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Short Stories

A Tour of Faerieland!

It was another beautiful sunny day up in Faerieland and the Light Faerie awoke from her slumber to get ready for a full day of tours...

by zed16
4l UFT For Anything

How do you think Neopets feel when they're being traded?

by alli_draggy
Yerik's New Friend

Yerik the Pirate Lupe makes an unexpected little friend on a stopover.

by drgnswor
On The Run

As she lay there trying to catch her breath, she closed her eyes and went over what had happened in her mind. She had done it...

by faeriemelly
The Wise King and The Wise Guy Wocky

The tale of a Tyrannian Wocky who never felt like he quite fit in...

by aracro
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"Yerik's New Friend" by drgnswor
It was good to be back on land again after several months out on the high seas over Maraqua with his pirate crew. Having landed in Smugglers Cove just yesterday morning, Yerik had a couple of plans for his time on Krawk Island. He had always enjoyed his time on the water โ€“ it had been his passion since childhood โ€“ but he could not deny that he was rather looking forward to getting land legs. Despite his love for it, life on the high seas was very hard work. Even though he only had a limited amount of time here, he wanted to make the most of his time on Krawk Island and that usually meant eating and making merriment at his favourite (and the only) restaurant on the island โ€“ The Golden Dubloon.

Other Stories


A Techo-tastic Guide to Techo Toys and Trinkets!
A handy guide to those seeking to fill their galleries with Techo-themed toys and trinkets!

by aliiwa


The Comma Faerie
Who is the Comma Faerie? Is she even real? Or is she wishful thinking among scholars who struggle with comma usage?

by black_skull725


Forever And A Day
In the thrilling conclusion to Forever And A Day, readers finally learn the truth behind Zach's time troubles!

by iamnotaaron


A Hero's Ballad
Four battle-weary heroes set up camp for the night in the Haunted Woods...

by parody_ham


The Lost Treasure
What ancient marvels lay within? collaboration with misty_skyclan_v2

by heartswold


3D Chocolate Cybunny Pop-up Card ( Printable Craft)
This is a sweet greeting card-making tutorial.

by jaylahcat

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