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Short Stories

Tyrannian by Any Other Paint

The giggling gaggle of young Aishas and Usuls put Epsilonic on edge, and rightly so.

by almedha
Shadows in Shenkuu

"I assume you know why you have been summoned here."

by mecha_fang
A Smoothie and Some Nausea

So two faeries walk into a cafe... and things kind of go downhill from there.

by yoshifan272
A Heart of Gold

It was nearly time. The whole of Lutari Island was abuzz with the excitement. One more day!

by coookie18471
The Blumaroo With The Future In Her Eyes

It's raining. It's raining on this land wet by tears.

by martia_elior
Usuki Singing Stars #18: Sparkles' Secret Society

A pink Kacheek ran over to Sparkles and grabbed her arm. "Sparkles, there you are! Come on, we have to go to the Soup Kitchen or else we won't be able to ladle soup to the elderly pets!"

by downrightdude
A Poogle's Tale

My name is ckatackatackata. Yes, I realize it's a mouthful, so for your sake as well as my sanity, you're welcome to just call me Tacka.

by mucka33
Becoming A Chomby

A humourous, but completely factual and not at all fabricated about a Gnorbu and his transformation.

by browneyedninja
Life's A Stage

He brushed off his sweat-covered brow with his paw and adjusted his goggles. "There, that should do it..."

by opossumman
Tales of the Monoceraptor

The rock was harsh and unforgiving against her lower spine, but Ugga-Lulu sat still regardless, mesmerized...

by nycflowergirl
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"A Smoothie and Some Nausea" by yoshifan272
"Oh. Well." Illusen sipped her cold drink, staring down at the fragments of the sweet, frozen ambrosia. She kept her eyes locked on them, not looking up at the faerie that sat across the table. Inaudibly and without as much enthusiasm as one would hope for, she mustered, "That's nice," and sipped more of her smoothie afterwards, thinking that she...

Other Stories


Here's To The Hoarders
It's no coincidence Neopia's latest daily has hoarders celebrating.

by swimmingstar01


15 Flash Game Trophies You Didn't Know You Could Get
Read on to discover how to add those shiny pixels to your lookup!

by flapjackpax


A Summer of Service: Part One
Adam looked up at Nisha. "It's time for us to go."

I wish I could go with you, Nisha thought with longing.

by 77thbigby


Child of the Drenched: Return to the Depths - Part Two
Two days passed normally and Mara began to relax a little. Surely, she reasoned, whatever had been after the king must have been stopped by now.

by kristykimmy


Mwizzify: Faerie City
Don't say that!

by usuki_kid


Mauwee and The Mysterious Egg Part 3
Maybe it had buried treasure?

by reantimate

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