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Ever since the arrival of the shadow enemies in the Faeries' Ruin plot, there has been a lot of lending of Battledome Neopets and items between users. Is the practice of temporarily lending Neopets and Battledome items for the plot allowed? ~pichu_pikachu_raichu
We have no rule against lending weapons or Neopets back and forth, but you do so at your own risk, as we do not support such lending. If someone runs off with something of yours, by all means report them so they can be frozen, but please do not expect to have your items / Neopets returned.

Dearest TNT,
*gives bags of Halloween candy* I know we are not allowed to post pictures of ourselves on the site, but I was wondering: could we post them if we blur our faces out, or use an imaging program and place something over the face? I'm sure my Neofriends would like to have some idea of what I look like. Thanks in advance if this gets in. ~knights_house_green

Let's just not and say we didn't. That would open a loophole in the rules that players dressed inappropriately but with their face blurred out would attempt to argue that they were "technically" within the rules. Let's not open that can of worms and just keep our photos to ourselves, please. :)

Hi, TNT! *throws chips and salsa because, hey, that's what we do in Texas* So, I was wondering: what exactly counts as cheating in a game? Like, if you type "doughnutfruit" in Hasee Bounce, it resets your time. Is that considered cheating? I don't think so, but I just wanted to make sure!!! ~username removed
*smiles* If we purposely put a code into the game for you to use, then no, that's not cheating. It's cheating when you try to interfere with the way the game was intended to be played to manipulate your way to a better score.

Dear TNT,
Great job on the Balthazar Unappreciation Day. *thumbs up for TNT and thumbs down for Balthazar and the Meepits* (Whoops! Hope they don't hear about this.) Anyway, I wanted to ask you why Hubrid Nox's spell didn't work for the bottled faeries?!? Thanks, and keep it up. The plot is great! ~cute_purple_

If Balthazar used plain glass bottles to capture faeries, he certainly wouldn't be in business for long. His bottles are imbued with a magic-dampening spell to keep those pesky faeries sealed up tight.

Hey, TNT. *throws cookies* I read about the new "silencing" option in New Features today. You mention in it that, if a user is "silenced," they cannot update their User Lookup. Will this also apply to Pet Lookups and Petpages? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Yes, it applies to any form of communication with other players, which includes any form of editing pages that could be a way for you to communicate with other players, including Pet Lookups, Petpages, User Lookups, etc. Also, please note that this is an alternative that we have come up with that (we hope) will reduce the amount of suspensions and freezings.

Hello, TNT! Love the plot! Speaking of the plot, I'm assuming we're gonna get a trophy of some kind at the end. Can you make it so that we can rearrange our trophies on our User Lookup? ~lostkey
It'd be awfully mean of us not to give you a plot trophy. Good thing we're so nice. Hey, stop laughing! Okay, maybe not THAT nice, as we're gonna say no to rearranging trophies. They are in chronological order, and we'd prefer they stay that way.

Hello, TNT. *dumps bucket of Meepit cookies on you* User A unknowingly traded her unconverted Neopet for a Draik with an account that was compromised. The original owner (User B, a very popular Avatar Chatter) asked for the Draik back, however User A declined (even when User B offered her another Neopet for the Draik). User B then proceeded to make boards about the Draik in question with the title "TNT GIVE ME MY DRAIK BACK" on the Avatar Chat boards because she felt TNT was not doing anything after she had reported the matter. User B's friends then began to harass User A on the boards and in Neomails, further accusing User A of being a bad person, a scammer, a Cookie Grabber user, and a cheater. User A got goaded so much that she GUP'd the Draik. Who is in the wrong here? What is the best solution for this? Should User A have given back the Draik, or was the Draik hers because she legitimately traded a Neopet for the Draik, not knowing it was a compromised Neopet? (Please remove my username, thanks.) ~username removed
User B and anyone who harassed User A is at fault in this situation. While it may have been quite kind for Player A to return the Neopet, they were under no obligation to do so, and they certainly should not have been harassed by a mob backing a popular player. After contacting us with regard to the situation, User B does not have the right to go vigilante because we either did not respond promptly enough to their liking or they didn't like our response. Though there is no perfect solution to this mess, it was handled very poorly by all the players involved. We investigate such incidents on a case by case basis; please give us time to do so to avoid situations like this in the future.

