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Heads up! The Neopian Times will be Celebrating Neopets Turning Another Year Older with a special Neopets Birthday edition of the Times next Friday. So feel free to send in some birthday-themed submissions!


Will the NC Mall get a revamp during this? I'd love to add multiples of the same item to my cart at one time! ~~catz1
We are starting on redesigning the NC Mall very, very soon actually! I'll be posting in the NC Mall Neoboard asking for suggestions next week, just like I did for the Pound. Multiples of the same item is already a great suggestion! ~~gutterfoot

Are trophies for converted flash games going to count as a trophy for the current game, or will they be unique? In the past, some games received an update. Korbat's Lab was one such game. Each game was treated totally separate, so you could have two Korbat's Lab trophies on your user lookup. If I already have a trophy for the current Igloo Garage Sale, would I get a separate trophy for the new, converted Igloo Garage Sale? ~~jacobhulsebus
The HTML5 games will not have a different trophy count than the Flash games! We will be combining them, even if they have different IDs, to pool towards the same trophy. ~~gutterfoot

Hi. This question isn't the most relevant, but it is very important to me, and I would appreciate it if you could find out the answer and put it in the Editorial. I would like to know if all games that give avatars will be converted to HTML5 successfully and still be playable. I am hoping that all game avatars will still be available. ~~_brainchild_
Yes, we will make sure the games that award avatars are on our list for conversion! It may take some time to convert them all, but we don't want to leave any of those behind. ~~gutterfoot

First - you said that except for games that had virtually zero plays, everything would be converted. Jelly Blobs is my absolute favorite game, and I'm really hoping it doesn't get taken away. What games currently are on that "zero plays" list? ~~mtbrock2
Worry not about Jelly Blobs! It is not far down our list of games that we are planning to convert. While I can't say for certain which games are at "zero plays", I will say that it may not necessarily mean we remove that game forever. For example, if it's a game that we see potential in, we may just redesign it in hopes that more people will play it. That being said, we do want to dedicate time and resources on brand new games once we get the most popular games converted. ~~gutterfoot

How are you planning on incorporating the links that are currently about the inventory/shop/sdb etc? These are so incredibly useful, would be disappointed to see then gone or reduced too much. ~~sleepyholler
A long list of random links at the top of the page has never been a great user experience for navigation, so we're definitely getting rid of it in that form. However, some links are moving into the profile menu on the left side, while others will move elsewhere. We want to strike a balance between easy accessibility to get places quickly, without overwhelming new players. You'll still be able to find whatever you need to, and for the most obscure pages, there's always the bookmarks feature. ~~van Doodle

Are you planning on updating the neopian times layout to be mobile friendly as well. And would it be possible to get an option for comments, or even just like/kudos functionality. It would be nice to be able to tell writers we liked their work without mentioning them directly. ~~emily5martin
At some point we will be updating the layout for the Neopian Times to be responsive. However, we've discussed adding comment sections to places like the News page before and it sounds like we can't spare the extra moderation required. Maybe we can add in reactions, though! ~~van Doodle

Is there plans to convert all site features? Are there any site features that will not make the transition? I'm looking forward to seeing Quick Stock return as it's harder to flick between beta and non-beta now Inventory is live! ~~sheepmad4eva
For most features, its only a matter of when, not if. Some features will be refactored/merged with other parts of the site if it makes for a better user experience. ~~van Doodle

Are there any plans to expand upon current features to take advantage of the mobile layout? like revamping stuff like the employment agency (which to be honest has been outdated for like over a decade and making it easier to utilize on mobile? ~~zacharyfunkhouser
Yes, absolutely! When we redesign pages, we make sure to consider how we can improve/revamp them. We haven't taken a look at the Employment Agency yet but I can assure you that if an existing page seems out of date to you, we will definitely be revamping it. Looking at you, Nigel. ~~gutterfoot

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