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Hi TNT, I was using the Shop Wiz and then it said, "Come back in about 20 minutes." Can you tell me why it's possible to get Shop Wizard banned? :| I do not understand. Why?!? Thanks. ~firecaster14
Basically, for the same reasons described in a previous editorial as to why there are restock bans. It helps to stop cheaters from abusing that area of the site and keeps things balanced. Keep in mind, though, that if you get Shop Wiz banned it does NOT mean we think you're cheating. It's limited for everyone.

Hi TNT! You guys rock! Anyway, let's get to the point. I was at the Neggery, and I have a Negg I want to send in, but on the drop-down menu I couldn't select it. Is this a glitch, or is there something wrong with the Negg? ~20letterlimit
Not all Neggs can be turned in for points at the Neggery. Check to see if the Negg's item description mentions how many points it's worth. If this information isn't mentioned, the Negg Faerie most likely won't accept it.

I'm too cool for Negg points!

The time shouldn't be running when the Wingoball is rolling. That's not fair because, sometimes, the gnomes and walls like to play "Catch and Don't Release" with the ball. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I "ran out" of time as soon as the ball was less than ONE MILLISECOND (well... on estimate) away from the finish. Please don't include my username. Call me... Gnome Biter.
Sorry Gnome Biter, it's all part of the game! Don't worry -- with a little practice you'll soon be able to find that perfect spot and moment to send the ball on the least time-consuming route to the finish line. We'll be rooting for you! (We also secretly root for the gnomes, too, because it's fun.)

Are invisible boards considered spam and reportable or not? If so, why? Thanks a bunch. ~varianlangley
Yes, they are considered spam (pointless boards that just take up space) and can be reported for monitors to delete. Players who keep insisting on creating them (despite the boards being deleted) will likely eventually be frozen if they don't heed the warnings. As to the reason... well, it's spam. The boards are stupid, pointless, and definitely annoying. It seems as soon as one person makes an invisible board, then another person decides to as well. Then a bunch of people post asking how to make them, then they each make one until half the board is full of blank topics, which defeats the purpose of the boards in the first place.

What is that thing eating a berry in the FAQ page for your gallery? Is it a Petpet? P.S. I am a huge Meowclops fan and I am happy to see one in the editorial submission form. R.I.P. Meowclops! ~squeaky_button
That little creature would be none other than a Tyrannian Snarhook, which is a painted version of the Krawk Island Petpet, the Snarhook. (We also think Meowclops are a pretty darn cool Petpet.)

That looks... yummy.

This is gonna sound really weird, but I love the lunar game in Shenkuu, and not for the prizes. I don't know... it's just a lot of fun, and it helps me in science. So my question is this: is it ok to play the lunar game on side accounts if we just leave the prizes there to rot, or donate them?? ~shorty133092
That's not weird! Science RULES!

Anyway, we're really glad you enjoy the Lunar Temple activity! :D We think it's pretty cool, too, mostly because the math was really hard to code. However, as far as playing it on side accounts, we're gonna have to ask you not to do that. As fun as it is, the activity does give a reward and is therefore on the "don't play this on side accounts" list. Just think of it as something you can look forward to daily. ^_^

Can you do Underwater Fishing on side accounts? I love Neopets also. Bravo TNT! *claps hands* ~Frenchfry678954
Alas, we must say no to this one as well. You can, however, fish with up to all four of your Neopets (on your main account), so hopefully you can fulfill your daily fishing appetite with them.

What in Neopia happened to that game where you run around a mouth brushing teeth? That was an AWESOME game. Could you by any chance bring such a game back online again? ~aileen7
We remember that game! We're glad you enjoyed it in the past but it will most likely remain a fond memory since it was a sponsor game. Sorry. :(

Okay -- you rock, you know it, so now let's move on. Anyway, I was searching for a red Acara plushie for a collection of mine. I read the description and it read, "Everyone's favourite underwater pet." Acaras aren't underwater, are they? This is CONFUSING!!! ~kirricat_1
Actually, Acaras are naturally a semi-aquatic Neopet, though they are perfectly capable of living out their lives on land or underwater. They are quite remarkable Neopets. Also remember that if you ever want to know more about your favourite Neopets, head over to Pet Central and visit the All Pets page, then click on the species you want to read about. You'll get a pop-up window with a bit more information that you might not have known. :) (Just don't mind the shoddy art in some of them. >_<)


