Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 184,475,310 Issue: 463 | 1st day of Collecting, Y12
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Key Quest: For (Fun and) Profit

Key Quest may well be Neopia's best-kept secret.

by phadalusfish
How to Play World Challenges

Learning how to make the most out of games.

by xxkatiexx_07
Grarrls and You!

Grarrl behavior varies by a lot, but most Grarrls prefer to not be fed trash like most owners think they do, so please don't feed your Grarrl dung and old shoes.

by kaleb704
Where Are They Now?

Whether they get injured, retire, or are cut from a team, all Yooyuball careers come to an end, and we got the story of happens next.

by ben_stiller_rocks
Which Turdle Are You?

The fine minds at Gaseous Moonpie Incorporated (read: me and my posse of Babaa) have spent years studying all aspects of Neopia and have devised a quiz which will help you find yourself again.

by moonset
Advanced Mini-Game Strategies

If you need a little help with Key Quest Mini-Games then I may just have a trick or two to share.

by mastertrainer9750
The Fantastical Pet Naming Guide

Here are four ways to get an amazing name for your future pet.

by daddyslttlegurl
Hannah and the Kreludor Caves: Exclusive Interview

I managed to secure an exclusive interview time slot with our favorite explorer, who sheds light on why she wanted to explore the lands beyond Neopia.

by fyora123123
The Top Ten Pumpkin Treats!

It's that time of year again; you can just feel that Autumn is on its way.

by xoxkar
Falling for Fashion

Normally everyone knows to look to the fire faeries for fall fashions.

by ilovemycatembers
Preventing Petrification Tips

1. Do not, under any circumstance, try to steal a glowing artifact. It glows for a reason.

by candycaddy
Why We Don't Need Our Faeries

I don't think anyone could have anticipated how great a Neopia without faeries would be.

by stoicjohn
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"The Start of Something Sinister..." by pippin_me
I was merely a student at the local neoschool in Neopia Central. I was popular. I know that's not usually how these stories start, but this is mine. Everyone enjoyed being my friend. I was kind and generous and above all I had dreams, and I was determined that my dreams would one day come true. I saved every single neopoint I had for that time when I would...

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The Monster in the Pound
"It's not so bad in here. You get to meet lots of different Neopets from all kinds of interesting places, and you get used to the damp, and the food isn't so bad if you hold your nose and don't chew, and we play fun games like 'Guess the Infectious Disease' and-"

by mrs_cherish


A Single Grain of Sand
"The entire Lost Desert is made up of grains of sand as tiny as each of these, no one piece more important than the other, yet put together they are an immense and imposing force."

by mamasimios


Paparazzi: Part Three
I cannot tell you how annoying failure is. I thought that as a villain I could handle it...

by a_greenparrot


Undercover Defenders - Swamped: Part One
Three weeks ago, I joined the Undercover Defenders of Neopia, a secret department within the Defenders of Neopia.

by popso_the_hopso


Behind The Scenes: Spin the Wheel!!!
What exactly constitutes a "machine" in Sakhmet?

by elyk442


Kiochi-The Faerie Festival Disaster
This is terrible...

by chibino

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