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Make a Faerie Smile!

by nerulean


Neopia is, on the whole, a fairly happy place. With a few notable exceptions the people are cheerful, friendly and polite and many of them are always willing to help and very apologetic if they are unable to. There is one lonely soul, though, who never looks far from tears even when she’s smiling. I am speaking of the Healing Springs Faerie.

We’re all indebted to her, surely? When our precious pets are low on HP there’s no better place to go, no one more willing to help you for so little in return, no one with a more friendly smile or such delightful enthusiasm when she does a good job. She can be, quite literally, a lifesaver.

Right now I find myself especially indebted to this kind person. With the war just beginning and my dear pet’s recent paint job, I found myself very low on cash. As the second wave of opponents were released, those ones that caused diseases, my reserves fell even lower. Why oh why, then, did my pet have to fall prey to the terrible disease Ugga Ugga?

I hurried to the Hospital to find the cure and then to the Pharmacy, but there was no sign of any Sporkle Syrup there. Alright then, the good old Shop Wizard will help me out but –Oh no! Sporkle Syrup is unbuyable! Cruel, cruel world, and cruel people in it to withhold treatment from pets so direly in need. Still, I didn’t yet despair. On the boards I had heard that there was a miraculous cure-all for Lupes, a Chia Treat. A search for them and, by pure fortune, there was one, just one within my price range and so, with my last few Neopoints, I snapped it up.

My luck didn’t hold, though: I’d been lied to, and my poor Lily was still suffering from the disease after I fed her the treat. With no money left, I headed to the Trading Post. I’ve known kind people there to give out cures for free to those in need, but this time no such luck.

One last port of call, then, the Healing Springs. You can visit every half hour, so perhaps, after a few days of trying, my increasingly miserable pet would be healed. Imagine my surprise, then, when she was completely healed first time! Lil was well again and I could go and play with her and cheer her up, then start work building up my Neopoint reserves again. All that was left was to thank the Healing Faerie profusely… but wait! There is only one button to press after the Healing Faerie has performed her kind magic over your pets:

Leave the Healing Springs

No way to thank her? No way to tell this kind, kind faerie just how much the people of Neopia appreciate everything she has done to them? It is ridiculous for such a diligent helper of the public, and to any polite person the idea of leaving without saying thank you is abhorrent. Join me in the campaign to thank the Healing Faerie! Still reluctant? Think about this: Perhaps it is her big watery eyes that always make her look like she’s about to cry, or perhaps it’s just that, for all her hard work, no one ever says thank you.

So, what can you do? Allow me to present my five top tips for being nice to the Healing Faerie:

1) Don’t visit too often or it might seem like you are just taking advantage of her. She provides a valuable service that many of us would be worse off without, so don’t take it for granted! One day she might pack up and leave, perhaps to go on vacation or perhaps permanently, and then where would we all be, hmm?

2) Don’t grumble when she doesn’t manage to heal your pets fully. Remember, we all have bad days when, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t do things to the best of our ability. No one forces the Healing Faerie to sit there and heal our pets time after time after time, day or night, weekends, holidays, you name it, she’s there. She tries so hard for all our sakes, so don’t ever judge her abilities or complain about them. I don’t see you healing other people’s pets with a wave of your hand.

3) When she gives you something special, be appreciative! I’ve heard people complaining that they went to see her and only got a potion. Now, fair enough, if your pet is suffering from a horrible disease like mine was then a potion such as the Essence of Everlasting Apple is not the miracle you were looking for, but remember it is still a generous gift. It will only be thirty minutes until she kindly opens her doors and offers her talents to you again, so be thankful for the help she has given you now.

4) When you need a potion, buy from the Faerie herself. If you’re buying in bulk then by all means buy the cheap potions from other Neopians’ shops but make sure you pop into the Healing Springs and buy just one from the Faerie herself. While she does work hard to produce all these potions for us and keeps from overtaxing herself by limiting us to one potion per visit, she still needs to support herself and to know that her work is appreciated. There’s no better potion than a Healing Faerie Original.

5) Campaign for a thank you button, or just a change to the button that’s already there. If it said “Thank the Faerie and Leave the Healing Springs” then every time a visitor went away happy she would know about it, and know that her tireless work for the people of Neopia is very much appreciated. I’m sure you’ve all been brought up to have good manners, and thanking someone for their time and effort is the least we can do, and it doesn’t cost anything.

So there you have it. I hope you will join me in my appreciation of one of the unsung heroes of Neopia and help me bring a smile to this friendly face!

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