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I use my phone a lot at or around work hours, but it's very clunky using the SSW, and getting my pets on new training programs. Are there plans for making Neopets more friendly for mobile devices? ~lastbattlefan
YES!!! 110% Yes! We know how crowded the homepage and site in general is on a mobile device, which makes it extremely hard to navigate. We are currently in the process of creating a better way to display it so you can get around easier andddd we are pushing for all our new content to be mobile friendly! The customization and pet views will be a bit longer but special events on the site (including Advent Calendar) will be viewable from mobile!

Hello! I was wondering if you would please address the Ghoul Catchers app problem? Some users are unable to download or play the game, while others apparently still have access to it. I really miss playing the game, and it seems unfair that some people are still able to play and earn the rewards, while others can't access it at all. There's a lot of uncertainty regarding the game, so I figured I'd be the one to ask: What is the status of the game, and what can we expect in the future? Thank you very much. ~coolporygon137
Sure! So we understand the issue here, however, we want to make sure when we bring this game back it is working well for everyone and doesn't have some of those issues we saw in the past! So, we are working to fix some of those issues and get you all catching those ghouls again as fast as possible!!

Scrappy, have you ever wondered if there are other planets beyond Neopia? I remember that Grundos and Alien Aishas come from a different planet, but could their be aliens from other planets that resemble many of the species found on Neopia? ~knight12tron
Wow, funny you ask that...I totally have! I think about it a lot actually. It's quite confusing for me, like what's out there? Where did you come from? How do I get there?!?! Yet somehow no one seems to be able to answer my questions. It's very frustrating....

Hi, Scrappy! ^^ I was just wondering, what's gonna happen to Flash games? Like, will you have to get rid of them, or will you keep them as they are, or will something be done to make them work without Flash? It would just be so sad if all of these games were gone, especially Faerie Caves II: Fyora's Quest. That game was the reason I joined Neopets 12 years ago, so it has sentimental value to me. If you keep them as they are, what's gonna happen in 2020 when Adobe stops supporting Flash? ~melody5697
Wow, that would be depressing to get rid of them! All these games definitely have senitmental value to a lot of Neopians and we would never want to lose them! We are definitely considering the options but no fear, the games won't be going anywhere! It's more of a question of "whats the best course of action" rather than "should we keep them or not." So I wouldn't worry at all! In fact, we are planning on releasing the first set of mobile-friendly (aka not flash) version of our games in the upcoming months!

Hi Scrappy! Thank you soooooo much for revitalizing the site, especially the NC Mall! Love all the new stuff and new ideas. I was wondering, could you create a bigger gift box that could hold 5 items? Or maybe even 10!? This would facilitate trading for higher value items while cutting down the box count necessary. Thank you!
Hm, that's an interesting idea but I would definitely have to make them extremely rare, if we were to do this at all.

Am I allowed to use my 5th pet slot on side accounts?
I believe this may have been answered before (so don't get annoyed I'm answering it again) but it's fairly important so yes, yes you can. Every account (main or side) can have 5 lovely pets now!!

Are these CAPTCHAs permanent?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are hoping to get rid of the lookup pages in the next couple of weeks and move forward from there! But yeah, definitely not permanent....definitely not.

Hey Scrappy! I asked a couple of weeks ago about the coming soon page and your response seemed pretty warming to the idea! Just checking to see if that's still coming soon! If not, ya know, why is it even there now to begin with? It hasn't been updated in a very long time :( ~ travis630977
Really? You sure about that? I'd check again...

Hi Scrappy I've been playing Neopets for over 17 years and I Know TNT is about to have it's 18th birthday. Now that I'm older I can pay for NC and premium, I'm just wondering what is the best way to show my site appreciation and support to keep neopets running for another 18 years?
Yes we areeeeee!!!!!!

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