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Hi, TNT! So, I was wondering something: back during the Ice Caves plot, one of the rewards was being able to create an ice Bori. I couldn't at the time, seeing as I had four Neopets that I didn't want to part with. When transfers came out, though, I transferred one of those Neopets to my side, with hopes of creating a Bori. When I went to create one, however, I couldn't find the option. Are ice Bori still available? ~goatie66
No. Ice Bori were actually part of an exclusive offer for downloading the Neopets Toolbar many years ago, around the time of the Ice Caves plot. (They were not a reward from the plot itself.) The offer was discontinued not too long afterward. However, if you signed up for the toolbar but never picked up your Bori, you should still be able to claim yours. Visit this page to check. Please note, we said should, and cannot guarantee this. After all, the offer is now over five years old; we cannot compensate anyone who swears up and down that they signed up but are unable to claim theirs, so please don't write in to support if the option is not available to you. Also, it seems one of the linked pages is broken, so you can't create an ice Bori from scratch, but hypothetically you can still convert one of your existing Neopets into an ice Bori.

I used to play on account #1, and then that account got hacked (okay, okay... I forgot to log out at school). Boo hoo. Being young and not knowing that I could change my password or ice my account, I started playing on a new account, #2. Now, years later, my question is this: can I use account #1 as a side account? (I'm asking since it still has records of me making Neopoints there, etc. years ago.) ~dutchmlpfanclub
Heh, yeah... that doesn't quite count as getting "hacked". That's leaving your account sitting open on a public computer. As always, please use caution when using a shared computer and always log out when you're done playing to prevent this type of thing. :( As for the old account, if you can still access it and it is secure, then yes you can use it as a side account.

I LOVE CHICKENS! How can I get a chicken Pteri like the one in Caption Contest #1061?!? Thanks! :) ~ashley_likes_chicken
We could kind of guess that, judging by your username. That's not a chicken Pteri, though! D: It's a Petpet known as the Wibreth.


So, I've seen people trading Neopets on the boards of The Pound and they are attempting to trade their Draiks that were created on 9/9/09 for more expensive Neopets, etc. Would this be considered taking advantage of a glitch, since their posts state that these Neopets were glitched Neopets and that they should be getting better Neopets? ~sherbies
The mass release was an "oops" on our part, but we okayed them later, so they are just fine for being traded if that's what their owners wish to do with them.

On the item info for the Shiny Meridell Shield, it says, "Zones Affected: 1 (Left-hand Item)." However, my Shoyru wears it on its RIGHT hand. Why? ~shigueru_kurosawa
We're gonna assume that whomever was in charge of originally naming the zones labelled them as a viewer, not from the perspective of the Neopet. So, when looking at the image of the Neopet, it's in the hand on the viewer's left side.

Hey, TNT! *passes out ceremonial cheese* I was just wondering: on November 15th (your birthday, whee!), the countdown page awarded a new avatar and a new background. Since the avatar said "10" on it, I figured that it would be one of those "one day only" avvies, so I got it on one of my sides, too. Is that against the rules? I was just hoping that I don't get frozen, as I am probably not the only one who did this. Please know that I was not trying to be greedy with that spiffy new background; I just wanted to have that cute avatar on my side. Since I know that it is okay to get avatars on side accounts, but not items, I felt the need to ask. :) Thanks! ~juicylove17
Nope, that was just fine. It was just an avatar and not Neopoints / items, so don't worry if you went and got the avatar on your side accounts.

This has been bothering me for a while now... if Blumaroo Steak comes from Blumaroos, and Grundo Stix come from Grundos, where does Rainbow Dung come from? o.o ~morgish_morgan
Rainbow Kaus.

I wasn't able to get the Molten Rock last night. Is this needed to finish the Atlas of the Ancients plot? ~username removed
Don't worry! You don't need the Molten Rock to complete the plot. It's a nice item to have, but you can still finish the plot same as someone who has it.

Having accumulated some wealth during my time spent playing Neopets, I've wondered if there's a limit to the amount of interest you can collect from the bank per day. For example, what if someone had 600 million Neopoints stored in their bank account? Would they be collecting hundreds of thousands of NP each day, or would it cap at a specific amount? Thanks! ~rightow
Nope, there's no cap. If you can manage to save up that many Neopoints, well, enjoy that nice daily income!

Are we allowed to collect the Shiny Obsidian, Miscellaneous Gears, and Scrap Metal and Stone found in Moltara on our side accounts? ~indulgences
The Scrap Metal is a Random Event, so you guys have no control over that of course. The other items are considered a daily, and should not be collected on your side accounts.

Who would want to trip over all this junk anyway?

Happy 10th Birthday, TNT! :* I (along with many other players) have noticed that, when receiving an avatar from a flash game, it goes to an Error 404 page (the avatar IS still awarded, however). This isn't intentional, right? Please remove my username. ;D Thank you! ~username removed
It isn't intentional. We will talk to the programmers and see if we can get that fixed soon.

The Shoyru from Atlas of the Ancients: is he / she a girl or a boy? I've been wondering about this ever since you released Moltara (and, with it, Cog's Togs). Also, is his / her name Cog, then? :P ~rennessmee
She's female, and yes, she calls herself "Cog." :)

You have stated previously that intentionally cheating someone on the Trading Post (for example, they ask for 100,000 NP and you offer 10,000 NP) isn't allowed, but I was wondering if you could get in trouble for offering less than the Trading Post price for an item on a trade and that offer being accepted? Also, if you can, please explain what the difference is between that and Auction / Shop Wiz sniping? Please remove my username. ;D ~username removed
There's no problem at all with making an offer of whatever you like for a lot on the Trading Post, as long as you are not maliciously trying to trick or spam someone. In the case of your example, or the instance of offering a plushie version of something on their wishlist with the hope that they'll fall for it, that is what crosses the line into scamming, not making a lower offer in the hopes they will accept your bid on their lot. This, Auction, and Shop Wiz sniping are all fine as long as everything is on the up and up.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all on 10 wonderful years! Also, thank you for the awesome plot. Moltara is an epic win. I love the new Charred Steam Wings. However, when my Draik wears them, his own wings get in the way. He has a hard time flying with two sets of wings. Is there any way you could fix this? ~cereality_2
We'll talk to the artist that created the wings and see if this was the way they were intended to be worn or not. If not, we'll do our best to correct it. :)

Hello, TNT! *passes out cake* So, my question is: if your question makes it into The Neopian Times and you get frozen, will the question disappear? Or, where it says, ~dragonnnyyy, will it say [user frozen]? Thanks! ~dragonnnyyy
Nope, neither your question nor username will disappear.

After seeing some of the awesome items from the Cog's Togs shop on the Trading Post, I was determined to refresh the shop until it restocked and I could snag something good. Well, one hour and thousands of clicks later, no restocking yet! I'm wondering now if you have the Moltara shops set to restock every few hours instead of the "eight minutes or so" as promised, as a way of driving the price of the items up. If so, could you restock a little more often to give those of us who can't refresh all day a chance at some of these items? Would like to wave goodbye, but can't... lift... arm. Please remove username if used. ~username removed
The shops in Moltara restock every eight minutes or so like any other, but these shops are brand new and have a limited amount of items for sale. We tried to stick in some lower rarity items so that they didn't look empty, but many have very fancy items with higher rarities and may not have any of those stock during a given stock cycle. Also, there's probably quite a few Neopians hanging out there and buying up items at lightning speed. We'll try to keep releasing more items for the shops so that they don't look like such a ghost town when you visit.

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