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This editorial is brought to you in collaboration with hardtotame! <3

*hands you pile of notes* My pets really need to air their grievances, but the Office Grievances Bulletin Board is currently zoned as a Background and not a Background item. Could you please ask Donny to fix this? Thanks so much.
Well since the bulletin board is in the office I can tweak this one myself. Done & Done.

Hi. I have a small thing for Donny's Corner: Shouldn't the item "Hanso and Brynn" be called "Hanso and Brynn Stamp"? It is clearly a stamp, and all other stamps have the word "stamp" in their names.~~_brainchild_
Reported to Donny and a fix is on the way....and done.

Hi TNT! I really love some of the winter NC items, especially the sprinkling of snow. However it occupies the Higher Foreground item slot instead of the Foreground item slot, and its messing up one of my customizations. I was wondering if it would be possible to change this? Thanks!~~shoyshoyyou
Alakazam your wish is my command.

Hi! Can we get some more hints for old Cooking Pot Recipes please?~~lucky3005pig
Why of course! Today's hint is dedicated to you, lucky3005pig! What's more, fullonparanoid might be happy to hear that Flower Shaped Sand and Star Shaped Sand can finally be made at the Cooking Pot.

Hi TNT, can you give us some updates on Lyra and the Lost Heirloom please? Many of us have refreshed at the 13th page for a long time now, and nothing has happened. Has it been discontinued or is there going to be a new chapter soon?~~dukula
Hold onto your horses, a new step is coming very soon!

Hi! With 2018 Charity Corner almost a year ago, can we maybe see some updates to the boons so some of us with remaining points can use them? It'd be a mighty big shame if you just deleted them!! Maybe let the RE boon be used a lot more at least. Thanks ~~lookidontcare3
I can assure you we will not delete your leftover points from Charity Corner. We are looking at several options for everyone that has remaining points, and we hope to have something ready in a few months.

My Jetsam is a regular news reader, always interested in new items to wear and display, and he has been mythering away at me to get him a Pretty Fish Bowl but I have looked and looked but not one is to be found. I want to make my pet the happiest pet in Neopia so can you tell me, has this item actually been released yet or it just so rare none are up for sale or for trade? Thank for your help.~~fredajones
Your pet has a rather expensive taste in wearables! The item is both rare and particularly expensive, so good luck getting your hands on one!

Hello TNT. I was just curious if, possibly, the glorious artists wouldn’t mind making a Darigan Mallard Petpet? It would make me super happy ~~orangebicycle
Prepare to be super happy, orangebicycle! P.S. I hope you don't mind waiting a bit for it!

Hi! Could you please add the word "Collectable" to the recently released Charms (Princess Terrana Charm and Sloth Charm) so it's consistent with the other Collectable Charms (and clear to everyone that these can be added to the Album)? And I would like to ask the same for the Shiny Cocoa Scarab, and perhaps also change the spelling from American English to British English on the Red Striped Collectible Scarab and Orange Patterned Collectible Scarab? Then all the Collectable Charms and Scarabs are consistent again. ~~pasqui_q
Oh me, oh my, why didn't any of us notice this before?! Well, it's fixed now, and thank you.

TNT, can you PLEASE address all the possible ways to keep our online accounts safe from fraud, hackers, and all around dishonest individuals?~~grammur
[Answer provided by DJ Skellington]

"All the possible ways"? That's unpossible! But here's a few suggestions in no particular order:

1. Make sure your email address here on Neopets is active and current. This is a huge problem for some people as some abandoned emails can be recreated. And if you created your account with the same email name (for example: cauliflower_metal and that could lead to problems. Why not go check here:

2. Your registered date of birth. Yes, we know some people use fake DoB's but this is a crucial piece of information needed to verify account ownership. We would NEVER encourage anyone to use a fake DoB. But! If you do/did, at least jot it down just in case!

3. Update your password every so often and use a unique one when you do. Make sure it's not an easily guessable password as well. (see Spaceballs for an example). Two additional suggestions on passwords: A) Keep it secret! Don't share it with anyone. When Gandalf said "Is it secret? Is it safe??" he was talking about YOUR password! … Okay maybe not but you get the idea. B) Don't use public computers. Some could have spyware/meepits/etc. And honestly, when's the last time their keyboards were cleaned…?

4. Have a PIN. Just go to and create one. Or if you haven't been to the page in a while, update it! Go on… the page misses you!

5. Clear your cookies on a regular basis.

6. Log out when you're done.

7. Public wi-fi can be risky. We cannot go into depth here on this, but please take a few minutes and look up the risks involved.

These and other great suggestions can be found here:

Donny's Corner: Fixed broken recipes for Flower Shaped Sand, Star Shaped Sand, Spoc Spoc II and Spoppy II Fixed a few item names

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