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Hi! So I was told this weekend by other players that apparently beauty contest advertising in guilds is not allowed, while I never really saw an official rule about that myself. Can you help me out here, is advertising in guilds allowed or not?
Okay so you CAN advertise in your guild. You CANNOT advertise in the Guilds Board. I'm guessing that's where a lot of the confusion came from!

Okay, Scrappy. Neopia needs answers. Some people are saying the plot is over and crying about it, but I say they're wrong. After all, nothing's been solved! We've defeated some wraiths but clearly not enough... so, please, can you confirm that people are wrong? And that the plot is not done? That more battles and puzzles are coming? And, maybe *fingers crossed* a comic? ~loba_negra
Hmmm I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations. Although, if you ask meeee something here still seems pretty unresolved...

Hi Scrappy. This has probably been asked already but here goes anyway. Due to old freebies and giveaways by TNT some of us have accumulated a small amount of NeoCash on our side accounts. My question is: Are we allowed to by NC items with that NeoCash?
Yes! You are allowed to spend NeoCash on your side accounts!

Hey! I was wondering if you guys will ever create a new colour that changes the pets pose? I adore mutant/babies/maraquans and would love to add to the list!
I'm not sure! It's sad not to be able to fit our wearables on all pets :( butttt they are really fun! Never say never...

Hello! Did you mean to release the Games Master Cape dyeworks as a re-release capsule exclusive? I’ve been hoping to dye mine for a while! If they are cap exclusive, I will cross mine off my wishlist as they seem very rare to get in a pool of hundreds of items. But you should totally make additional colors in the future, such as black and white and red, etc. 0;-). Imagine how dashing a white Games Master Cape could be for a princely Neopet! ~theredhood
YES! I noticed that it was never released (although, why it wasn't I don't know) so I thought it would be a fun extra to throw in an exclusive item to the pool!!
Also, for those wondering...the Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule was an ultra-rare mystery cap. That means it won't be a regular release or even annually. It will be probably once every few years! Who knows though, maybe we will release some other fun ones in the meantime...

Hi Scrappy!! *waves* Will there be new dyeworks items for the holidays? ~greyfever
Not before the Holidays but there will be one to welcome in the New Year with!!

Hi, Scrappy! ^^ If I ask a question and it doesn't get answered in the next issue of the NT, does that mean it will never be answered, or is it possible that it will be answered later? I've actually asked this before and didn't receive an answer, but that was LONG before you became the editor of the NT. I think it was even before Country Queen was the editor, but I don't remember for sure. ~melody5697
Well, this is a difficult question. Sometimes, I just don't have a definite answer for you so once I have one I can answer your question. However, sometimes I just won't answer the question. So it all depends on context!


Hiya there! *offers gingerbread to all* hope you had a great vacation Scrappy! Just wanted to wanted to compliment you guys on what a great job the winter celebration was this year! Really loved it! Also because I couldn't resist not saying my appreciation for your 'Disappearing Plate of Cookies'. I didn't know what I was expedting the plate also being gone made my day! Happy Holidays! ~daisyisabella28

I've been playing Neopets since I was a kid, and I'm so unbelievably glad that you guys are trying to make Neopets what it once used to be! I'm looking forward for whats next! ~popcorn_snuffler

As of this month I’m officially nineteen years old... I’ve been playing Neopets since I was FIVE. I’ve moved accounts and a lot has changed since then, but for well over a decade now Neopets has been a key part of my life and means so much to me. I grew up with it, and it grew up with me! I cant wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for Neo!! ~karmachameleons

Just wanted to say, I've played Neopets for 2/3 of my life (since I was seven!) and the stuff you've done lately has really given me the warm fuzzies. I missed out on a lot of stuff in the early years, mostly because I was so young and didn't know what I was doing, thank you for keeping the atmosphere of the site such that I can really enjoy myself now. ~rebeccag12363

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