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The Neopet That Frightens Me the Most Painted Ghost

by midnight_spell360


      Wandering around Neopia and investigating all the different lands to see which Neopet could be considered the scariest was a task I wasn't sure I was going to be able to complete and certainly wasn't expecting to actually enjoy. My Pets Kokariia, Harry_the_Toothless, and Harrund were up for our hunt but insisted that we give ALL the lands a fair shot before heading directly to Haunted Woods.

      We donned heavy parkas and trekked up and down Terror Mountain, but all the cheery Christmas painted Neopets were definitely not scary. Friendly and happy wasn't the vibe we were looking for, so we crossed TM off our list.

      We peeled out of our parkas and traded for jungle gear as we prepared to scour Tyrannia, and while all the Neopets were prehistoric in appearance, they were not frightening in their mannerisms enough for us to consider these gentle giants to be anything but pleasant. Lumbering and easy-going wasn't what we were looking for, so we crossed TY off our list.

      Well, this was certainly taking longer than we expected but we wanted to be thorough, as we dressed in armor to meet the Neopets of Altador, Meridell, Brightvale, and Shenku. Noble, intelligent, admirable, and wise, these Neopets made worthy battle dome opponents but not the kind to make us run and hide. So we scratched AL, MD, BV, and SH off our list and continued on.

      At Krawk Island, my Pets enjoyed meeting scurvy pirates but still they were not the shiver-down-the-spine type of Pets we were looking for, though their clever ways my Pets did adore. KI was stricken off the list.

      Faerieland, the Neopets looked cute and pretty and the same for Kiko Lake, as the Kikos looked like toys for bath time and not at all the kind to keep my Pets awake at night from fright. So, FL and KL were blackened off our list.

      Even Mystery Island's Neopets could not offer anything but strange and the same for the Neopets of Roo Island. Laid back and not in a hurry would never make my Pets afraid or worry. So MI and RI were removed promptly from our list.

      What about Kreludor, robot Neopets could be disturbing? But not quite, my Pets exclaimed, as they found them rather interesting. And what about Lost Desert, with Neopets rough and strong? Not really, my Pets sighed, they are serious foes but for frightening, they are just all wrong. So KR and LD were ticked off our list as well.

      We dove down in scuba gear to see if Maraqua offered Neopets to be feared, and while exotic and very skilled, my Pets insisted that they also didn't fit the bill. So we had to cross off MQ, too.

      Well surely Moltara with its lava dipped Pets could spike fear in my own Pets, or so I thought until my lava dipped Shoyru tugged on my sleeve and asked, wouldn't that make me scary too? But they were more than strange and even almost ominous yet not the scariest, they insisted. So off our list came ML.

      Aha! What about Darigan Citadel, the purple and black Neopets can certainly scare you, you must admit? Neopets with a color theme? Don't be silly, not even for a bad dream, my Pets scoffed as DC from our list was crossed.

      Okay, so to Haunted Woods we finally went and my Pets looked over the mutant Neopets. Rather gross and more disgusting but still just not what really scares us out of our wits, my Pets proclaimed. Then what?! What Neopet frightens you the MOST?! I couldn't imagine what they would say. Well, here is a Poem we put together to tell you EXACTLY which Neopet would scare us. We choose a Ghost painted Pet because it gives us that classic cold-finger-trailed across-your-shoulders feeling that sends our heart rates reeling. So please enjoy this as a Halloween treat!

     There are 36 choices for us to pick a scary Pet

     And we need to choose the one who by all nightmares are set.

     So looking over the bunch carefully, it's easy to rule out some Pets that are too cute and cuddly.

     Like the Bruce, Chomby, Elephante, Flotsam, Grundo, Kau, Mynci, Poogle, and Shoyru

     Their red eyes and glowing blue won't even raise a bump on you!

     Some are meant for beauty contests, NOT for scaring you silly

     Like the Acara, Aisha, Kougra, Peophin, Tonu, Uni, Wocky, and Zafara- oh really!

     Some look like dust bunnies pulled out from under the bed

     Like the Chia, Jubjub, Kiko, and Usul that inspire disgust- NOT dread!

     Some try hard to look mean but still can't do it right

     Like the Blumaroo, Korbat, Lenny, Moehog, Quiggle, Scorchio, and Techo almost bring LAUGHTER- NOT fright!

     The List has shrunk as we try to find the Pet that brings a chill to our very soul

     As we look at what is left, we need to pick the SCARIEST ghoul.

     The Draik, Gelert, Grarrl, Ixi, Krawk, and Skeith are good contenders for the title but are not quite it

     And the Lupe is overdone, wouldn't you say? Just a bit!

     This leaves us the Jetsam with ferocious teeth and evil eyes

     This Pet painted Ghost is the winner as we must realize!

     Down a dark alley, I would NEVER want to meet

     The creepy, slimy, Shark of Terror that has all the other Neopets beat!

      I was overwhelmed by their creativity and amazed that they had such strong feelings about making sure that they would choose what they thought was the scariest Neopet. I was even more impressed that this project brought them a more comprehensive knowledge of all the different Neopets that make up this wonderful world of Neopia and am proud of their abilities to respect all the Neopets and learn from each and every one.

      Of course, you probably would have chosen a different Neopet and that is certainly fine by all means. We all have different opinions that we can share and to find good everywhere, even when we are playing games or choosing scary Neopets.


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