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OH NO!!!

by aishagirl1179
AsianPotato: The Wrong Grave

Oh fish.

Also by fuzzy_jubjub_2004

by princton_fan

For Sale

Why don't you love me..?!

by sydnerness
Piratey Adventures

Always consult with your pet before making important decisions...

by capnpadfoot
The Townspeople

Gilly discovers that the mutant townspeople have a powerful weapon...

by pencil_cases
More Ways to Get Kicked Out of Meridell

An alternative if you get banned from the Soup Kitchen...

by explorer_253

Don't dive too deep into things...

by sliferosiru
A Royal Pain: Battle Ready?


by kittie_orion
Done Deal! - Pudding!

You find a Black Cherry Pudding! Enjoy!

by pantheray
Anthro Antics

Drawing Anthro pets can have some strange effects on their owners.

by dark_moon_blossom
Everyday Life

Err... Okay, then. o_O

by fishweed
Boochi Attacks!

Ha ha, Boochi!

by btcomsa12

Spooks in Space #1

by ghostkomorichu
You Have a Bad Day

Yes, a very nice day...

by siri_magatsu

Don't give your Neopets keyrings. Ever. Unless they drive. Or have keys. =0

by hakurui
Razzle Dazzle - Episode VIII

Razsile Daezzelle

by khestrel
Wishful Thinking

Will you show me how?

by sarika_ambrielle
And the Meepits Outgrabe


by kittylin
Cheating Old Snargan!

That cheating old Skeith is at it again!

Also by dutchese159

by edmarblecake

Mixed Blessings

Too bad that's true...

by addaman416
Coltzan: King or Cook?

Don't pretend you've never wondered about his culinary abilities...

by hairspray_holds
Off Track: Aisha Ears

They're gone!

by klipsan
Results May Vary

*poke* *poke* *POOOKE*

by return_of_itsy
Intellectual Twaddle

Thanks to alphabetical fate, Zafaras are always last...

by katu_fushigi
Tail Tales

It's a nice day for a walk.

by pety_pet888
Being a Battledomer...

You must have a...

by ooorianeoo
Pojo's Paintbrush

Welcome, sea-life!

by pojolocohammerfoot
The Pink Cloud


by racoony
The Healing Springs

That's gotta hurt.

by super_cute_babe21
Tarla, the Nightmare: Part Three

In the middle of some strange ritual...

Also by roanze

by kerath

When Neopia Gives You Lemons

The Wain, the Symol, and the hole

by skayle
The Perils of a Pet Rock! #1 Island

Something hasn't happened!

by cocoa_x_kitty

Don't forget your coat...

by xtermination
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Scoring at Site Spotlight

Have you ever wanted to appear on the Neopets News page being mentioned for winning a Site Spotlight? Do you want your efforts to be recognized and your page to be shown to all the Neopians around? Have your pages been rejected many times before? Are you nodding at your screen as you read along? If so, then follow me in this easy step-by-step guide of the how-to's in making a winning site!

Other Stories


A Dangerous Gamble
A loud laugh cut across the noise of the crowd, and Branston looked towards the entrance and stiffened with anger. Deadeye had entered the party with a crowd of rowdy sailors in tow...

by dragonlover8560


The Effects of Procrastination
Homework. The word echoed loudly and hauntingly throughout Ardana's head constantly. Everywhere she turned it seemed like more work would follow her. And even though she felt the pressure of the enormous volume of work, she still procrastinated, and the pile grew steadily larger...

by puppy200010


Dubloon Disaster is Not a Disaster!
As you can see, the gameplay is very much like the previous version of Dubloon Disaster. It is a game of endurance...

Also by garu_and_pucca

by imperial_magna


Snowmuncher: the Frozen Frontier
The giddy petpet looks down as his lips rise into a light smile; what a silly worry. He is simply hungry! The sudden relief vanishes as he realizes that there is nothing but snow for miles to see. When in doubt, take that snow out!

by lemonlovingcutie


The Adventures of Trina: The Return of the Staff - Part Four
"I see you finally brought me back the staff. How'd you two do it?"

by ummagine3284


Catching Up: Part Three
Arielle nodded, still attempting to comprehend what the Light Faerie was saying. "She's letting us form groups already?" she asked incredulously...

by extreme_fj0rd

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