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So, TNT, I'm sure you must see some pretty weird things, doing what you do. In the last month or so, what's the weirdest stuff you've heard on request forms / boards / contest entries / Editorial submissions, etc.? ~cockykitty
This month? Probably the player that requested a Neopian tanning salon. x_X

Hi, TNT. What exactly are we supposed to do with the item Piece of a Scratch Card? I can't store it in my Safety Deposit Box. When I tried it gave me an "Error: You can't do that with a Petpetpet Habitat item!" message. I don't see an option to put it in my Habitarium, though. Please help! ~albashot
We're working to fix this. D: Sorry about that!

Hi, TNT! =) Could you show us a picture of the ancient mutant Chia? I mean back before, when he resembled mud / sludge? Not many people remember what the mutant Chia looked like before it became the green guy it is now, and no one seems to have a saved picture of it anywhere when I search. I really want to show it to people. D: Please? ~bbsachel
Oh, you mean this monstrosity? We've tried to forget about it. D:

*hands you a maple leaf* Hey, TNT! Neopets is used by people all over the world, but some events aren't available to people all over the world. Things like the "Hop Sponsor Event" are open to U.S. residents only, while a lot of people are left out. Not only do we miss out on Neopoint and item rewards, but it also makes us feel awfully left out. I just wanted to know if there was a reason for this and if you might consider changing it. Please remove my username. ~username removed
Alas, it's up to the sponsor, not us. If a sponsor wants to only market to a certain audience or area, then we have to respect their request. :(

Hi, TNT! *throws veggies to counter the sugar intake* This is a question that has been bothering me for quite some time and I thought, hey, what better place to have it answered than the Editorial? :D Well, anyway, back to my question: if you go to spin a wheel, and then go and play other games, or spin more wheels, is it considered cheating? I can't see how it would be, since the Wheel of Monotony takes hours, and I would think that you'd want us to play. Just to be on the safe side, though, I thought I should ask, since I haven't seen this question asked anywhere else before. Thanks! ~j3nni3_21
As long as you're not up to any cheating shenanigans, you can play in multiple windows and go about your Neopian business while waiting for wheels to turn. We're not that cruel!

*throws Fyora doll* Yo, TNT. Could you answer this question? Sorry if it's been asked by someone else before, but can the Grundo Leader or Pant Devil steal Hidden Tower weapons? I'm trying to afford this Sword of Lameness. ~petmuju
They sure can. Any Neopoint item in your open Inventory is ripe for the picking by Neopia's nefarious villains, so be careful. D:

Oh, a SHINY!

Dearest TNT,
What question do I need to ask to be published in the Editorial? ~juliebean21040

The question the above person asked, or the question the person below did.

Hey, TNT. Seeing a question in last week's Editorial made me curious, so I thought I'd come straight to the source rather than ponder! Let's say you were to attach a Krawk Petpet to your Neopet and it aged to, say, six months before you took it to the Fungus Caves. When it evolved into a Krawk Neopet, would your evolved Krawk have an age of zero hours, or would it show as being six months old (well, however many days that would correspond to, anyway)? ~pertaoiin
It would be considered a "newborn" Neopet and begin at zero hours old.

Alright, TNT. Kacheek and Sons Landscaping has had their fun at the top of the stock market for quite some time now, and all of us investors are tired of kicking ourselves in the shins daily for selling way too early. Could you give another stock a chance to rise to the top so that we can start bringing in some revenue again? Our shins would appreciate it. ~buildabearnamedkilo
/jawdrop *_* Man, there are some of us here that wish we'd invested in that, too! We don't manually control the Stock Market, so... yeah, wow. Guess we'll just wait and see what happens.

Okay, so I've got this touchy issue that I thought to ask you guys about BEFORE I took any action (phew!). Basically, I've started my own little "IRL" (in real life) collection of artwork that I really admire. Although I am no art expert, I'm always on the lookout for paintings / pictures that spark my interest. I would love to purchase full renders of some of the art that users submit to the Art Gallery competition. I've read through past Editorials and from the Terms of Service, though, and they pretty much all say that it's wrong to give / take commissions on the Neopets site. ANNNND it's wrong to inquire about outside contact like deviant-art. So, am I basically out of luck? Sorry for the longwinded question, but this dilemma is very frustrating. If it's against the rules, please remove my username so people don't contact me. ~username removed
Neopets are the intellectual property of Neopets.com, so unfortunately artists can't legally sell artwork derived from our intellectual property.

*throws yummy jelly beans* This is unrelated to me, but say (hypothetically) that someone was selling a Pile of Jelly Beans in their shop. Say a user bought that item, but upon realizing the item currently didn't work, the buyer then reported the seller's shop. Nothing would happen to the seller, would it? ~jenny911433
Hahaha, no. Don't worry. If the shop owner did nothing wrong, then they wouldn't get a warning. People report shops for... the most amusing reasons quite often. We sometimes open up shop reports for the bigger shops and laugh and laugh at the absolutely bizarre claims, ranging from "too expensive" to claims like they stole their real life puppy. It's just... weird.

Has the Site Spotlight really been discontinued? If so, how come? ~oki
Yes, the Site Spotlight is no longer running, due to lack of submissions.

*throws a copy of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors* I just have to know, TNT: do you have a specific team of employees whose only purpose is to write awful puns for your site? You do realize that puns are the lowest form of humour, don't you? ~rings_of_the_lord
D: You don't like our puns? Unfortunately (for you), we have more like an army of staff that just loves puns (and alliteration, too, it seems).

Hi, TNT! I understand how, if you accidentally do a daily (such as Coltzan's Shrine or Apple Bobbing) on your side account, you don't have to panic; you just don't do it on your main. That being said, are you allowed to do a daily on your side account on purpose, as long as you don't do it on your main? I've been receiving a lot of controversial answers here; could you please clear this up? Thanks. ~p1sideshow>
No, side accounts are for housing extra Neopets, displaying Galleries, storage, etc. They are not to be used for playing games or doing dailies, even if you only do it on one of your accounts a day.

During a recent visit to the Rainbow Pool, I was surprised to realize that Grarrls and Chombies can't be painted Tyrannian. Scorchios, Shoyrus, and Draiks (the three dragon Neopets) can all be painted Tyrannian, but Grarrls and Chombies (the two dinosaur Neopets) can't be painted Tyrannian. Could you please rectify this problem, allowing our Grarrl and Chomby friends to walk throughout their homeland of Tyrannia in awesome prehistoric colours? Thanks in advance. ~insaniac747
Chombies, Grarrls, and Pteris are already native species to Tyrannia, which is why there's currently no paint brush to make them "more" Tyrannian.

RAWR! I'm now a super dinosau- erm, Tyranniansaur!

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