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Short Stories

Another Hero's Journey: Fatherhood

Reuben the Blumaroo must face his fears...

by precious_katuch14
New Beginnings

A certain blue Ixi thief's backstory. Enjoy!

by nick_and_nickette
A Dance With Destiny

Sir Lyall of Meridell attempts to thwart a cunning thief!

by mecha_fang
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"Another Hero's Journey: Fatherhood" by precious_katuch14
“Can I remove my blindfold now?” Andrea asked. The short green Kacheek and the burly brown Lupe on either side of her traded a look with the white Kyrii in the middle of the room. The white Kyrii nodded and gave them a thumbs-up with one hand; in the other, he clutched a broom. “Go ahead,” Devin, the Kacheek, urged her as he grinned from ear to ear. The red Kyrii reached up to pull the large kerchief away from her eyes, and gasped. She had never seen this room so beautifully furnished and organized. The closet and cupboards, as well as the table and toy chest under the window, were polished and clean. Though the cradle was devoid of bedding, blankets and pillows, it had been repainted in sky blue and cream. The rocking chair near the cradle was new, as was the model Whinny next to the toy chest. The walls were wallpapered in a serene periwinkle, and here and there were other items that completed the room – a lamp, a chest of drawers painted in Meridell colours, a small scarlet cushion...

Other Stories


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The Neopian Times Series Spotlight — Quarry Life
Welcome once again to the Neopian Times Series Spotlight! This week we will be discussing Quarry Life with blueys45.

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Quarry Life
This week we finally meet the mysterious Granite!

by blueys45


Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library
In this final section of Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library, we will be exploring Anubis Toxicology Reports (Abridged).

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Herding Hopes Pt 2 of 2
Herder or Hoarder?

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Blossoms~ A Day Out Part 6
And the rest will take care of itself.

by twillieblossom

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