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Short Stories

The Queen's Quest

A young faerie named Kayla risks it all when Fyora falls ill! Collab with quigglebaby and eggfruit

by hawkydreamerz
Reminiscing About This Past Halloween

Looking back on this year's Halloween in the Haunted Woods!

by akezis
Under A Golden Wing

A short about two of the most famous Pteri in all of Neopia!

by cookiez101
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A Veteran's Guide to Returning to Neopets

With many of us staying at home more regularly than the years before, I found myself reverting back to the things I found nostalgic. I rewatched my favourite childhood shows and movies, I reread my favourite books, I relistened to my favourite songs, and I replayed my favourite games. On my quest for ultimate nostalgia I remembered Neopets and the way it consumed all my free time growing up, and boy do I have a lot more free time these days. Coming back to Neopets after years off (in my case 7) showed me while a lot of things look the same, things have certainly changed. So here is your guide on how to reap that sweet sweet nostalgia by returning to Neopets!

Other Stories


The NT Series Spotlight — Brothers in Stars
For the fourth edition of the Neopian Times Series Spotlight, we explore Brothers in Stars! collab with precious_katuch14

by the__reporter


9 Things To Do on Slorg Day
In this article, we will list 9 different, fun things you can do on this holiday to have a celebration!

by mellody_sou_10


Mira Squad Tales-Portals
The Mira Squad's investigation takes them to faerieland as they narrow down suspects.

by lupe_hunter_7


The Case of the Missing Acara
Ada the Transparent Blumaroo investigates a peculiar case... Collab with acara_575 and silakbo

by sunbathr


Spoons - Last Spotted
A long, long time ago...

by xixiwang242


The "Brain" Tree
Not a very fitting name...

by animeluver220

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