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Whenever there is a big change, update, or overhaul on the site, many people instinctively rail against it. Change is hard, right? Has there been a particular large change to the site that had Neopians overwhelmingly supporting it rather than decrying it? ~amysfun
Hahaha! That's a great question. :) Actually, the initial Battledome revamp had a very positive response. Even on the Battledome Chat. The Battledome Chat, people. We were naturally confused and assumed it was malfunctioning and granting millions of NP or something.

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering: do you think it'd be possible to give our Neopets some new phrases to say in response to when we play with them? I love to play with my 'pets, and they've been saying the same things to me for years and years, and it's our only direct interaction with them. Thank you! ~musicalitie_side
Yes, that's quite possible. :) We'll try to update them to say a larger variety of things within the next month or so.

Hi, there. I've been wondering: now that there are new faerie abilities and the old ones are no longer working, what happens if you land on that spot on the Wheel of Excitement that used to raise an ability? I'm hoping you'll have an answer for me, as it would probably take several weeks to try landing on the right spot to figure this out for myself. Thank you in advance. ~eilistae
This is on our list we've been going down as we replace different games with the new faeries. Instead of ability upgrades, this slot will eventually give away one of the new bottled faeries.

Hi, TNT! I have a question. Let's say, hypothetically, that someone wrote a story and had it published in The Neopian Times. Let's also say that, hypothetically, a few years passed and someone copied that story, also submitting it to The Neopian Times, and it got published. Let's pretend that someone recognized the story and searched for it, finding out that the "author" only changed the name, the species, and the color of the characters, and added, what, three sentences? Would this be considered plagiarism? What would -- or should -- be done about it? Thanks, TNT! ~username removed
Please report the player so that the wrath of the NT Queen may descend upon the plagiariser.

Hi, TNT. *hands you a sandwich* On the Pound Chat, a lot of people have lately been posting things such as "Looking for Neopet with an avvie Petpet" or "Looking for a Neopet with a Mootix attached." I know that trading a 'pet specifically for the Petpet is against the rules, but what about for a Petpetpet? They can not get it off and sell it, so it would just be for the avatar. Is that allowed? ~sillyblondegirl17
No. The Petpet still has a Neopoint value, even if it can't be removed. You may trade one Neopet for one Neopet. That's all.

They broke out the italics, guys.
I think they mean business!

Dear TNT,
I would love to see the Customization Spotlight improved by making the Neopet pictures larger. I can't see the full wonderful effect of each customization when looking at a mere 150x150 pixels. Could you guys PLEASE increase the image sizes so I don't have to squint every time I try to vote?!? I would love to be able to see more details. ~honeyapples

We agree that it would be nice for the images to be larger. We're looking into it to see if it will be a minor quick fix, or if it will take longer programming time and effort.

Hello, TNT! I was moving some items from my inventory to my shop and Safety Deposit Box through Quick Stock and I noticed that the items in my inventory are now listed from newest to oldest, but the Quick Stock lists items from oldest to newest. I found it kind of difficult to move and keep track of items since they're both listed in different orders. Do you think it would be possible to change Quick Stock to order items the same way as our inventories? Thanks for considering! :D ~cheesetwo__ff
Ahh, we see. We'll put in a request to the programmers and we'll hopefully be able to get that changed. Thanks for the feedback. :)

Hey TNT, is it intentional that Illusen asks for no-trade items? Last time, for Level 1, she asked for a Golden Lost Desert Wall Paint. After checking Jellyneo, I have confirmed that it is impossible for me to buy one. So... does she want me to magic it in or something? ~hap254
If she asks for a no-trade item, it's something from the Neohome Superstore. These items are always available at a low price. Be sure to click the "more" buttons to see the whole range of items.

Dear TNT,
I have been trying diligently to up my Neopet's stats for the war, but it feels like I am "fighting" a losing battle. Will I still be able to "do my part" and participate if my stats are not legendary? I am really enjoying this plot, by the way, and in the past I had wholeheartedly avoided the Battledome, but now I am ADDICTED!!! ~forever_angel_4304

Yay, we're really glad you're enjoying the revamped Battledome. :) During wartime, waves of challengers do become more powerful. We understand players who have not trained their Neopets over the years will eventually "cap out" as the challengers become stronger. It's the nature of Neopian wars. Some players shine during Daily Dare, others the Altador Cup, and some do their best at puzzle plots. Wars are for anyone that enjoys (or has recently discovered the joy of) battling. We encourage everyone to decide how much or little they want to participate. If you're having fun battling, then by all means, support your faction and continue battling any opponent you can.

Apparently there is some kind of glitch going on where you can't get the Chokato avatar because of the new inventory. Not sure if you were aware of it or not, but could you guys please look into it? Thank you. :) ~paulad33n
We've alerted the programmers. Thanks for letting us know!

Have you guys ever considered adding "achievements" to the site when plots are not going on? I know some of the game avatars act like achievements, but it would be cool to have a section of your trophies with other achievements based on things completed. For example, a Neopian gets the highest bank account and gets an achievement; something like merit badges for accomplishments. ~pheonixdark
YES. :D It's something we've always wanted to do. We're crossing our collective fingers that it can be a feature released this year, but we can't make any guarantees. It has definitely been on our list, though. :)

Hi TNT, it's been bugging me ever since i saw it appear in the Hidden Tower. How do you pronounce Sword of Thigl, or is it a spelling error and spelled like "Amulet of Thilg"? ~wong_wei_song105
It's pronounced "thi-jill," and no, it's not a spelling error -- just a different anagram.

So, this years "cancelled due to lack of interest" has been cancelled? Cancelledception? ~florisramon
You know a day is really uninteresting when the day to celebrate its lack of interest is cancelled.

We did set a guard to watch and alert us
if anything interesting happened that day, but...


"The cake, incidentally, is not free. We lied." And this, TNT, is why I've loved the last eight years with you. This and every other geeky reference you've made, ever. It makes my day. *heart* Stay awesome. ~emma_manatee

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