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New Series

The Golden Quill: Part One

All she could hear was the rain beating on the windows. Her mind was oddly distant, given that she was writing a memoir of her past.

by ewagon
A Summer of Service: Part One

Adam looked up at Nisha. "It's time for us to go."

I wish I could go with you, Nisha thought with longing.

by 77thbigby

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"Life's A Stage" by opossumman
The clattering of freshly-polished copper pieces resonated sonorously through the musty old room like a chorus of wedding bells. Wrenches rattled; cogs began to turn and tumble. The machine had once again been made functional. Given life, if you will. This was all in a day's work for Jacob, however. He brushed off his sweat-covered brow with his paw and adjusted his goggles...

Other Stories


Tales of the Monoceraptor
The rock was harsh and unforgiving against her lower spine, but Ugga-Lulu sat still regardless, mesmerized...

by nycflowergirl


A Smoothie and Some Nausea
So two faeries walk into a cafe... and things kind of go downhill from there.

by yoshifan272


Forgotten Neopians: The Island Mystic
The Island Mystic's lone hut on the small north westerly island off Mystery Island's coast has been there as long as anyone remembers.

by __ripcurl__


Neoquest Mania
An instant success, Neoquest was played by thousands of Neopians upon first release and sold out so quickly that multiple shipments had to be ordered...

by rodney_mckay


Behold the younger sibling.

by chinthe


A to Z: Watch Your Wording
I really do wonder where that watch came from...

by zoeyaugust1245

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