price of the item had always been a problem for Jen, and my throat tightened as I saw the Kadoatie, what I thought would be MY Kadoatie, being led away. I watched as Jen turned toward me, her eyes also clouded with tears.

     "I'm sorry." I could see her mouth through the glass. She was visibly disappointed in herself, and my heart sank even further. I didn't want to put this pressure on her! What was I thinking to ask so much out of someone who deeply cared for me? I motioned with my paws, indicating that she should join me outside. Instead, she shook her head, and turned back towards the counter.

     Four days later, Jen was still positioned in the exact same spot at the counter. She had bags under her eyes and a haunted expression, which resulted from sheer desperation. On the fourth morning, I walked into the shop, and tugged on her hand.

     Surprised out of her deep concentration, Jen looked down into my eyes. "I will get you one, I promise!" she said, her voice hoarse, fatigue etched across her face.

     "No!" I said suddenly, grabbing her tightly by the hand, and dragging her out of the shop after me. "I won't let you do this, I won't! You mean more to me than a silly Kadoatie! I would rather go without a Kadoatie, and spend time with you instead." I stamped my back paw with such gusto that a small Mootix passing by jumped in fright.

     "Oh, Miracle!" Jen smiled down at me, tears of happiness falling down her cheeks. We slowly walked away from the Petpet Shop. As we were leaving, we circled around the Money Tree, which grinned down at us. Following his eye line, I saw a perfect stone sitting under his branches, wrapped in a crimson ribbon.

     "Jen, look! I found my perfect petpet, this adorable rock just sitting here, waiting for a home!" I scooped it up happily, cradling it between my paws.

     Jen squinted down into my hands, a look of trepidation on her face.

     "Really Miracle, are you sure? Even though I couldn't restock a Kadoatie for you, I'm sure we can find you something better. That's just a simple rock tied with a dirty ribbon!" She poked it with her index finger, and recoiled as the rock seemed to move back and forth in my paws.

     "This rock needs a friend, just like I do. I will call him Pebbles, my Christmas Rock. He is festive, just like me!" With that, I tied a string around Pebbles' middle, and began to drag him along, as we headed for home.

The End

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