And because someone will ask next week, to "GUP" a Neopet is to use a Green Uni Morphing Potion on them.

Yes, there's actually a term for this.

Lately I have been seeing people posting things such as "YOU BUY ANYTHING IN MY SHOP FOR OVER 1,000 NPS YOU GET A GOODIE BAG" in their Shop Description. Is this even allowed? I really need to know the answer because it's been bugging me lately. D: *throws chocolate at you, rather than cookies because that's what everybody throws* :D ~rudma22
No, promising people anything for purchasing something from you or giving you Neopoints is almost always a scam and is not allowed, even if it actually happens to be truthful.

Hi, TNT. I have a quick question. Lately, people have been making boards "GDing" (gold digging) items. They claim that, technically, it's not begging. Would you consider that an attempt to get around the rules? Please clear this up -- it's gotten quite annoying. Thanks. ~mckinley30
We've noticed those boards as well. This "gold digging" is simply begging using a different word. These people are trying to cover up the embarrassing fact that they are begging for virtual items by downplaying it with humour. It's not allowed any more than begging is.

Could you explain that art of "tossing" coins into a well? ~tunapita
Sure! Anything for our players!

Step 1: Choose a suitable coin from your pocket. Not too light, not too heavy.
Step 2: Judge the distance and velocity the coin will need to successfully land in the desired space.
Step 2A: If that space is far away, an overhand throw may be necessary.
Step 2B: If that space is close, place the coin on the flat of your fingers and gently toss.
Step 3: Watch with bated breath to see where your coin lands.
Step 4: Visually establish the final landing spot of your coin.
Step 4A: If your aim was successful, fist pump into the air so everyone knows how awesome you are.
Step 4B: If your aim was off, but the coin still landed in the water, search your pocket for another coin.
Step 4C: If you missed the body of water completely, slowly meander around until you locate your coin, then reach down and pretend to tie your shoe while you retrieve it.
Step 5: Realise that you still don't have an avatar and write in to the Editorial begging for more hints.

Dear TNT,
I have had my account for six years with the same password. It doesn't have two numbers in it (the account was made before the "you need two numbers in your password" rule), therefore I now get the annoying "your password is not secure enough" police Chia every single time I log in. Now, it's been six years and no one has hacked my account yet, so can you please, please, PLEASE get rid of the warning? I really don't want to have to change my password, and that Chia is very close to being attacked by Meepits. Oh yeah, and please remove my username! ~username removed

Oh, trust us... we would have removed your username anyway. ;) We totally understand how the Chia might be getting on your nerves, and we know an easy way to stop him from troubling you every time you log in. Just visit this page, type in your password, then two numbers, and that pesky Chia will stop bothering you. Yay! :D

In the Editorial of issue #253, you said that a Pile of Soot can never win a prize from the PPL because it's been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray, which automatically disqualifies it. I am curious, however, as to whether or not this applies to the Christmas Pile of Soot, as it was given out by the Advent Calendar in Year 10. ~raztorsunshine
Yes, the Christmas Pile of Soot is eligible. :)

Okay, so one day on the Pound Chat, I decided to ask about the possibility of there being an unconverted royalgirl Elephante (as I am very certain I have seen ONE before). Some user speculated a layover, even though I challenge that. Anyway, no actual names of Neopets are required, but I was wondering... is there a Neopet on the site that is a UC RG Elephante? If you could please shed some light on this, that would be AMAZING! Thank you, TNT! ~deadfoot92
We're sorry to say that they no longer exist. The female royal Neopets that were allowed to remain unconverted were the Aisha, Cybunny, Draik, Grarrl, Kau, Korbat, Kougra, Kyrii, Lupe, Mynci, and Shoyru. All other royalgirls were automatically converted.

So I took my Neopet to the Qasalan Expellibox today, and before he could drop the scarab down, it escaped and attacked him! Luckily he's a strong Neopet, so he suffered minimal damage. However, the Expellibox runner told us not to worry, that "The Qasalan Government has insurance." Therefore, I'd like to know where my Neopet and I can file a claim with them, for reimbursement for the physical, mental, and emotional damage we suffered there today. ~cyberspace89
Oh, he can send that to, uh... *nervously mumbles something* hope that helps!


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