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Enchanted Stories: Adventure on the High Seas - Part Four

by kristykimmy


So there we were, the four of us stranded in the middle of Fyora knows where, watching the Revenge sail away.

      "Say, where is Jacques?" I asked, suddenly remembering that he hadn't been with us when we had been taken prisoner. "I haven't seen him since the battle and I don't remember seeing him among the captured crew. You don't think that something bad happened to him again?"

      "I don't know. I hope he is okay. I've been worrying about him since yesterday, but I didn't want to worry anyone any more than they were already by mentioning his absence," Garin replied.

      "So what do we do?" Hannah asked.

      "Don't look at me; I'm the leader of the Thieves' Guild. I know nothing about pirates, ships, and being marooned. Isn't Garin or the girl supposed to come up with something?" Kanrik replied.

      "Don't you give me that look, Hannah! You're the one who got me involved in this crazy adventure," Garin cried.

      "You're the one who said he could handle anything," Hannah screeched back at him.

      "Great, this is just great! I am stuck on a deserted island, my kids are stuck alone on another island and all you two can do is quibble with each other! I cannot believe that I had to be marooned with the two of you and Hannah's boyfriend! This is like a really bad Neovision show! My life so sucks! What's next, are Hagan and Taelia going to drop out of the sky? Or maybe the Ghost Lupe is going to show up. Maybe we'll get chased around by Snowy's island cousin!" I ranted.

      They stopped fighting and looked at me for a minute, I thought that maybe something I had said had gotten through to them and maybe they were thinking of a way to get off the island. Finally Garin looked at Hannah and started to snigger.

      Hannah slugged Garin in the arm and cried, "Knock that off, you barnacle brain!"

      It was clear that they weren't about to be much help. I screamed in frustration and went to bang my head against the nearest tree. When I was done, I sank down on the sand and cried. Kanrik came and sat next to me in silent sympathy. A few minutes later he poked me in the arm and I looked up. He pointed down the beach, to where Hannah was currently pummeling Garin into the sand.

      I simply nodded in reply and said, "You must have your hands full with her."

      "Naw, all I've got to do is make sure to send her some of the maps we bring in and she's happier than a Puppyblew with a mirror," Kanrik replied.

      "I see."

      It struck me again how impossible this all was. We watched them for a few minutes more and then I asked, "How do you think we will get off here?"

      "Jacques is still aboard Garin's ship. Your kids are on the island close to that. He will pick them up, sail in this direction and we will hail them when we see them. I know he is. He jumped overboard when all looked lost and I saw him climbing back up the ship after Scarblade started sailing away."

      "If you knew, why didn't you say anything before?"

      "Because I was hoping that would happen. I hate Garin. He is insufferably stuck up; he thinks being a pirate is somehow better and more noble than being a thief. They're the exact same thing, only one is on the sea and the other on land, and pirates are less organized and spend too much time in-fighting. He deserves what he gets," Kanrik chuckled wickedly.

      "If I ever had to choose between one of you to accompany me on some epic journey, it would so be you. You're so sneaky and calculating. That is, so long as you promise not to push me over any cliffs," I laughed.

      "Hey, I didn't push her! I just didn't stop her from falling. It is a completely different thing," Kanrik protested.

      "The outcome was the same," I pointed out.

      "Well, that's true, but beside the point," Kanrik replied.

      Hannah came over and tossed herself down between us, sighing happily.

      "Did you make sure to leave him in a good enough condition to drag himself off the island when we are rescued, Hannah? Because, I'm not carrying him," Kanrik said.

      "He'll be fine, when he wakes up," Hannah said.

      "You know, I wish Elise could be here. She would never accuse me of being a freak again," I sighed.


