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Hello, oh wise and powerful TNT! *bows* I have a very important question: will you be updating the shields for users that have been playing Neopets for 12+ years? It seems that those of us who have been around longer are still stuck with 12 year shields. Thank you for your time. *backs out of the room bowing* ~koggler
Very well, you have pleased us with your piety. You may have your shields. (Actually, we've already scheduled them. You'll see them appear after mid-November.)

Hey, TNT! You need to tell the Storytelling Contest judge that they forgot to give Dragona her trophy for starting the Storytelling Contest! ~dr_tomoe
Hahahaha! Dragona thanks you for your concern and would like to assure everyone that she got her trophy, 2,000 NP, and Bri Codestone for her contribution. It's just that game trophies don't show up on staff accounts, so you can't see it. (We do a lot of testing on our staff accounts so we don't want players getting confused by our trophies appearing and disappearing, etc.) She's quite touched that many voiced insistence that she get her Storytelling Contest trophy, and has enjoyed reading the story that developed. :)

Hey, TNT! I'm really not much of a complainer, but did you guys know that you made the same tree twice? One NC Spooky Apple Tree Foreground and the new NP Undead Apple Tree Foreground. It's really not fair to people who bought the NC one last year to have the exact same tree in a different color and different apples but be given out free as a Neopoint item. :/ *hangs head* I'm super disappointed! ~silly_mistake
Euargh! That should not happen. We looked into it and it seems it was an honest mistake involving a miscommunication between departments. We're quite sorry about that!

My friend said that the Petpet Lab Ray can't zap Petpets into mutants. Can you tell me if he's right? ~annabelch12_19
The Petpet Lab Ray can zap a Petpet into anything classified as a Petpet (even active but unreleased ones), so they can be zapped into mutants.

Why do Gnorbu women have beards? ~kangaroosie
It's not a beard, it's a mane! All Gnorbu have manes, unless it's shearing day or they've shaved it off themselves.

I've searched for this question and haven't found an answer to it, so I'm asking. I'm a natural hoarder of things that I think are cool, so my question is: is there a limit on a certain number of items or certain number of one particular item you like us to stay below? Like, say if I have 100 Cheese Omelettes -- is that too many, or am I cool? Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
Nope! There's no limit (unless you're cheating to get the items, of course). If you want to stick 40,000 omelettes into your Safety Deposit Box, then that's your prerogative. We won't even doubt your sanity, because it certainly won't be the weirdest thing a player has done.

Can you please explain why the Forgotten Shore Map is so cheap, yet when I bought it it was 10,000 NP? ~kitstar1
Supply far exceeded demand as time went on, and most players likely have access now, thus no longer need the pieces.

Economics. Huzzah!

Hi! The Yellow Chomby Model Kit seems so ultra rare, yet our Neopets can't even play with it. Would you mind changing this? :) ~fjant
You don't play with kit models! They're for display only! Oh wait, that's the real world. You're welcome to play with them in Neopia. Consider it fixed. Just make sure your Neopet is careful with it. ;)

Dearest TNT,
I have a question that's been bothering me for a while. I'm hoping that maybe you can clarify something for me: if you have someone blocked from contacting you (for whatever reason), are you allowed to tell them to leave any board you make? I understand that, if said person comes onto the board and is harassing you, then you have every right to. However, if they are coming on there to be friendly to other users and not engage the person who blocked them, is that still considered harassment? Hopefully this gets cleared out. :) (Please remove my username.) ~username removed

Thanks for your concern! If a user you block is posting on your board, or on a board you have commented on, then that is perfectly fine. Players are free to post on any board they choose. However, if the user who is posting on one of your boards is harassing you or following you to another user's board with the intent to harass or annoy you, then at that time you should report the situation. Never ask the user to leave, as this could escalate into an argument. It’s always best to report the situation and let the moderation team take care of the rest. When you try to take matters into your own hands, no matter how innocent it may seem, you put your own account at risk of getting in trouble.

TNT, I am NOT impressed! I thought you were all awesome and funny and stuff, but when faeriemagickalmelody sent in her question last week and you had to remove where she lived, you just put [removed]. I thought you were funnier than that! You could have put something to make us laugh. I am very disappointed in you all. :K ~fire_dragon_342
*smacks head* Great googly-moogly! You are so right! We completely missed a golden opportunity. Consider us rightly shamed.

Are Draik eggs retired? If they are, then how are users going to get a Draik besides trading for them, getting them from The Pound, and transferring them? ~supertonkaiy
There are no Draik eggs that are retired. All colours restock in Merifoods and range between rarity 95 to 99.

