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Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 5

Call it force of habit.

by caylista
Lame Pun: The Lot Bone


by blackaavar
A Joke for Fancy Cheese Lovers

What did Mr. Quiggle say to a Bearog stuck in a tree?

by toffeedatepudding
Aisha Soup: Petpet Peril

Run, Aza! RUN!

by the_shii
The Best Way to Serve Tigersquash

I sauteed it.

Written by patjade

by izzywizard

Patience is a Virtue

The Left Boot

Also by chantili_doce

by tedypicker

Stealing the Spotlight

Take my avatar!

Idea by new_perspective

by lizzbear_

Taming Melvin the Monster: Wrath of the Snowager


Also by darkpinkrose

by bittersweet52

Results May Vary: Snot Splatter

I DID have a cold recently...

by return_of_itsy
The Truth About the Polka Dot Paint Brush

I knew it!

by neocool_1_1_1
The Hungry Aisha (Part 1)

The adventure begins!

Also by pixeljoy

by sugarycupcakes


Can you spot the pun?

by anti_guy
Think Before You Say It

Yeah, we won't be doing THAT again...

by guineagymnastics
Random Oddness

Featuring the item: Continuous Meat!

by mistyqee
The Kiddie Krusade: Pt1

Looks like Neopia has new helpers, little helpers to be exact.

by fancypants200
What Did You Say?

Thank you for helping us, kind Neopian!

by queen_potema
Esophagor Breath


by _torchic__
just neo things: faerie quest

I'm sorry. Could you please reward them for me?

by hiragana
Rebuilding Faerieland

In light of the return of daily faerie quests, some Neopets wonder how these items are actually helping...

by jessicox
The Floating Islanders: Darigan's Chambers

So apparently if you put a big sign somewhere, people will go there.

by yankeesrule244444456
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"Maggie and Igneot's Fire Flower" by bsbgirl7777777
"I'm sorry!" Maggie exclaimed, gently grabbing hold of the stroller that had started rolling from the impact. The Royal Kougras turned to her and recoiled. Maggie was taken aback by their reaction and cautiously stepped towards them—extending a paw to quell their unease...

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The Palindrome of Thade
The class room was quiet, almost an eerie quiet. I was sitting at my desk trying to solve the latest anagram book.

by cyber1ofkakoradesert


Learning Curve
Ideran lounged on a throne of orange coral. It was in a state of disrepair; crumbling in places and large chunks lying around the throne. Ideran seemed not to care...

by ceasei


The Unknown Faerie Princesses: Part 1
An expose that reveals a secret sister of Queen Fyora...

by puddydog


Does the PC Care How Valuable Your Active Pet Is?
Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Five pages later: bump. bump. bump. bump.

by blueskies020


Rumored Legacy: Part Two
It wasn't hard to convince the remaining Aisha Thieves to join him, but then, most of them were young and inexperienced; they would believe anything Purrow told them.

by _abiz_


Scarab Queen: Part Five
Nabile's next chance came the next morning as Nightsteed said, "Ahem... Jazan... you are my superior in terms of magical knowledge, but..."

by saphira_27

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