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New Series

A Hero's Ballad

Four battle-weary heroes set up camp for the night in the Haunted Woods...

by parody_ham
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"The Wise King and The Wise Guy Wocky" by aracro
Some odd years ago, in the lush, prehistoric jungles of Tyrannia. There was a wocky who could beat any other Tyrannian pet in a contest of brains. This Wocky could speak very fluent Neopian and could read almost any book. But the other Tyrannian pets hated this gifted Wocky. They were jealous of his brains and looked down on him for his lack of brawn. They would call him; “Ugga Ugh Argh!” A nickname that the Wocky grew to resent. The Wocky began to resent his Intelligence like the others did. So he would hide his genius and only let his wit show through biting sarcasm and an apathetic attitude. Until one very peculiar night. “Uggah flood Uggah!!” The village leader shouted...

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