      It was about sundown when Kanrik started building the fire. He made it burn as hard as it could so it could be seen from the ocean. We took turns keeping watch. I was on duty at dawn when I saw the Black Pawkeet sailing into view. I woke the others and we tossed more wood on the fire. Fifteen minutes later Chloe leapt out of the ocean. Tied to her back was a rowboat. After being soaked by a wet hug, we were in the boat and on our way back to the ship.

      It was a happy reunion, but after it was over we had another problem to tackle. How were we going to rescue the crew? I happened to notice that Kanrik was still wearing his seaweed necklace.

      "Garin, can't you get some of your Maraquan friends to help?" I asked.

      "Maybe, if I'm lucky. But, I wouldn't be able to stay under long enough to find someone and I wouldn't be able to talk to them."

      Kanrik already had his necklace of and was holding it out to him. Garin grinned and took it.

      "Chloe, go with Garin. You can swim better, so you can help him. Be careful and good luck."

      "We will, stay safe up here," Chloe said as she dived over the deck.

      Garin dived in after her. I sighed as I looked over the ship, watching them disappear into the depths of the ocean.

      I turned back to the others and asked, "So, what else do we have to expect to go wrong?"

      "Hey, at least we haven't run into any Grarrls, yet," Elise said teasingly.

      "Don't you dare," I warned, "There is still time for Galem to come back from the dead and maroon me in the middle of a frozen tundra."

      "Hey, no one is allowed to say that name in my hearing, got it? If he does come back from the dead, I'm holding you responsible, Cybunny," Kanrik threatened.

      Elise just laughed sardonically at him, and that seemed to disconcert him slightly. I guess most people wouldn't dare to laugh at the leader of the Thieves Guild. That wouldn't stop Elise, she laughs at everybody because there is nothing they can do about it.

      We sailed after the Revenge. They had a few hours lead on us, but I was certain that it wouldn't be long before we caught up. However, I wasn't sure if Garin and Chloe would return with backup before then. If they didn't; we were so dead. At sundown that day the Revenge appeared on horizon.

      "Maybe we should drop back and wait?" I suggested.

      "Nope, they've seen us. They'll be turning around and bringing the fight to us," Jacques replied.

      I pulled out my cutlass and said, "Garin better be worth what we'll be paying him."

      Jacques grinned. "Don't worry; Garin will be here in the nick of time. You can count on him."

      "I thought that was you who always shows up in the nick of time to save the day," I countered.

      He laughed and replied, "He owes me one."

      Just then Garin rose over the side of the ship. To say 'convenient' about what he had to report was an understatement. He had found Maraquan warriors who had agreed to help in the fight. I grinned and gripped my cutlass tighter, round two was on.

      The Revenge turned and came at us and we came at them. While we engaged the other pirates in a firefight the Maraquan warriors slipped up onto their ship and freed Garin's crew while we distracted the other pirates by boarding the Revenge. We did enough damage to cripple them and returned to our ship, sailing off as fast as we could. The Revenge's crew was still more than a match if we gave them enough time.


      The Maraquan warriors stayed with us for the next few hours. They left once they were sure we were safe. I thanked them and watched them swim away. I looked up at the full moon that was rising. Lilias came up and stood next to me.

      "Are adventures normally this crazy?" Lilias asked.

      I thought about it for a moment and replied, "Yep, this is pretty normal in the general scheme of things. Don't worry, Lilias, everything will turn out right. We've already passed the hardest part. "

      The Uni smiled at me and said, "Well, you are the expert. What happens next?"

      "Well, we make it there, hopefully without further interference from pirates, and then I bow to Hannah's superior knowledge. We'll investigate the caves and find your fortune," I replied.

      "That is so weird." Lilias' brow furrowed. "I never thought about it being my fortune before, or how rich I will be if it is true. I was just excited about the mysterious map and a treasure hunt. I'm not sure what I'll do with all that money."

      "I'm sure you'll figure it out," I said. "In the mean time, let's just focus on finding this treasure."

      Lilias nodded and we chatted about things as stars moved steadily across the sky.

To be continued...

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