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Memoirs of a Rooligan

by water_park1993


Rooligan (Roo-lee-gan) n., pl. -gans, sh.Roo

1. A person who supports, used to support or will support Roo Island in the current, old or upcoming Altador Cup. 2. A person who chats on the Rooligans board and comes from any team or no team at all.3. Can be used as an adjective to describe jolliness and good sportsmanship. 4. Refers to the boards found all year round either on Virtupets or on current plot board or in Altador Cup board and welcomes any user to come chat and make friends.

That is the official definition of the word found in any Neopian dictionary found in the whole of Neopia. Their official Rulebook can be found on ~RooligansRulebook which includes several other links to other Rooligan related pages.

But how can someone become a Rooligan? Simply by visiting one of their boards, staying and chatting with them. All Rooligans are open to all new friendly victims willing to abandon their free time and spend countless hours chatting with other insane people; or otherwise sane people who just need to chat with someone.

My share of this pie

How did I become a Rooligan? It all started during a sunny summer day, during the finals of AC1 in 2006 when I, a 14 year old then, decided to visit the Boards for the first time. That is when I saw them. That board title featuring two blue Blumaroos posing at the front and the back of the title, with Rooligans written in the front and a punny sentence afterwards. I was intrigued; I won't hide it, I clicked right on and introduced myself as Chris. I still remember who were the first people I chatted with and from that point we established two new nicknames for me: WaterY and Watercress, the latter of which includes both Water and Chris in it (we all were young back then, don't judge!). Soon later Watercress became WaterCress and then WC, and the Y was soon dropped to become Water. And there you have my two nicknames!

Rooligans had a huge impact on me. Mostly because-- not mostly, wholly because I never did much before them on Neopets. I grew up with the Rooligans and until now, seven years later I still visit them and try to keep up.

I met some awesome Rooligans all these years. Some of them are still active and we catch up every now and then, others have disappeared in the real world never to meet us again - but who really knows. Some people taught me the fun of collecting avatars and that's why I started doing so. Others taught me the thrill of Battledome and that's why I started training my pet and battling. Others showed me how interesting NeoQuest II is and that's why I played it. Others just were themselves and they were always there when someone needed them always with a good pun to say and a witty joke to make and make you laugh. I started a Mall because of them, expanding my shop. I started an awesome gallery that I still have. I wanted to learn basic coding, made an Adoption Agency and bought stocks, because they taught me how to do it! And I don't regret a single minute spent on those boards.


Over the years there had been some running gags and inside jokes within the chat group. Of course I can't list them all, because they are too many and also because I am sure I don't know all of them; but I do know some.

Them puns

The oldest of them all is the most obvious one to ROOveal. All Rooligans love puns that contain the word 'ROO' in them. And if you can't think of a good sentence where 'ROO' would be used, don't fret! We accept anyROOthing that ROO can think of! There used to be a petpage listing many old punny titles used by Rooligans in the past. King Roo appROOves of the puns so go ahead, visit us and show us your witty skills.

Rohane and friends

As I have already mentioned above, Rooligans were really into NeoQuest II (NQII for now on) for a long period of time. It was shortly after a certain Altador Cup which I can't remember the date. Everyone started playing NQII and they dragged me into it. Next Cup the same thing happened! It became like a tradition after each Cup for the Rooligans to play a round of NQII. Truth is I didn't do it this year so I am waiting to start Insane soon.

That brown vegetable

A certain individual Roo has an obsession with that brown vegetable called 'Potato' (or is that a fruit?). Every chance he has he will mention Potatoes out of the blue. It doesn't matter if his random remark will make any sense, he will say it anyway. For him, potatoes are above all; we had some heated discussions how water is above potatoes but he did stand strong to his beliefs!

Playing with fire. And water. And the rest!

For a long time there were four Rooligans, each having a nickname from the Four Elements. And for those of you who don't know the four elements are fire, water, earth and air. So there we had it; four different people nicknamed Fire, Water, Earth and Air. There was a petpage dedicated to our Four Elements that had images and poems made only for them.

Never shake Neocola

We used to discuss how shaking a Neocola would cause it to explode or not. I stood for the explosion because it would be cooler, plus obviously Neocola is a fizzy drink so why not explode! I even had a comic dedicated to Neocola exploding, in the past. This inside joke is very old and I doubt most of the Roos remember it, I still do although I can't for the name of Fyora remember how it started.


On Rooligan boards every Roo is prone to use excessive acronyms, smilies and sentences that hardly make any sense. Don't worry about it, though; it's quite contagious so you will soon jump in the conversation! Of course on any chat group it is usual to find acronyms and smilies but we do it better.


Here are some of the best quotes I have seen from the last boards, with no usernames mentioned!

Neomail Message from: theneopetsteam


oh just my nc is expiring .-.





my internet and phone went out a bit there...

time to go to work.

Wheeeeee! We have a new baby Roo!

el awesome bumpo.

el awesomer bumpo.

Finishing off this article, I want to thank everyone who was on the boards, either very active or less for all these years. And for the rest who have just read the article and got to know us a bit more, and you liked us, I hope to see you around one of our board soon!

Note: This article described the feelings and experiences of a sole Rooligan and not the whole group's view on any matter discussed above

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