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Poogle Day: Top Eight Poogle Colours Ranked

by kiwicandii


Happy Poogle Day Neopians! In honour of Poogle Day, we will be talking about the infamous Poogle that was first released all the way back in Y2. Every Neopian knows them for being cute and cuddly, but also for having razor-sharp teeth!

     This article was written to rank the eight must-have Poogle colours that you can get your hands on this Poogle Day. We will delve into some of the most loved, popular, unique, and most talked-about Poogle colours (and maybe even inspire a few Neopians to create or adopt some more Poogle pets along the way!).

     8. 8-Bit Poogle

     The 8-Bit Poogle is nostalgic for many Neopians who reminisce about their childhood (when we were all just starting out on Neopets). Standing as a tribute to our favourite 8-bit video games, these pixel Poogles will take you back to a simpler time! This Poogle reminds many of us about our first pets, our first flash game, and maybe even our first time reaching 1 million NP.

     The 8-Bit Poogle is essential for any Neopian who wants to feel like its Y1 all over again. Give your Poogle an 8-Bit Power-Up Potion (or maybe risk it all at with the Secret Lab Ray) if you want to achieve this colour and get ready to feel like you jumped into a time machine.

     7. Faerie Poogle

     One of the classic Poogle colours going all the way back to its Y6 release. The Faerie Poogle can often be found flying around Faerieland trying to get a glimpse into the Hidden Tower or attempting to win a Poogle Race. Always flying close by your side, the this Poogle will be a great addition to your Neopian Family.

     The Faerie Poogle was a childhood dream for many Neopians around the world. Previously seeming unobtainable, this Poogle is now achievable for many of us who have grown up waiting for the day we could get our hands on one. What better time to get your childhood dream pet than on Poogle Day?

     6. Maraquan Poogle

     Is it a hammerhead shark or a Poogle? Nobody knows! This Poogle is certainly unique and may not be for every Neopian, but it sure does have an intriguing appearance.

     The Maraquan Poogle is almost certainly hanging out in tropical, warm waters all over Neopia. You may see them along the coastlines or possibly deep in the ocean swimming near the water’s surface. The Maraquan Poogle is an excellent addition to any Poogle or Maraquan pet collection – and the bonus is that you can probably get away with petting them from time to time.

     5. Tyrannian Poogle

     Although Poogles were originally discovered in the Northern provinces of Neopia, at some point they migrated to Tyrannia and evolved to ensure their survival in the harsh Tyrannia environment. The Tyrannian Poogle’s horns and sharp teeth are impressive defence mechanisms against predators lurking around Tyrannia.

     The Tyrannian Poogle may find it hard to trust you at first but once it does it will remain loyal forever. Be sure to not pass up on an opportunity to have one of these Poogles as an addition to your Neopian family!

      4. Grey Poogle

     For the angsty souls of Neopia, the Grey Poogle is for you! Always gloomy or maybe feeling just a little bit under the weather, this Poogle emotionally connects to Neopians far and wide. Additionally, they are a great contrast to the usual happy-go-lucky Neopets.

     The Grey Poogle always seems just a little bit down on its luck, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an amazing Neopet. Have you ever seen monochromatic customization on a Grey Poogle? If not, you are certainly missing out!

     3. Stealthy Poogle

     Neopians are never quite sure where their Stealthy Poogles disappear to in the middle of the night, but they always return by sunrise. The Stealthy Poogle is quick on its feet and quieter than a Kacheek playing Kacheek Seek!

     It comes with a unique wearable outfit that is fit only for the stealthiest of Poogles. The Stealthy Poogle is ninja trained and abides by the utmost secrecy so don’t even think about trying to follow it once it’s gone!

     2. Mutant Poogle

     This highly sought after Poogle was almost number one on this list as it is a very clear fan favourite, however, the ability to get this colour via the Poogle Transmogrification Potion (for a very pretty NP) or through the Fountain Faerie has pushed it to number two.

     This demon-like Poogle looks fierce, scary, and intimidating, especially for your pets that may be battling against it in the Battledome. There are rumours that some Poogles practice dark magic to become Mutants, but no Neopian has ever come close to finding out the truth.

     1. The Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle

     This extremely rare and infamous Poogle is only obtainable through the elusive Secret Lab Ray. Zapping your poor Poogle into an MSPP can take months, if not years, to complete. It may help if you start off with a Poogle of your own but there are certainly no guarantees!

     This Poogle has all of the cuteness of a Plushie Poogle – that is until you look at its terrifying red eyes and sinister smile. The MSPP is the most conniving, malicious, and downright evilest Neopet of them all so you may want to hold off on playing with one. Either way, make sure you are fully prepared before firing up the Lab Ray and aiming for this nearly impossible goal!

     Final Thoughts

     Whatever your thoughts are on Poogles, it’s clear that there are so many colour choices for Neopians to consider and this article has barely scratched the surface. TNT may even release the Poogle colour you’ve always dreamed of this year, which is something to look forward too! Regardless of whether you are looking for a cute or a terrifying Poogle, there are tons of options for every Neopian to choose from. Just don’t forget to give a little bit of extra love to Poogles of every colour on the 19th day of Gathering, as it is the day Neopians celebrate all of the Poogles in Neopia after all!


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