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What was the first book created on Neopets? ~boscoemax
Probably a tome known as Mysterious Book. Legend suggests that it details the laws of the Thieves Guild as set down in ancient days. Whatever its contents, the book is very hard to find nowadays.

Hello, Neopets Team! I have a question. If one person writes out a comic and another draws it, are they allowed to submit it to the Neopian Times and ask for both their names on it? Thanks in advance! ~mizz_tisa
Yup, that's how it works. Good luck getting in!

If we submitted an article before the Neopian Times took a break, should we submit it again? ~golden1188
Nope, we still have 'em. We're in the process of going through those entries now, so you should hear back soon.

Werther jumping on a book
Read faster! Read faster!

Hi there, TNT! I've been seeing a lot about what you guys have on the back burners, but what I really wanna know is what you guys are actually working on currently! What parts of the site are the priority right now? ~revolutionesque
Currently we're working on fixing things! We have a few ideas up our sleeve for new content, but we want to make sure the site is running smoothly first.

I really like UCs, and I know other Neopians do, too. There should be an option to choose either a UC pet when creating a pet, or create a normal pet. Can you please bring UCs back? ~popcorn_snuffler
We're glad you like them! However, currently we have no plans to bring back unconverted Neopets as a creatable option.

We have birthday and Valentine petpets, we even have Valentine pet plushies! Any plans for these colors coming to our pets any time soon? *wink* ~oreo2135
Possibly. We are keeping them in mind as options for future Neopet colours, though we don't guarantee anything.

TNT, after consulting exactly 105 oracles, clairvoyants and Uni Faboo, I have stunningly not come up with an answer to this question that has haunted me for over a year now. TNT, we all need to know; will there be a Daily Dare this year? ~deltamorious
Most likely not. AAA sprained his wrist and has been unable to play for a bit, poor fellow. His recovery may take a while since he's bound to want to polish his gaming skills before he challenges Neopia again.

Hi! I was going to write a story about someone exploring the south pole of Neopia but I wasn't sure if the area was a continent (like Antarctica), an ice field (like the Arctic), a group of islands mixed with ice or something else! (You never do know in Neopia!)
Oh, there's definitely land down there under all that ice. There's even mountains. There might even be a volcano or a tropical paradise (what?!), but no one's really sure, as no one who has gone to explore the south pole has ever returned.

Frostburn contemplates the snow
Whatever happened to old Frostburn the explorer, anyway?

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