When going through the previous PPL winners, I noticed that two different Petpets won twice. The Gulper won weeks 14 and 31, and the Blibble won weeks 22 and 48. All the winners names are the same too, just older. Anyway, you've probably already caught it and fixed the problem, since there's no other double winners after week 48, but if you haven't, could you make sure there's no double winners? There's lots of Petpets out there waiting for their chance to be recognized! Thanks! P.S. Yay for Neopets! ~twiddlefish
Yes, we did notice that and we are quite sorry. The reason is hasn't happened since then is we did a little work on our side of the computer to make sure it isn't likely to happen again.

Dear TNT. First, I love Wingoball! It is the best game in the world! I was so happy when I started playing it!!! I do have a problem, though. I have premium and I feel like quitting Neopets altogether because a few people on the Main Hall have decided that a few boards must be a certain way, there should only be one guild board, and when someone does something wrong (like make a board that doesn't fit their "standards") that person gets lectured, flamed, and sometimes dunged. Then those aforementioned people hold it against them for their entire time on premium. Is there anything you can do about that? Or, could you help me so the people who experience this aren't afraid? (Please remove my name. I don't want "those" people to know who I am.)
Ugh, yeah. We're sorry about those folks. We realise the premium board members can be a bit, erm... overzealous sometimes. We can appreciate them wanting to keep the boards organised and clean, but it is uncalled for to harass someone for not following the "guidelines" created by someone with no authority, especially if they are not breaking T&C that was created by the site's authority. You can kindly tell someone, "I think more people would respond to you if you didn't use chat speak. It's not popular on this board." or "Hey, I saw there was already a guild board. You might get a better response if you tried that board." You know, being POLITE and COURTEOUS to fellow users instead of backseat modding. This goes for everyone on every board. There is no reason to shun the person and send dung to their account. That's harassment and you'll only get yourself frozen instead.

Hi TNT! Well, some users on the Trading Post have been saying that the "Magic Branch" will grant you 3 wishes of your choice during battle. I didn't believe it, but is this true? ~doggybells
Eww, will these people ever stop coming up with new ways to scam people? Probably not, but we can certainly hope and inform everyone that magic branches do NOT do anything magical. They are just an ordinary Battledome item that is sometimes awarded by the Brain Tree for doing quests. We took care of what was currently up on the Trading Post, but if you see anyone trying it again, please report the player so our monitors can take action against them. And good for you for knowing a scam when you see one. ;)

I'm only worth 200 NP :(

I had this idea. Maybe there could be some sort of refrigerator that a Neopian could keep stocked with food that Neopets could take from whenever they are hungry. Basically, our Neopets would eat whenever they were hungry... the only thing would be that Neopians would have to make sure to keep the refrigerator stocked for their Neopets. Sound like a good idea? ~avaadoresoma
That is a very cute idea! However, we're afraid that Neopian niche is already covered by the Neolodge. You can keep your Neopets completely fed there for close to a month, all for just a tiny bit of Neopoints.

What does "thumbnail" mean? If I knew what that was, I might submit some comics. ~courtney1412
On the Interwebs, a "thumbnail" is a small, representative picture of a larger, more complete picture. Basically it's a little image that will be used as a link to the full size version to give anyone who sees it an idea of what the larger version looks like. For the Neopian Times' comics, however, the requested 150x150 image is a title image, which often displays the name of the comic or characters. Check out the comic section to see what we mean. If you don't provide one we'll select an image for you.

I've been thinking that I want to lab my Neopets on a different account. The only problem is that I have access to the Lab Ray on my main already. If I were to discontinue using the one on my main and buy another one on a side account, would I be allowed to lab on my side instead? (I've thought about just switching my main account, but I have too much going on it already. ^^) ~foxis1
There's no need to discontinue use of the one on your main account. The Lab Ray can be used on all of your accounts! You can zap a Neopet on each account every day if you wish. You just need to fund the purchase of all the map pieces with your main account. :)

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