Is it against the Terms of Service to play Neoquest II on a side account all the way to Insane Mode to have another try for the last prize? ~xthestralsx
Yes, that would be against the rules. Please don't partake in activities on your side accounts that reward items or Neopoints.

In the last Neopian Times you mentioned the fact that you were going to retire a bunch of items. However, one problem collectors have had with retired items recently is when they are called r180 but still given out by parts of the site. Is there any way that your "retirement" of any item that is also given out in the Battledome could be changed to r101 instead of r180 to designate an item from a special area? Moreover, I know retiring gourmet food items is a bit hard, since they are then no longer gourmet food. Could you perhaps make a new r181 rarity for gourmet retired items so that they can still be retired and count toward gourmet food collector totals? I really hope that you answer me on this; thank you in advance. ~kieronstoff
Basically, our intention is to get some worthless items out of shops. We understand your thinking, but we will be assigning them r180. This rarity means an item no longer stocks OR will not be given out again. If we changed the rarity of a previously-stocking item to r101, then that could cause some confusion as to the origin of the item. There aren't any gourmet foods currently due to be retired with this batch.

Is there a Neopian out there who owns ALL of the Neopoint items available? O: ~optimisticninja
Not even close. If they legitimately did, even we would be jealous.

What ever happened to that WUT section? Have us Neopians been decreasing in general strangeness? ~lightning78947
It appears so! The WUT section is like Judge Hog, and only appears when needed. (Edit: it looks like one of your fellow Neopians came through for you this week.)

So, I entered my gallery for the spotlight a month or two ago, and I am still waiting to find out whether it has been accepted. In the meantime, I've been adding more items that I have collected. Do I need to resubmit my entry in order to have all of my current items displayed if I win, or will the existing submission link to the current state of my gallery? Thanks! (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
It will display the current state of the gallery. Also, as a general reminder, please make sure that ONLY gallery-related items are in your gallery, and to increase your chances of being selected, try to make your gallery look nice when it's in "view all" mode. :)

Hi, TNT! Would you mind ending this Editorial with a picture of the Gnorbu Wool Burger? Look at those eyes on it... IT'S SO FLUFFY AND CUTE I COULD DIE. ; u ; ~oceanologist
We completely agree.

We're not sure if we'd avoid eating it
due to cuteness, or the
the fact that the burger patty is wool.


TNT, thank you so, so, soooo much for releasing the beautiful Eyrie Day clothes. My female Eyries have been sad for a while that they've never had a dress (or anything feminine at all, really!) to wear, so I truly appreciate you finally creating such a beautiful outfit for them! Keep up the wonderful work! (P.S.: Zydena gives you a huggeeee hug!) ~jamesv1

You know, it really isn't Halloween until Neopets starts celebrating it. You guys really know how to get everyone in the spirit this time of year! I just wanted to thank you for the incredible things you've been doing the past few months. This event has been a blast for me! I really appreciate the amount of effort you guys put forth in your events. You guys always look for ways to improve on old ones and invent new ones. Thanks for making Neopia one of my favorite places to visit! ~mr_percy_jackson_2

I LOVE the Black Eye Shadow wearable! It fits my black and white theme grey Hissi PERFECTLY. THANK YOU! =D ~tropicana_x

Reading last week's Editorial made me laugh! It seems we Neopians have gotten pretty predictable with our rabid tendencies. :K Let me just say now that you guys are awesome for putting up with us. x) I used to think the rules on Neopets were far too restrictive, but as I've gotten older and watched my younger siblings play on this site, I can relax knowing that you guys are looking out for them just like you did for me. I was a noob once, too, and did some things that bugged other people enough to threaten to report me, but I was a kid, and I'd like to believe you guys knew that and never warned me on account of it. :) Thank you for guarding the good in the world! (please remove my username)
Awwwww, you're welcome. :) We'll be sure to forward this to our monitors!


Did you use my Neopet's customization? I was reading the story in the new Spooky Food Eating Contest and noticed that the Krawk seems to have exactly the same customization as my Neopet. Is this pure coincidence, or were you just perusing Krawks and liked his look? Granted, it isn't so strange that you'd come up with a Krawk [description removed for privacy], but it was the [same] wings that kinda threw me. So, yeah, I'm curious. *tosses you all batwings* ~username removed
Oh goodness, we're sorry to put you in this section, but we can't stop laughing. The dialogue page displays the active Neopet of the account viewing the page. That's why it looks exactly like your Krawk. XD

Please don't feel too bad. Considering the number of people that wrote in this week amazed that the Neopian globe turns after reading about it in last week's Editorial, you probably weren't alone.

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