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They do what!? Hobbies of our Yooyuball stars

The Altador Cup has now well and truly ended. Although the players of the Altador Cup spend a lot of the off-season training to stay in shape for the next tournament, they still have some time left to take part in their own hobbies and interests. Ebo interviewed three players from popular teams of the 2020 Altador Cup to find out and discuss some of their interests outside of Yooyuball. Ditan Colb of Kiko Lake After a surprising win this year, not many people would be quick to call Ditan chicken. Many Neopians assume Ditan would be ready to party 70’s style. However, after a big tournament, his priorities lay with his littlest fans. To wind down, Ditan enjoys his hobby farm. He is surprisingly dedicated to raising his Peadackle. ‘Out of all the many things, why Peadackle?’ Asked Ebo. ‘They’re surprisingly friendly, and good company’ Responded Ditan, as one of his favourite Peadackle prunes his singular hair.

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