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Short Stories

For Mystery Island and Mira

Kinae looked out the window. She couldn't remember the last time she saw the sky such an ominous green. Would she make it on time? Are they out there? Questions were spinning in her mind, but this time she felt different.

by chosha
The Art of Brewing Tea

The night was getting darker.

Cheri, a white kacheek, was home alone. Her sister had, as usual, went outside in search for some adventure or whatever. Xynthi was out of the door almost every night, but today she hadn’t been home at all.

by miliane085

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Making the Most of Advent Wearables

Still feeling the holiday spirit in January? Want to make sure your pets are feeling it too? Well look no further, for this article can help you with all your post-holiday wearable needs. This article examines some of the free wearable swag obtained from last year’s advent calendar. Have a baby? It has you covered. A spooky pet? We can take care of that. Or maybe just a pet that wants to spend the holiday on a beach? No problem! Below you will find looks that highlight the first thirteen wearables that were given out during the advent season, and bonus- they’re all NP only themes! A brief review of all the items are also shown with the looks.

Other Stories


Top 10 Most Difficult Flash Game Trophy to Obtain
Full of interesting for those people who are casual game players, professional players or trophy collectors

by silver0225


How to get trophies on reset day
Whether you are an avid collector or a casual gamer, reset (first day of the month) is the best occasion to try for a new shiny trophy for your cabinet.

by stake_6


Searching a place:Part Two
Chapter 2. A Celestial View, The Country of the Fairies and The Island of Krawk.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30


A World Of Grandiose Creature:Part Four
I, Randal, one of the greatest Kougra explorers in all the world, am back with you to present more of my findings!

by luuuvmebabe


Choose wisely!
I said I'M NOT!

by aquarelar


Stronger Than She Looks
Tarla's stronger than she looks :p

by marilyn138

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